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Blogs have become a vital tool to Internet Marketing. You will find that many companies and Internet Marketing professionals resorting to blogging for higher profits as well as for higher visibility with search engines.

But how can we get people to read your blog? This article on Internet Marketing answers it...

Blog Marketing: How to Get People to Read Your Blog
By: Kevin Bidwell

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

If a blog is updated at and nobody reads it, does it make a profit?

Blogs (short for Web Log) have become an easy way for many people to quickly update content on their websites. You can pick up your own blog for free (at places like and be posting your content in minutes.

Blogs can make a profit by selling a product, recommending affiliate products or even running Yahoo or Google content ads.

But the only way they can make a profit is if someone—or many hundreds of someone's—visits and reads the content you have so carefully crafted.

Here are some tips on getting eyeballs on your blog.

1. Make Your Content Appealing

If the things you write on your blog aren’t worth reading, then they aren’t worth reading. “Me too” posts without a unique angle are not likely to generate much interest. Say something important, unique, humorous about your topic.

2. Pay attention to Search Position

Make sure to title your posts using the keywords you want to target. If you want to target the term “Surround Sound” for your home theater themed site, instead of writing an article on “10 Tips for Better Surround Sound” title the article “Surround Sound: Ten Tips to Make It Better.”

3. Syndicate Your Content

Many blog marketers miss this important piece of getting attention. Syndicating your articles not only gets them out for more people to see, it also gives you great incoming links back to your blog.

Recently I syndicated just two articles featuring a highly competitive keyword phrase. Now on Google I am 3 for that exact keyword phrase, and the article I syndicated is in positions 4, 5 and 6 on other sites—fundamentally advertising my site.

4. Comment on Other Popular Blog’s Content

Making insightful comments about posts on other people’s popular blog and then linking from your comments back to theirs can get you noticed and even begin a dialog. If the other blog mentions you, you will receive a portion of their traffic back to you.

5. Collect Email Addresses from Your Visitors

While some of your visitors will sign up for your RSS feed, you also want to give them an incentive for signing up for your newsletter list. Every week you can email them reminding them to come back and view your new content, etc.

6. Trade Text Links with Other Blogs

Getting other blogs to link to yours with text links containing your best keywords not only gets you more traffic, it can also increase your search position for those keywords.

Blogs are a great way to generate an income. You can set one up for free and be making money almost immediately. Try it alone or adding it to your existing site.

Copyright 2006 by Kevin Bidwell

Hope you liked this article on how to effectively use blogs to generate traffic to aid your Internet Marketing business. There are much more such important Internet Marketing articles on this site. Browse them!


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