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  • Which search engine is going to beat Google & Yahoo

  • What new form of advertising is going to sweep the online world

  • How will interactive agents make their way to Internet Marketing

  • How will virtual reality and artificial intelligence revolutionize
    the online world in 2006-2007

  • What impact will new/emerging technologies have on internet marketing, especially affiliate marketing!

  • What's going to happen to email publishing

  • What new/innovative promotion & branding 'tools' are emerging

  • What's in stock for online multimedia

  • What's the hottest forecasted resell rights markets

  • In what new and innovative ways will internet marketers target
    the high-priced real-estate; the desktop

  • What factors are going to reshuffle the rankings of internet marketers. Some won't remain 'gurus' for long!

  • Plus tons of time-sensitive information revealed and secrets exposed, related to the future of internet marketing.

Find out what's heading towards us now! Exciting and concerning challenges ahead!

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Hi Mike,

I'm not gonna hype up this testimonial with sales talk and killer phrases, 378 Internet Marketing Predictions stand very strongly as it is...

After reading through both Volume One and Two, I'm speechless. This is a major breakthrough, a complete vision into the future holding drastic implications for anyone smart and fast enough to use the information.

My mind was in total overdrive with wild ideas spinning non-stop based on your very accurate revelations of what's coming up...in fact I can see a few already happening, and those who tap on this can get rich very easily.

Discover the future or fade into the past, get a copy NOW.

Ewen Chia
CEO, Instant Marketing Secrets Inc

From:  Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale

"This is a work of visionary genius. I have NEVER seen so many mind-expanding and money-attracting predictions EVER. There are reviews, ideas, and technology in here that I've never heard of before -- and it's going to be our future!

I can't urge you enough to get this two-volume massive collection revealing the future of marketing online---and how you can profit from it. This is worth gold."

Dr. Joe Vitale, President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc. www.MrFire.com 

378 Internet Marketing Predictions covers many topics, including:


Number of Predictions

Search engines 75
Online Advertising and promotion 37
Audio/Video/Multimedia 44
Affiliate Marketing 15
Niche Markets & Resell Rights market 18
Interactive Agents 12
Desktop real-estate 16
Flash and Animation 14
Artificial Intelligence for your Internet Business 24
RSS and XML feeds 35
Virtual Reality 16
Revolutionary web technologies & Solutions 25

... And more!

Plus, a major 'Miscellaneous Predictions' section, jam-packed with 30 predictions and forecasts, covering many issues and a lot of ground from one end of the online world to the other.

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I strongly believe that anyone (this includes the 'Gurus') who are marketing on the Internet and want to stay ahead of the 'pack' will need to digest the content of your book from page to page.

Wow! Mike you have really done an excellent job with '378 Internet Marketing Predictions'. After downloading the ebook I was planning to take my time to read it off the computer screen. Once I started reading I could not stop. I finally gave up and started printing the ebook. The ideas and predictions in the book are simply mind boggling. There are so many predictions in the book that are now beginning to take shape.

Well done my friend.

Richard Quek

I Promise You This !

This ebook reveals the future of internet marketing and shows you where things are heading like no one/thing ever has.

So often, signs of the future are all around you, but it isn't until much later that most of the world realizes their significance.

378 Internet Marketing Predictions reveals the 'invisible' to you and opens doorways to your future that will otherwise stay locked up until it is too late.

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378 Internet Marketing Predictions is only a drop in the ocean of the future;
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Are You Afraid of the Future?

Most people look at the future with negativity. They'd rather look away! Why? Cause it's uncertain, robbing them of their security, breaking promises, ruining plans, forcing them to change continuously, bearing 'bad news'. For many people, the future is none other than the angel of death.

Well, not if you do a good job at anticipating and accurately predicting the future!


What you don't know about the future can greatly hurt you!

The future is a double-edged sword. You either make it work for you or it will cut you in half. The better you anticipate the future the better it will work for you.

The Future is Your Billion-Dollar Opportunity!

Truth is that the future is where your greatest leverage is. It holds a record number of profit opportunities for you, locked up under tight security.

378 Internet Marketing Predictions is your key and access code! Download it now!

"Oftentimes the difference between success and failure is not the product and not the traffic. It's the timing!"

