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Online-auctions has become very popular among Internet marketing professional. made us publish this article. Companies like eBay has made this possible.

But the most important question faced by the Internet marketing professional is, how to protect oneself in online auctions! This article throws some light on this and  help you with your Internet marketing efforts.

Protecting Yourself in Online Auctions

You may have heard about buyers being cheated in online auctions. If you are newbie in Internet marketing, you need to be careful before buying products through online auctions.

Everyone knows that online auctions have become increasingly popular in the Internet. And why not? Online auctions offer ways for people to be able to sell and buy products easily and efficiently. Aside from these, people can be anonymous in bidding on the goods that they like.

But with issues on security, privacy and most especially, trust in the Internet, there are risks and problems that are associated with auctions. In this note, here are some tips and suggestions you have to consider when participating in an auction.

a. You have to check and learn about the auction site.

  • Not all auction sites are the same. Some of the rules that are used by other auction sites may not be the same as the others. Make sure that you read the bidding instructions in auction site. If there are simulated tutorials, then go through it.
  • Learn about what the auction site can offer should delivered items are not authentic, are different from what was claimed by the seller and if these were not even delivered. What do they guarantee and what are the protection mechanisms they employ? Do they offer insurance? Check out eBay Auctions and you will know more about this.

b. Get information about the auction seller. It is wise to know who you are dealing with.

  • Verify the information your seller gives you. Check the validity of his/her telephone number and other contact details he/she provided you.
  • Discuss with your seller the conditions involved regarding the shipping and the delivery of the items. Make sure that the details you discuss regarding this are specific.
  • Look for feedbacks made by previous buyers the seller transacted with. Make sure that the feedbacks and the ratings that were posted by these clients are true.
  • Determine the mode of payment the seller is willing to accept before you start bidding. You can pay after the item is delivered to you or after the bidding. With this, think if you want to risk your payment before receiving the item you bid for.
  • Ask also your seller about their policies on returned items. Consider asking about refunds and shipping costs should the item/s be returned.
  • If you have some questions about an item, contact your seller and never place your bid until your seller replies and he/she has satisfactorily answered your concerns.

c. Know what you are buying in an auction.

  • Carefully read the description of the item being auctioned and examine closely the photograph of the item if this is available.
  • Always apply the saying, "too good to be true" in auctions. Determine the value of an item being bid on by checking out some relative prices in online price-trading sites.
  • When shopping for computer equipment and other electronic devices, it is important to check words such as "close-out", "refurbished", "off- brand" and "discontinued" in the itemís details.
  • When looking at electronic gadgets, devices and other items, check their warranties and the service repair shops listed to repair the items should the need arises.

d. Proceed with caution while bidding through the following guidelines:

  • Protect your privacy by avoiding giving out your personal information such as your driver's license, bank account number and social security number. These should not be needed.
  • Set your highest price and adhere to it.
  • Bid only on items you intend to buy. Otherwise, you might be obligated to buy something you do not need if you get sidetracked. Aside from this, backing out on such unintended bid might ban you from bidding in the future.
  • Record all transaction information. This will include the item, its price and the date you made the bid. Save and print copies of the emails concerning the auction and the bids you sent and received from the seller and the auction site.

Should problems arise while transacting with your seller and the auction site, try to address these with them. If you cannot come up with ways to resolve this, you can contact the consumer protection office in your area or your state Attorney General. You can also visit the Federal Trade Commission at or you can call them toll-free at 1-877-FTC-HELP or 1-877-382-4357.

Hope we have given you a solid points to keep in mind before indulging in online auctions. You will find many more related Internet marketing articles around this site. Read them too.


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