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Podcasting has become a very interesting subject among Internet marketing professionals. The biggest advantage of podcasting is that you can directly reach smaller devices like iPod.

And here in lies the Internet marketing professional's interest. Now he can sort of broadcast his content in voice in the least expensive way to the consumers.

PODCASTING CALL. This Is Your Chance to Be A Star

Are you a closet drama queen? recovering blogaholic? frustrated musician? unqualified political analyst? Good. Because what we got here is just the thing for you. Meet podcasting, who? Podcasting. Podcasting is your new best friend. His name's derived from the two words "iPod" and "broadcasting". When you put these two words with distinct meaning together, you get the new and improved word: Podcasting.

And Podcasting is destined to play a big role in your Internet marketing efforts. One of the advantages is that it is not at all expensive. All you need is a computer, microphone and an Internet connection.

Though the name is a spin-off of the word "iPod", you don't actually need an iPod to listen to podcasts. Any portable iPod-like MP3 player or computer for that matter can play podcasts.

Podcasting is a cool new way of releasing one's audio files through the wondrous world of the Internet. These files are usually in MP3 format, and can be downloaded automatically, to be listened to at one's own leisure.

What makes podcasting such a very efficient medium is the distribution method. Podcast can be acquired by subscribing to feeds through the use of "podcatching" software, which is a kind of aggregator. These aggregators allow you to automate the very tedious activity of downloading and storage of specific podcasts.

Certain podcasting software allow you to transport podcasts to a portable MP3 player. You can listen to your podcast at your own convenience, with the help of an Mp3 player.

What better way to start the day than to listen to your favorite podcast as you are getting ready for work or school? Are you planning to go on a vacation to Antarctica? Why not bring your mp3 player with you, so you can listen to your beloved podcasts. This way you don't get bored in the plane.

When you get home, you can document your experiences, your important events, and share what was on your mind while you were gazing at those wonderful glaciers and climbing those mountains covered with snow.

Are you still having those nightmares from your near death experience, during that one on one encounter you had with that bear that wanted to share you lunch?

Well then, why not share your story with the world and be glorified. Who knows? This might just be your claim to fame.

Basically anyone can produce their own podcast. In the beginning stages, some of the earlier podcastings revolved around the idea of blogging. One of the alternate names given to podcasting at the time was "blogcasting". Instead of writing your thoughts in words, goodie podcasting allows you to voice them out, spoken word poetry style.

But strictly speaking, you don't even have to talk. Podcasting is so inclusive, that you can pretty much invent your own audio masterpiece and broadcast it through the Internet.

You can just play your original music, or record the sound of your dog barking, or even frogs croaking, your sister sneezing, water running through the faucet, birds chirping, etc. Just about anything, really!

You can create your very own audio tableau. This probably won't win you any votes from the millions and millions of podcast subscribers from all over the world, but if you consider yourself an artist, then who cares what anyone thinks?

Some of the more popular shows that are podcasted in the Internet range in topics from: science fiction narration, technology, music, and of course the talk show format. Even some of the more traditional broadcasting were transformed into podcasting format.

Now can you imagine how to use Podcasting to your Internet marketing efforts? Simple broadcast good content in actual voice and intersperse your Podcast with your product recommendations!

The first one to make this legendary move in September 2004 was the syndicated American radio show Web Talk Radio. Many more individual programming followed, that soon it became a very infectious trend.

The number of hits on the Internet for 'podcasting' is estimated to be around more than ten million. This simply means that a lot of people are getting in on the act. It's the latest craze that's sweeping the Internet nation. Why not be a part of it? Who knows this might be your one and only chance to avail of your 15 minutes of fame?

Now thing how you can integrate Podcasting as an Internet marketing strategy. Record your voice with nicely written script about your products and content.

Spice it up with your pleasing personality, quick wits, alluring voice and invisible good looks, YOU might just be a star. Why not give it a shot. You know you want to!

So we hope this article on Podcasting helped you and now you know how to integrate it with your Internet marketing efforts.


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