Yes, timing. Opportunities are time-sensitive, with an expiry date.

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Notice I said you "could" (in bold). Why? Cause having tomorrow's newspaper today is not enough. You have to take action and capitalize on the valuable information in the newspaper... today!

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This book is phenomenal. It's like having a marketing time machine help you see what's coming so you can take action and position yourself for the new internet gold rush of the future.

I only have one request. Raise the price and limit the number of copies you sell. I don't want everyone knowing this stuff, it's that powerful.

Mark Hendricks - Hunteridge.com, JVdealmaker.com

Will You Be Like the Swiss Watchmakers of 1968!

It is very crucial that you find out what's going to revolutionize the Web and have the greatest impact on your online business and internet marketing.

If I had asked you back in 1968, what nation will dominate the world of watchmaking in 1990, what would you have answered?

Switzerland , of course!

In 1968, the Swiss had more than 65% of the unit sales in the global watch market and more than 80% of the profits. They were the world leaders by an enormous stretch. No one was even a close second.

In 1980, their market share collapsed from 65% to 10%.

What happened?

Something profound. Something the Swiss weren't aware of and didn't see coming.

Mechanical watches gave way to something totally new...

Electronic Watches!

Lesson: Not knowing what new technologies and new solutions are coming up could be catastrophic to your online business.

378 Internet Marketing Predictions will help you avoid the Swiss watchmakers' fatal mistake.

Find out what's coming our way at the speed of light! Click here!

378 Internet Marketing Predictions

378 Internet Marketing Predictions is your crystal ball that reveals the future of internet marketing.

The ebook is serious reading; not for 'fun and leisure'!

It is very 'dense', jam-packed with invaluable information of the highest caliber, theoretical and practical examples, case studies, and loaded with million-dollar ideas, hot tips, important advice, 'What-to-do's, and a lot more!

378 Internet Marketing Predictions is loaded with common sense predictions based on facts.

I feel totally PSYCHIC after reading these Internet marketing predictions. Now, I know how exactly how to prepare for the future and gain an unfair advantage over my competition. My only hope is that Mike will quit selling this two-volume ebook so my competition don't have a chance to buy them.

Larry Dotson
60,000+ Words That SELL!

General & Specific Predictions
for the Near, 'Visible' Future

378 Internet Marketing Predictions contains general and specific predictions.

The general predictions are 'foundational' and extremely important in giving you a clear, 30 thousand-foot view of where things listed above are heading, what's coming our way and what changes are going to happen to the online world.

The specific predictions are based on the general ones.

More than 75% of the predictions and forecasts in the ebook are specific.

Nobody can make specific, accurate predictions about the net, the web, technologies and products of the distant future simply because it is invisible to us; way beyond our viewpoint.

Read the following statements to see what I really mean:

“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?” Harry Warner, Warner Brothers Pictures, 1927.

“I think there's a world market for about 5 computers.” Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.

"Man will never reach the moon regardless of all future scientific advances.” Dr. Lee De Forest.

“Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.” Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895.

“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977.

“640K ought to be enough for anybody.” Bill Gates, 1981.

<Why are you smiling?>

Predictions in this ebook are for the near, 'visible' future of Internet Marketing.

How near is 'near'?

We're talking about the years 2004 (which is more than half way through), 2005 and 2006.

Get your hands on this goldmine of predictions now!

In 2005 and 2006, you're going to look back at 2004 and thank yourself for having done this.

Bullish Predictions vs. Bearish Predictions

the terms 'bullish' and 'bearish' are used in the financial world, specifically in financial markets - stocks and commodities futures trading - to refer to forecasted price movements; bullish means rising and bearish means falling.

378 Internet Marketing Predictions uses the same predictions and forecast terms to mean
the following:

Bullish: Looks positive and promising, represents a great opportunity, is going to be successful and/or usage is on the rise.

The ebook gives you theoretical/practical examples and successful implementation cases of products and services whenever available.

Bearish: The opposite of bullish.

So, when I say for example that “email publishing is bearish”, I mean publishers are going to decrease their usage of it and reliance on it as a means for publishing their online content.

