!- 78 More Money Making Scripts
With Master Resale Rights -!

Fast Content Producer

 Start Building the High-Quality Content Sites You Need to Succeed on the Internet Today!....

Build Hundreds of Content Rich, Dynamically Changing, Keyword Covered Web Pages in Mere Minutes ...!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $97

Click Here For More Info On Content Producer

Piracy Shield

 Easily Protect All Of Your E-book's And Software Products Even PDF's With Phoenix Piracy Shield!....


Track Every Single License For Your Digital Products And Terminate Any One You Choose With A Single Click, All From A Simple Web-Based interface!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $197

Click Here For More Info On Piracy Shield

Word Press Auto Content Generator

 Discover how to get your Fully Automated Word Press Blogs running in minutes even....


Blog Your Way to Big Bucks. You really CAN make a life-changing amount of money without even writing a single post automatically!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $67

Click Here For More Info On Word Press Auto Content Generator

Multiple Memberships With Affiliate

Create Unlimited Membership Site Areas On One Single Domain!

Comes with excellent installation Instructions


Finally....An All-In-One System That Runs ALL Your Memberships On Autopilot! Create Unlimited Membership Site Areas On One Single Domain!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $197

Click Here For More Info On Creating Multiple Memberships

Snap Video Pro

In today’s competitive Internet marketplace, you need every advantage you can get and SnapVideoPro is a great way to ensure you don’t spend too much time struggling...


Capture Your Entire Desktop, A portion Of It Or The Active Window And Save Them As JPG, BMP and TIFF formats, Or Apply Several Photo Retouching Effects To Your Image, Add text To An Image, Draw On An Image And Much More!!!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $97

Click Here For More Info On Snap Video Pro

Image & File Hosting Script

 Here Is How To Start Your Own Profitable Image, File and Document Hosting and Sharing Profitable Membership.


Build An Online Image And File Hosting Membership Service Where People can Store, Back-up and Share Images, Files and Documents with their co-workers, friends and family with any web browser !!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47

Click Here For More Info On Image & File Hosting Script


Net Law Generator

 Without these legal forms your entire business could be shut down by the FTC. Its never been so easy to protect your business, so why run the risk?

Instantly create essential legal documents for all your websites in 2 seconds flat!
- Affiliate Agreements
- Privacy Policy Documents
- No-Spam Agreements
- Terms of Use and Disclaimers
- Copyright Notices
- Earnings Disclaimers


"Quickly & Easily Give Your Business The Protection It Needs For Less Than The Cost Of A Trip To The Movies. Sets Up Like A Breeze & Gives You Instant Piece Of Mind!"


 Master Resale Rights Worth $19.97

Click Here For More Info On Net Law Generator

Membership Juggernaut

 Let Membership Juggernaut Handle Most Of Your Membership Site Chores
The Smart, Easy & Professional Way!

Comes with terrific installation Instructions


"How To Make More & More Money Online, Build Yourself A Larger & Larger List, And Recruit More & More Active Affiliates To Work Hard For You While You Do Less & Less!"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $127

Click Here For More Info On Membership Juggernaut

Scratch Card Generator

 Utilize Scratch Cards - One of the Most Effective, Profitable and Proven Methods of Promotion
that People Absolutely Love...

Comes with excellent installation Videos

"Draw The Attention of your Website Visitors, Explode Your Opt-In List, Maximize Your Affiliate Commissions, Increase Sales of Your Own Product(s), Gain a Competitive Advantage, Market and Promote Anything You Want Successfully!"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $97

Click Here For More Info On Scratch Card Generator


Site Wizard Pro

 This is the actual source codes to the software that have been powering one of the top software companies today!

Check Out The Product Videos Here
Templates Video Tour
Keyword Tool Video Tour
Link Directory Builder Video Tour

Comes with excellent installation Instructions

"Own complete and full Master Resell rights to more than USD$27,000 worth of source codes and software that is capable of creating unlimited number of websites, sale letters, code generators plus a super handy tool that is able to sniff up all the Super Affiliates who are marketing your competitors?"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $197

Click Here For More Info On Site Wizard Pro


Blog Auto Poster

 IF you have abandoned your blog or are considering abandoning it because of the time it takes to update it ... Blog AutoPoster is for YOU!


"Tired of All the Time It Takes You to Post to Your Blog? Discover the Amazing New Software Program That Automates the Entire Process!"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $97

Click Here For More Info On Blog Auto Poster

Support & Profit Help Desk

 Provide great customer service and earn a passive income while doing it!

Comes with excellent installation Instructions


"Who else wants to turn a necessary everyday task into a profitable passive income? This script does just that by turning your ordinary HELPDESK into a PROFITABLE Revenue Stream!"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $19.97

Click Here For More Info On Support & Profit

Special Offer Manager

 Use The Tool That Other Business Owners Are Using To Make Up To A 70% Conversion On Their Offers!

Comes with excellent installation Instructions


"DISCOVER!! How You - Or Anyone - Can Make More & More Money Online With Simple Yet Very Powerful Tool For Displaying Special Offers OR, One Time Offers On Your Website...!"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $29.97

Click Here For More Info On Special Offer Manager

Viral Article Publisher

 Use The Tool To Submit Your Articles To As Many Sites As You Want!!

Comes with excellent installation Instructions


"Viral Article Publisher Is An Invaluable Software Solution To Submit Your Viral Articles To All Of The Top Websites With A Simple Click Of Your Mouse!"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $97

Click Here For More Info On Special Offer Manager

Simple Form Builder

 Create STANDALONE online forms that can be used on any sites or servers!

