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TIP! Research Shows: About 96% of the online businesses fail... and 82% among these 96% failed businesses NEVER had an autoresponder or an email marketing system in place!. Picture is crystal clear. You need an autoresponder and an email marketing system in place to make profits. Period. Here is a list of free autoresponders.

What Are The Uses Of An Autoresponder In Internet Marketing?


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An Autoresponder can make money when you sleep, enjoying a party, while holidaying or simply spending time with your family. It is true, an Autoresponder can be your 24/7 cash raking money machine. It can achieve a whopping 400% more sales! But What's an Autoresponder anyway?

It is an automated email sending program that automatically replies to an incoming email with one or many pre-set and personalized messages crafted by you. You write the message/messages only once, loaded it/them up to your Autoresponder and the program send all your messages sequentially. Set it and forget it. It is that simple.


We Strongly Recommend AWeber Unlimited Autoresponders For All Your Autoresponder Needs Including RSS Integration! These Short Videos Will Make It Clear.

It is also found that a prospect takes about 7 follow-ups to gain customer trust before buying your product. A set of pre-set messages delivered sequentially by an Autoresponder is the best way to achieve this.

What are the uses of an Autoresponder in Internet marketing?

1. Acknowledge to others emails instantly. The recipient knows for sure that you have received his/her email to you.

2. An Autoresponder collects name and email address of the sender. Soon you will have targeted list ready for mass broadcasting of your sales messages.

3. Load your articles, promo emails and newsletters to your Autoresponder and deliver them to your subscribers in a sequential way.

4. Lets you offer free reports, articles and email courses to demonstrate your expertise with your customers to gain their confidence in you and in your products and services.

5. A great way to compile an an archive of your past articles, past ezines and reports. Your prospects can have immediate access to them.

Realize that, 94% percent of the online businesses start-ups fails! And one common factor among these failed business is that, 82% of them are not using an Autoresponder!

Now you get the picture. Statistics clearly shows that Autoresponders keeps you fresh in your prospects mind, increases your exposure which in turn leads to 400% more sales.

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