I also tell you about promising alternatives and give you examples and cases of successful implementations of such alternatives, if there are any.

Reveal the Future or Invent It!

Use this ebook either to reveal the future or invent it.

That's right!

Reveal the Future

Revealing the future will help you make accurate plans, steer away from threats and sail safely towards opportunities.

Invent the Future

This ebook will tell you about many things that have not been created, developed or implemented yet. Invent the future by being the first person to do so!

"To stay ahead of the pack, you don't have to be the best, just the first."

Gain an extraordinary edge over your competitors. Download 378 Internet Marketing Predictions now and shape your future the way you want, because if you don't, your competitors surely will.

"Revolutionary Technologies Are Coming!"

"Ninety percent of the technology hasn't even been developed yet." - Tim Armstrong, Google's vice president of advertising.

378 Internet Marketing Predictions informs you about new and emerging technologies,
some of which are going to be announced to the world real soon while others have been announced only recently!

These are going to have revolutionary effects on the web and a serious impact on your online business and internet marketing.

These new technologies are going to:

  1. Reshape the Internet marketing industry.
  2. Redefine what is 'possible'. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
  3. Set higher limits of what you can achieve.
  4. Create new rules of competition.
  5. Pump new blood and life to the web.
  6. create a plethora of new profit opportunities.

These technologies are going to generate more profit opportunities, and make more people (who utilize them early) rich than anything else on the net. Guaranteed.

The Most Profitable Predictions Are
Accurately Identified Opportunities

378 Internet Marketing Predictions reveals and pinpoint tons of serious money-making opportunities for you.

This ebook identifies, not one gold mine, but hundreds of gold and diamond mines! Not in Antwerp, Belgium but on the Web!

I don’t want you to miss any opportunity for the silly reason that you didn't know it existed!

Download the Book of Real Opportunities Now!

More Important Than Discovering the Future

Question for you: What's more important than discovering the future?

The answer is: What you're going to do about it! That's why the ebook will do two things for you...

New, Innovative Products & Amazing Solutions
That Have Come from the Future a Little Early!

378 Internet Marketing Predictions brings to your awareness and informs you about new, innovative products and amazing solutions that have come from the future just a little early!

I'll be exposing four types of innovative/revolutionary products:

  1. Products that have not been created yet, which you can be the first to create! (Invent the future!)

  2. Products that are about to be created.

  3. Products that have just been created and are in alpha or beta testing phases (pre-launch phases).

  4. Little known products that have been launched, have had successful implementations and look very promising - bullish!

Learn about revolutionary new inventions that will solve many of the problems faced by internet marketers today.


Learn about great companies that are developing the products of tomorrow. I guarantee that you'll come across company and product names you've never seen in your life!

Find out what the net's most prominent players are getting into (or predicted to get into real soon). Companies like Commission Junction, Paypal, Clickbank, Ebay, Yahoo, Amazon, Alexa, and dozens more! The ebook is loaded with company logos! :)

Predictions about Hot, Innovative, Money-Making Ideas!

378 Internet Marketing Predictions is jam-packed with hundreds of absolutely new, truly innovative, money-making ideas. These are red-hot ideas, mainly product ideas, that I predict are going to make many people a lot of money.

If you sell, market, advertise, promote products/services to niche markets online this ebook is definitely for you.

This is such an important aspect of the ebook that I actually thought about naming it it: Predictions of Successful Product Ideas.

Not only will 378 Internet Marketing Predictions give you red-hot ideas, but it will also help you generate so many new ideas for your target/niche market that your mind will explode!

This ebook will definitely enhance your innovation and original thinking capabilities.

A Glimpse Inside 378 Internet Marketing Predictions

Here's a glimpse of what's revealed in this amazing two-volume ebook:

A Revolutionary, 'Magical' Technology is Here!

(1/15 Topics)

Learn about an amazing, red-hot, 'magical' web technology that is definitely, without any doubt whatsoever, going to be the next "big thing".

This technology is still virtually unknown to internet marketers!
But not for long, because it will have a tremendous impact on the internet marketing world.

The funny thing is that no internet marketing pro or guru has ever spoken about it; not Corey Rudl, not Armand Morin, not Stephen Pierce; no one!

