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Web Site Promotion should take the first priority of your Internet marketing business.

Promoting your website and making it visible is the number challenge faced by marketers. In fact, Internet marketing professionals knows that you must spend 10% of your time on products and 90% of your time on Site Promotion.

How to Market and Promote Your Website Online and Offline

That's the million dollar question faced by every Internet marketing business! And the good news is that there are multitude of ways if you are willing to work hard.

And most of them are free. The traffic generation techniques used by various successful online marketers are absolutely and most have a viral nature in it.

But remember that with the millions of sites in the Internet, there are hundreds of companies that have the same nature of business as yours. It is therefore necessary to be able to promote your website and outdo your competitors to get the most number of hits and visits and eventually, sales.

With this in mind, this Internet marketing article aims to help you promote your site inside and outside the Internet through online and offline marketing strategies.

1. Marketing your Website Online

1.a Promoting your website by making it more searchable. The following are some techniques to be able to do this:

  • Include a title in your website. This is usually found at the top of the webpage - in the blue bar (for Windows) and is coded between these tags: <HEAD> </HEAD>. Make sure that the title you use is interesting because this will appear on the result pages of search engines should your website be located.
  • Create a description of the website in the meta tag of your webpage. Descriptions should contain keywords that are found in your site. Place the meta tag between the tags: <HEAD> </HEAD>
  • Place your site's keywords on the H1, H2 and H3 header tags.
  • Aside from these headers, make sure that keywords are also placed on the first paragraph. You can also consider placing the keywords on the COMMENT tag and ALT tag.
  • Use the keywords of your webpage as your page's hyperlinks. This will help make the site more emphasized.
  • Create different pages that are focused on particular keywords or keyphrases. Since each page contains a target content instead of a general one, this will make each of the pages of your site rank high when they are being searched.
  • Submit your website to search engines that index the web through robots. Popular search engines that do this include MSN, Yahoo, Google, AOL, AskJeeves, among others.
  • Optimize the ranking of your website. The software, SEOElite will enable you to check your webpage's current ranking against others with the same keywords.

So Search Engine Optimization is an Intergral part of your Internet marketing efforts. Once done correctly, Search Engines can give you a lot of free and targeted traffic.

1.b. Promoting your Website by linking it to other sites.

  • Submit your webpage to key directory sites which have been effectively proven to influence the ranking of sites. Try going to  - the "Open Directory Project" which issues the contents of sites to almost all the major search engines.
  • Try submitting your website to specialized directories and also in other directories devoted to a particular industry related to your website.
  • Try to use reciprocal links with other websites that correspond and interrelate with your site. Figure out a way to link them and for the site to link you.
  • Writing articles for newsletters is also an effective way of promoting your website. These articles will be posted in websites or distributed in newsletters for free. You can ask them to link to your site or give a very short description of your business in your article in exchange for this.
    Ezine Article Creator is an excellent software that will help you to write nice articles.
  • Blogging is hot nowadays and you can create your own. This will increase people linking you and this could also increase the ranking of your site.

2. Marketing your Website Offline. The traditional ways of advertising and marketing are still alive and are still effective to use even at the present Digital Age. Here are some of the old marketing strategies that were being used before that you can still make use of to promote your site:

  • Put the website address of your company in business cards, letterheads and in your e-mail signatures.
  • Place also your website's URL on company giveaways in the form of key chains, T-shirts, mugs, etc.
  • Include the website address of your company on the yellow pages aside from the usual information.
  • Have the URL of your business be printed on the uniforms of your employees.
  • If the company owns vehicles, have the company website's URL be placed at the back or side of the vehicle.
  • When you give out press releases, inform the media about the URL of your business.
  • Lastly, put the web address of your company on every advertisement media you make use of - be it at the end of a TV commercial, at the bottom of magazine and newspaper ads and within brochures and flyers.

There are many more methods that you can use for site promotion like Blogging, Viral marketing through eBooks, traffic exchange programs, forums, eZine marketing and scores of other things. Internet marketing is actually huge and vast.

Hope this article on site promotion will help you in your Internet marketing efforts. Many more similar articles can be found around this site. Use them too.


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