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Coming out with your own e-book is the easiest way to get into an Internet marketing business.

Most of the doyens of Internet marketing today has started with e-books! An e.g. could be Jimmy D. Brown. Most of his e-books were related to Internet marketing and a good collection can be found here.


Today, more and more people are resorting to leaps and bound with the Internet bandwagon due to the wealth of information and technology, and thus the Internet has become a valuable commodity.

Moreover, the Internet has become the place for a new diversity of commercialism and entrepreneurship. Because of its potential in reaching a vast number of people with just one click, the Internet had provided many people a lot of financial opportunities.

This is where the e-book business comes in. Since the advent of the Internet, the e-book business had claimed its aptitude of being the Internet's most profitable business in the industry.

But then, there are still people who just don't know what e-books are. E-book is one of those things you know you have to learn but don't know how to get them. That's why it's important to know so many things about them especially to those who wish to have one.

Here are some things you need to know:

FACT #1: An e-book is not just mere replica of a printed one.

Information is power! One of the most potent motivations for people to be on the Internet is to gather information and this were the power of an e-book comes into an Internet marketing business.

E-books are primarily dubbed as the virtual replicas of a book. However, because it is written in a new form of communication, that is through the electronic medium, it contains more than what a typical book can offer.

E-books incorporate interactivity. It's not just composed of texts and graphics. It also contains video, audio, and animated materials, so as to illuminate and amplify its content.

E-books are written in a concise and pin-point fashion. Every Internet marketing professional know this aspect because readers are not looking for volumes! They just want the meat here and now!

FACT #2: An e-book is not a typical file.

In order to read an e-book, the reader can use pre-installed e-book reader on his or her personal computer. The most common computer software's that are capable of reading e-books are Palm reader, Adobe Acrobat or Adobe reader, and Microsoft reader. These software's also provide a variety of e-books on their respective sites.

Many .exe type e-books are also available. These does not require any e-book reader to be installed in order to read e-books.

In fact, many authors from the Internet marketing field use special software's to compile their e-books. These software's makes it easy to come up e-books in a snap! A collection e-book compilers can be found here and you can use one of them to build your own e-books to be used in your Internet marketing efforts.

Basically, the reason why one must have some of these software's installed before downloading an e-book is because most e-books come in .PDF and .EXE format. So, it's important that you have to consider first the type of software that you have on your computer before downloading a certain e-book.

FACT #3: An e-book is not a printing material.

In most cases, printing e-books are not allowed. There may be instances where there can be infringement of the copyright law that's why most websites do not allow their e-books to be printed.

However, there are e-book formats that make printing available. Right now, Adobe tolerates considerable amount of printing activities with their e-books. There are also other companies that allow printing, though limited to a number of pages only.

FACT #4: E-book is not a "one-man" show.

There are different types of e-books. There are e-books that were taken from books in a Braille set-up. Like books in a Braille format, this type of e-book also caters to most disabled persons who use special types of computer.

There are e-books that are classified as mainstream books. This type of e-book is the usual bestseller series. You can get them at some commercial sites like They can also be used and accessed by disabled persons through the use of some special e-book players that provide text-to-speech facility.

There are also digital video e-books. One can simply, click on the play button and the content is a viewed as video. Internet marketing experts use this extensively to demonstrate a point or to teach a tutorial.

It would also be worthwhile to mention here that e-books are sold to the tune of millions. In fact, after software, it is e-books that is being maximum sold on the Internet and hence many people in Internet marketing prefers to come out with their own e-books.

There's also the digital audio type of e-book. This contains audio files only. The contents of this e-book are normally narrated.

FACT #5: E-books are not hard to update.

One of the biggest attractions of e-books in Internet marketing is that, you can compile them instantly once the content is ready. Just click a few buttons in your e-Book Compiler Software and your product is ready and you are read for Internet marketing!

Unlike its printed counterpart, it does not take years or even a decade before coming up with a newer version of e-books. Updating e-books is just a click away. In doing so, customers are always assured of new edition on their computers.

In fact, this is the main reason why e-books have gradually become one of the most sought-after products in the Internet today. Customers can always get hold of a newer version of their well-loved fiction story or bestseller series.

So, getting into a business of e-books selling is one of the best ways to get into Internet marketing. Your cost of production almost zero as you can sell as many copies as you want without a printing cost and keep 100% of the profit generated from your Internet marketing efforts to yourself.

No one knows if they can last a lifetime like their printed counterpart. But the fact that e-books are now considered as the contemporary society's lucrative source of information and business, only one thing's for sure: e-books have definitely taken center stage.

Hope you have enjoyed this article on e-books and how you can start an Internet marketing business on the fly! You are likely to come across many more tips if you hang around this site for another hour more!


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