Yet, this technology is so revolutionary and promising - so bullish - that the following companies and businesses have serious plans to utilize and capitalize on it big time! In fact, many of them have begun to do so!:

Big Names!

Commission Junction, eBay, Paypal, Amazon, Macromedia, AOL Time Warner, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sun, online car rentals, car dealers, travel sites, airline sites, online stores and malls, job/career sites - like Monster.com, search engines - like Google... and many, many others!

Find out what this amazing technology is and how you can benefit from it today!

This hot technology is going to transform the web we know and use, and it will fundamentally change the world of software and ASPs.

It will enable you to create new solutions undreamt of before. In fact, few people and companies have already started using this revolutionary technology to create a new generation of software products targeting different industries and niche markets!

On the other hand, this technology will render many software products obsolete. I guarantee it. Find out which ones and why!

378 Internet Marketing Predictions:

  • Reveals this virtually unknown, amazing technology to you.

  • Defines it and explain it to you in layman terms.

  • Gives you tons of theoretical and practical examples and case studies.
    e.g. Learn about a man who discovered a solution developed by a certain company (I'll give you its name) that utilizes this technology.
    (1) The company makes this solution available to this man in exchange for a monthly subscription fee.
    (2) This man used this solution to make $100,000 this year. He expects to make $250,000 next year.

  • Gives you predictions related to this hot technology.

  • Shows you clearly how you can benefit from it no matter (a) what your field or domain is, or (b) who your target market is.

  • Suggests hot implementation ideas and product ideas you can create for your niche market using this amazing technology

  • And more!

This technology is truly a money-making monster that is going to make many people very, very rich! The sooner you learn about it the better!

Make sure you're one of them! Download now!

You can make big bucks:

  1. Selling this technology to your industry or niche market.
  2. Developing and selling solutions, that utilize this technology, to your niche market.
  3. Using solutions developed by others that utilize this technology, as in the above given example.

You could simply use this technology for your own personal use; just to get a competitive advantage in your market. It's all up to you!

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Affiliate Marketing (2/15 Topics)

Find out about one in a lifetime money-making opportunity related to the #1 affiliate program in the world.

What affiliate program has the highest paid commissions per person in the whole world?
The highest paid affiliate has been making over $1000,000.00 per month!

What new 'technology' is going to be integrated with this affiliate program soon, giving you one of the hottest money-making opportunities in the history of affiliate marketing?

Fact is, this amazing technology is going to revolutionize the whole world of affiliate marketing. I guarantee it.

Download Both Volumes and Start Profiting from this Amazing Technology Now!

Learn how you can utilize this technology to (1) increase your affiliate base exponentially, (2) empower your affiliates with new promotion capabilities and (3) help them generate a lot more sales!

Solutions that can be developed utilizing this technology are viral in a truly unique sense!

I’ll give you beautiful real-life examples of how a few affiliate marketers have discovered this wonderful 'technology' and are already using it to boost their affiliate sales through the roof!

What else?

Learn predictions about Affiliate Marketplaces like Commission Junction and Clickbank.

Find out what Commission Junction is getting into real soon. This move by Commission Junction is going to unleash a plethora of opportunities and make it possible to create new, badly-needed (high demand - zero supply) software solutions!

I also predict that our beloved Clickbank will follow CJ’s tracks, which will give you one of the hottest money-making opportunities in the entire history of Clickbank.


This move by Commission Junction, Clickbank and other marketplaces will be the striking comet that will send many solutions related to these marketplaces to extinction.

Solutions like what?
Find out!


  • What Clickbank-like marketplaces look promising?

  • What about affiliate tracking models?

  • And more!

Click Here to Download Now!

Online Advertising and Promotion (3/15 Topics)

  • Which advertising and promotion methods are bearish and Why?

  • Who's developing pop over/hover ad blockers! (Hint: Fire!)

  • What is the strongest, ever-bullish trend in online advertising? If you know it, keep it permanently in mind, and develop solutions accordingly you'll make truckloads of money!

  • What new advertising and promotion methods are bullish?

  • What is the 'magnet’ that's going to attract online advertising dollars?

