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It is believed that Google relies on data from DMOZ and your SEO plan must include DMOZ too.

Though the methods to be adopted in SEO aimed at DMOZ is slightly different, still you have to keep in mind of the role played by DMOZ in your SEO strategy and adapt.

The following article aims to throw light on how to use DMOZ in your SEO efforts.

SEO Tips for DMOZ.

DMOZ is the directory where Google starts when it crawls the web, so getting listed in DMOZ is good for you. SEO with DMOZ starts with selecting the search terms you're targeting, and then finding a directory category that includes them. This can be a time-consuming and difficult task. You'll often find lots of matching categories. The trick is to find the most precise category and, if possible, a directory that does not have too many other competitors in it. You can hit a niche market simply by being placed in a category that has few competitors. DMOZ, of course, makes the final decision as to where your website will be located.

Don't choose a category that's too general for your site, as it might just get removed later on. Make your site stand out by using a unique, catchy description one for people, not search engines. Remember, you will probably get a pretty hefty number of hits from DMOZ itself. When you are trying to get listed in DMOZ, don't worry about trying to get a nice listing in the search engines that crawl here, worry about getting a good listing here. The search engines care more about where DMOZ lists your site than what you have to say about your site in your description; DMOZ cares more about how accurately described, how interesting, and how often visited your site is than where you are listed in the search engines.

A third feature to be aware of is the PageRank of the category, and the number of listings on the page. You'll do better with more specific, smaller categories, especially if they have dedicated editors. A small category with a high page rank is the best situation that you can run into. Remember that a pages page rank is split between the number of links that go out from it so if you run into a page with a rank of seven with seventy-five out links you probably aren't as well off as a page with a ranking of five and ten out links. This is a constant for Google Page Ranks, not an exception for DMOZ.

So your targeted keywords should appear in your sites description, towards the beginning. Don't put them towards the end, as the editor might chop them off to save space!

And putting your keywords in your sites description in important for ALL SEO strategy you adopt. You can consider this as common practice adopted in SEO. If you are looking for a very good Keyword software, Try Keyword Elite.

Remember that once a site is submitted to DMOZ, its very difficult to update its description. Give it a few days to think it over before you submit it, and be more vague about websites if you think they might change. Don't write descriptions that could become out of date easily. If you are running a monthly special you shouldn't include this in your description unless you say something to the extent of  below price sales monthly. If you suddenly decide that you are going to completely transform your site into something completely different you will have huge problems with your listings. Keep this in mind before you start building your site if there are possibilities that you will choose to reuse the domain that you have purchased.

So as said earlier, you need the right keywords and you may use a professional software like Keyword Elite to help you out.

If you absolutely have to resubmit, you can submit a blank form that informs the editor of your former web site that your site has changed drastically and that you want the old listing deleted. From there you can submit a new form to any category (or categories) that you need to be listed on with an updated title, description, and key words.

Multiple Listings for the Same Site.

Some editors allow multiple listings for submitted sites, especially if they're good quality sites that span multiple DMOZ categories. Its always best to request multiple listings you can use the text box on the submission page to justify yourself.

If you find a good category for a niche inform the editor as to whether or not this will be a specified category and then search for any other categories that are related. You may get a good deal of hits from your niche, but it may also be a small market for a reason. If there aren't that many people who would be utilizing that particular category, you may want to submit to other categories that will provide you with more substantial results.

So when you are into SEO with DMOZ, think of submitting to multiple listings too.

This can give you a better vista and therefore essential in your SEO efforts.

Being Patient.

Follow the submission guidelines and don't exaggerate. If no-one seems to be reviewing your site after a week or so has gone by then you could post a question. Be patient, though: most of the DMOZ directory is edited by hand, and they're very busy. In many cases it can take as long as three months to get added.

DMOZ simply wasn't prepared for the sudden importance it had forced upon it. One of the biggest problems with the directory is that each site must be looked at by editors, so your site might not get indexed for no reason other than the editor not liking it, or even just losing it.

Hope you liked this article on submitting to DMOZ helped you with your SEO plan. You can find more similar articles on SEO if you browse around this site.


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