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Money is in the list and ezine marketing is another important tool in your Internet marketing efforts.

Just look around! You will find that most Internet marketing professionals publish an ezine that can be delivered by email. Because it is proven that a quality ezine can helps you to be in touch with your subscribers that in turn translates to selling more of your Internet marketing products.


It's 8:59 a.m., and you just arrived at work. You have 60 seconds to go before you're officially on duty, and already the phones are ringing, the fax is spooling, the intercom is calling, and the e-mail light on your desktop terminal is blinking. In a minute, you'll be answering one call after another, firing off e-mails to your customers, tearing pages of the fax, and leaping from one task to another with more bounce than a kangaroo.

Here comes the usefulness of ezine marketing. Once you begin publishing an ezine and integrate it into your Internet marketing plans, life can get a lot more easier! You may also read Autopilot Income Streams by Jimmy D. Brown that details on how to use email autoresponders for your Internet marketing strategy.

So why don't you make your life easier, your health at its best, and your business in the limelight? That best way to do this is to opt for ezine marketing. It's your one-stop business solution that can actually do all these tedious work for you.

But if you don't know how to market your ezine and get more people to subscribe, then these simple tips can definitely work for you.

Tip #1: Swap Ads with other ezine publisheres.

Swapping ads with the other ezine publishers is definitely an effective way of promoting your ezines and marketing your products as well.

But do remember to look for ezine publisher that can provide you with content that would interest your subscribers. And of course, never swap ads with an ezine publisher that is your direct competitor, unless you want to be in the losing end.

But if you get it right, swapping ads can benefit both the parties. Both the parties can milk from each others lists and can thus contribute to Internet marketing efforts in a great way.

Tip #2: Participate in discussion groups.

In marketing, the rule of the thumb is to get more exposures as possible. One way of doing this is to participate in the discussion groups. This will give you opportunities on how to establish your reputation and your business.

The more people get to recognize you, the more they will subscribe to your ezine. And so, more subscribers would mean better sales.

First and foremost you need subscribers to read your ezine! Your Internet marketing should be visible so that people recognize and join for your lists with trust.

Tip #3: Freebies to increase subscriber acquisition

Everybody loves freebies, right? So, it's better to create some of these in order to entice people to subscribe to your ezine.

For example, you can create a compilation of your articles and convert them into ebooks. Hand them over as "gifts" for those who would subscribe to your ezine. In doing so, you don't lure people to sign up for you but you were also able to help them in some way or another. Here's an example how free gifts are offered in the correct way.

Tip #4: Be fashionable. Have your ezine listed on the ezine directories.

The more you get exposures for your ezines, the more you can have greater number of subscribers. To do that, you have to be included in the ezine directories.

Most often than not, people who are interested to ezines would most likely browse the ezine directories first before they go out and search to other sites. The bottom line is: if you're ezine is at the right place at the right time, chances are you'll be reaping more subscribers than you can imagine.

Some of these free ezine directories are ,,, and 

All you have to do is, make your profile and comeplete the registration process with these sites. Your ezine as well as your Internet marketing business gets free exposure.

You can also enroll with Ad-cops for placing classified ads on your ezine. Most of these Ad-Cops gives you free subscribers as well as a chance to earn money for placing the Ads. This can also contribute to your  Internet marketing business.

Tip #5: Give away something free.

It's best not to focus more on getting the edge. Instead, give something for free like placing ads in other ezines at no cost at all. Then, track your ads and set eyes on ads that yield better results. In the same way, you'll be able to distinguish which ezine publisher would be good alternatives for your paid ads or for swapping ads.

Tip #6: Negotiate with other ezine publishers

Contact some of your favorite ezine publishers. Ask them if they would want to get an exposure in your ezine provided that they would do the same. This is usually done with the welcome letter ads.

In this way, you only not increase your ezine's exposure but also build friendship with other ezine publisher. And the more you have other people to help you market your ezine, the better for your business.

Tip #7: Use the email signature.

Your email signatures are one liner ads that catches the reader's eye. Because it's written on a one-line format with your URL placed below the line, most readers will be enticed to click on the link to find it out. Just remember to create an extraordinary attention-grabber so as to compel people to action.

Tip #8: Message boards posting.

Do a little more surfing and search for some worthy and reliable message boards. Here, you can render some advice or assistance when needed. At the same time, tag along your url or promote your ezine and state why visiting your ezine can be more beneficial.

Tip #9: Do some taste-test.

Create some sample issues and distribute them to a wider range as possible. By doing so, people can get hold of what your ezine looks like and will reap more subscriptions if they were satisfied with the quality of the ezine.

Tip # 10: Be sure to make subscriptions easy.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to make everything easy for your subscribers. You may have attracted lots of readers on your site, compelled them to subscribe because of a wonderful ezine, but because it took them so long to sign up, chances are you'll be losing more than you've expected.

Nowadays, people are always in a hurry. They wanted to do things fast, that's why tedious subscriptions bore them easily. As they say, it always pays off to be simple and clear.

Quite frankly, to conduct your ezine marketing you need only the -first name- and the -email address- of the visitor. He will be more inclined to give it if you have a simple form. And the number of subscribers can determine the success for failure of your Internet marketing business. If you keep the form short and sweet, you will find more subscribers joining for your ezine and your Internet marketing can take off the roof!

Bear in mind that not all of your would-be subscribers are tech savvy people or geniuses. Most of them are hungry for information. But it doesn't mean that you have to bombard them with things that would require them to get a dictionary or an almanac first.

Remember, more people are attracted to things that they know they can accomplish even with eyes closed. So, in order to market your ezine and get more people to subscribe to it, consider the suggestions above and make your ezine as simple as it gets.

Did you enjoy this article on Internet marketing? You will find many more around here if you just look around.


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