  • What's ‘Chameleon’ advertising? Is it bullish or bearish? How can you use it?

  • Read exciting predictions about contextual advertising and what it will be ‘blending’ with.

  • Which form of advertising is going to be the successor of contextual advertising?

  • What new form of advertising is going to sweep the online world, producing the best responses, generating the highest click-throughs and maximum revenues!

  • Learn about new forms of advertising that are going to bring revenues back to the web in a big way.

  • What's about to become the coolest, most innovative 'media' for advertising, and one of the most powerful 'branding' tools? Some companies like Coca Cola, Sony Ericsson, Puma, Nokia to name a few have already started using it!

  • How will advertising become more interactive?

  • What new online places will businesses be advertising in? This is so incredibly cool you won’t believe it!

  • What will advertising evolve to?

  • Learn why advertising to generate 'traffic' won't matter anymore.

  • What about ad tracking and the importance of tracking?

Learn about:

  • The hottest upcoming joint ventures between advertisers and merchants, and how you can do the same.

  • Google’s all new advertising programs


Predictions related to streaming ads, search engine advertising, PPC advertising, RSS advertising, free vs. paid advertising, and a lot more!

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Desktop Real-Estate (4/15 Topics)

Blowout predictions about the desktop real-estate and ‘direct-to-desktop’ solutions.

Discover what will become one of the hottest web-enabled desktop applications.
This solution also is still virtually unknown to the internet marketing world!
None of the internet marketing professionals/gurus has ever talked about it!

You know what? It's ten times more powerful and effective than a 'toolbar'!

Find out how you can create this wonderful application  - or have someone create it for you - and use it:

  • To target your niche market

  • To get amazing marketing and promotion results

  • For other purposes.

This application is truly 'magical'. You know why? Cause you can use it to learn anything you need to about your customers and opt-in list.

It has the potential to gather invaluable information from your customers legally, ethically, with your customer's full knowledge, awareness and 'blessings'.
Find out what they like, don't like, might like, their surfing habits, their stage in a buying process, and a lot more!

Some of the world's leading companies, like Coca Cola, Unilever, Walt Disney and many others, have already started using this solution for multiple purposes.

What else will you learn?

I'll expose a unique, innovative direct-to-desktop application that is still virtually unknown to internet marketers! Be the first to introduce tomorrow's products to your niche market today!

Also find out...

What will the computer desktop evolve to?

This ebook tells you exactly what you have to do to benefit from the predictions, and what you have to keep a close, watchful eye on.

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Search Engines (5/15 Topics)

  • Which search engine is going to beat Google and Yahoo?

  • Learn about: (1) new technologies, (2) innovative tools & solutions and (3) Improvements and enhancements are going to improve search result relevance and overcome search engine shortcomings.

  • What type of search engine is going to give you 100% more relevant search results?

  • Exposed! Find out how search engines like Google are going to use explicit and implicit methods to gather information about you!

  • What are major search engines like Yahoo and Google getting into! At least two major moves! (still in beta/testing phase!)

  • What impact will all the above have on your advertising and promotion strategies/campaigns, click-thru rates and generated revenues?

  • Where should you advertise to get the highest click-thru rates!

  • What is online search result generation evolving to? Two new 'trends'.

  • What about the next generation of search engines? Find out how they'll affect your website ranking and what you need to do now!

  • Learn about a new breed of search engines. Who knows, one (or more) of these might very well be the next 'Google' or 'Yahoo!'. In fact, some predict that one of these new search engines is going to beat the two giants!

  • How will the revolutionary technology I talked about earlier (1/15 topics) affect the world of search engines?


  • What new type of search sites and search engines are going to represent one of the greatest profit opportunities on the internet?

  • What new online 'solutions' will these search sites and search engines give birth to?

  • How will all this affect online advertising?

  • Predictions about three types of search engines that are going to revolutionize the online world, especially internet marketing, and open up a world of opportunities!

Not to mention...

Predictions about the 'invisible' web, search engines & artificial intelligence, search spending, and tons of miscellaneous predictions related to search engines.

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Online Audio/Video - Multimedia (6/15 Topics)

More than 40 predictions about online audio, video, streaming media and interactive multimedia. Jam-packed with examples and hot product ideas.

  • How will multimedia conquer the web?

  • What impact will multimedia have on internet marketing, online publishing, resell rights marketing, advertising and promotion?

  • What multimedia solution is Armand Morin working on together with VoxWire?

  • What two technologies are going to team up to make the delivery of big-sized, full-blown multimedia ‘newsletters' a matter of minutes rather than hours?

  • How will streaming multimedia impact different industries and markets, and revolutionize the way information is presented online?

  • And a lot more!

Click Here to Download Now!

Resell Rights Markets & Niche Markets (7/15 Topics)

Find out what’s bullish and what’s bearish in the resell rights markets.

  • Is the internet marketing resell rights market dead? Everyone seems to have the Million Dollar Emails! Everyone's offering the same bonuses! Find out what's in stock for this market!

  • What new internet marketing products with resell rights are going to be very successful and resuscitate this market?

  • What resell rights markets are extremely bullish? I'll name three for you.

  • Discover real resell rights goldmines!

  • What about niche markets? What's the future of niche markets?

  • Which niche markets are going to be the most profitable to target?

  • What niche market websites are going to generate five-figure incomes every month?

  • What's the single most important condition you must meet in order to have a successful resell rights product?

  • What two 'products' are going to be offered increasingly to niche markets, either (i) as stand-alone product, or (ii) incentive/bonus gifts or added value to main products.

  • Beat your competition and be the first to introduce the next generation products for your niche market(s).

  • A lot more!

Important Fact: Even though this chapter is called "Niche Markets and Resell Rights Market", you're going to notice a spotlight on niche markets all throughout the entire ebook.

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Miscellaneous Predictions (8/15 Topics)

This is a major 'Miscellaneous Predictions' section, jam-packed with 30 predictions and forecasts, covering many issues and a lot of ground from one end of the online world to the other.

  • From…  To…
    Seven things the web and internet marketing will go fromto; seven confirmed trends.

  • Find out who's going to create new web technology standards and solutions that are going to be better than what we currently have, and create paradigm shifts.

  • Which nation is about to become the new major power of the digital age and the #1 in Web users?

  • Exciting predictions about confirmed trends and movements in the online business world.

  • Major predictions that will answer the question: "Is it still possible to start something as big and as successful as Amazon, Ebay and Expedia?"  [the answer is: Absolutely Yes!]

  • What relatively new, Amazon-like company recently made $20,000,000.00 in revenues!
    Find out how you can benefit from this information.

  • Hot news, tidal-wave trends and billion-dollar investments exposed!

  • Based on such forecasts, what plans are companies like Amazon, Ebay and Yahoo making and what action are they taking? Find out!

Click Here to Download Now!


Predictions about:

  • Websites of the (near) future.

  • Customer service, support and retention.

  • Membership websites: What type of websites are bullish, forecasted to be most profitable and require the least amount of work?
    What is the one ‘element’ or ‘offering’ that will differentiate between successful membership websites and unsuccessful ones.

  • Software development in the US and Europe. What’s the greatest threat facing this industry and how you can turn it into an opportunity!

  • Future portals.

  • And more!

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Get Predictions about 15 Internet Marketing Topics

This was a quick preview of 8 out of 15 topics covered in 378 Internet Marketing Predictions.

After reading this ebook, I promise you’ll never look at the web, technology and internet marketing the same way again; ever.

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The language throughout is 99% non-technical and easy to understand.

Free lifetime upgrades of 378 Internet Marketing Predictions.

How much does this invaluable ebook cost?

The question should be:

How much are you willing to pay to discover the future of Internet Marketing?

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Most financial forecasts newsletters charge no less than $149 per year for a monthly five to ten-page newsletter, and many people are more than happy to pay that amount. You know why?

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Here's the story...

Predictions and information revealed in this ebook are time-sensitive. For this reason, I decided to get it into your hands a.s.a.p. instead of spending more time on further editing, text-formatting, adding more titles and headings (sometimes I list predictions one after the other without headings), commenting and elaborating more on some predictions, etc.

I'll be making these changes for the next edition, which you'll be getting for free! (Free life-time upgrades)

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