Comes with excellent installation Instructions

"Whither You Need A Simple Form To Allow Users To Contact You Or You Need A Form To Collect Information From Your Visitors SIMPLE FORM BUILDER Is The Solution To Endless Online Form Needs."

 Master Resale Rights Worth $17

Click Here For More Info On Simple Form Builder


Intelligent 404

 Say Good-Bye To 404 Errors Once And For All! Finally A simple and completely effective method of doing away with all those ugly and unproductive 404 errors!

Comes with excellent installation Instructions


"You're LOSING Money - Each And Every Time One Of Your Website Viewers Gets A 404 Error! Quickly And Easily Put A Stop To All Those Page Cannot Be Displayed Messages And Put More MONEY Into Your Bank Account!"

 Master Resale Rights Worth $37

Click Here For More Info On Intelligent 404

My--Space Scripts - Generators Deluxe Set!

Ten very popular generators used by millions of My--Space users! Start a My--Space resource site of your own for astonishing profits!

Retail Price $97.00
With Master Resell Rights

Do you want to offer to your visitors the best generators that are in GREAT demand? Then look no further! XylotSpace script empowers you to add a set of deluxe of scripts to your web site!


See what this Script can do for you;
  • Slide Show Generator: Let your users to create scrolling image slideshows with just a few image URLs as input.
  • Song Code Generator:  Lets users to give a URL to their music file, and creates code to play it on their My--Space profile.
  • Video Code Generator: It lets in a video URL and users can painlessly embed video on their profile.
  • Extended Network Graphic Code Generator: Allow your users to replace that useless "So-and-so is in your extended network", ugly text with their own custom graphic.
  • Navigation Bar Generator: Users can customize their My--Space navigation bar at the top.
  • And much more like scrolling Text Generator, Comment Box Generator, Extra Content Box Generator, Online Now Generator, Link Generator!
  • All the tools you require to cater to the My--Space crowd.

Possessions Defender

Finally a Breakthrough System That Protects All Your Digital Software, Ebooks, Videos, Audios and PDF's By Masking Your Download URL.!

Retail Price $67.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Possessions Defender

...Simply Protecting Your Download Url Will Increase Your Profits By A Massive 326%... No-One Will Ever Know The Actual Download URL!

Effectively Stop Any Illegal Downloads And Abuse Of Your Members Area!:
  • Limiting Downloads - The script is hard coded to only allow 2 downloads for all new Members. This is done to even STOP you from being tempted to allow more.
  • IP addresses are recorded - Against all downloads! You can see straight away who is silly enough to give out their members login information.
  • Dates of downloads recorded - The date of access and product downloaded is recorded against all members accounts.
  • Special Algorithm - All file extensions are randomly generated immediately using these special algorithms so it takes away the need to even think about what to use!
  • Get Code - Generates all the codes for your products to use in your IPNs for Paypal, Stormpay or any other payment processor.
  • Download Links for Emails - Besides being able to embed the generated code into your IPN's and thank-you pages, you can also send them by email.
  • Admin Mailer - Email all your Members whenever you want as this script helps build your Opt-In List of targeted buyers.
  • Free Product or Paid Product -  Offer every member a Free Downloadable product or just to a selected few. This could be a totally free product of yours or even a Paid product that you are rewarding a few of your members with.
  • Unlimited Products - Add an unlimited number of products to the database and categorize them as Free or Paid.
  • And many more...


Automated ClickBank Download Protector

Retail Price $47.00
With Master Resell Rights


"Easily create secure download pages for your ClickBank digital products. An instant solution to get you selling your products fast! No fuss installations.!"

In just few clicks, set your ClickBank product delivery on AUTOPILOT with the highest security with an automatic self-expiring link.

The protection is based on ClickBank's recommended usage on their website. No need to edit your sales page at all!

Note Pops

Retail Price $297.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here To Know The Note Pops Details


"If you've been waiting for an opportunity to create a monthly income without spending dozens of hours on creating content, writing, or updating a product, this is exactly what you've been looking for!"

You can use Note Pops for your own use, you may sell it for a one time profit or start a membership site that gives you a recurring income!

Note Pops Is Different Than Any Of The So Called Pop Up Generators And Has A Built In Proof Display That Shows You That It's Increasing Your Response! No Promise Is Stronger Than "Rock Solid" Proof!

YouTube Clone


Retail Price $67
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On YouTube Clone


Don't make the wrong decision! Video sites are the FUTURE! And this is your chance to become a part of it!

1. The script has most of the same features of YouTube.
2. Use this on smaller websites or your niche sites. For. e.g. bathing the baby right.
3. It's easy to maintain through the admin panel. Control the entire site without a php/mysql specialist.
4. Your site is fully customizable. Easily change colors and styles.
5. no need to know any PHP to make a beautiful, eye-catching website!

Video sites are making tons of money. Metacafe received 17 millions venture capital for its site, just to have a site like this. Vsocial, Youtube, Videomotion and Thatvideosite make tons of money, and now you can too with a little imagination and application.

Keyword Cash Generator

Imagine Being Able to INSTANTLY Create Passive Revenue Streams in Your Website Content That Will Send Money Flooding into Your Bank Account 24/7!

Retail Price $97.00
With Master Resale Rights

Click Here For More Info On Keyword Cash Generator


With Keyword Cash Generator You Can Place Money-Making Links on Hundreds of Web Pages in Mere Seconds! Here’s How the Keyword Cash Generator Works:
  • Enter your keywords
  • Enter your URLs
  • Choose the source folder
  • Choose a destination folder
  • Make a few custom choices
  • Click the Start Conversion button

And If You Have Your Own Blog – Or Are Thinking About Starting One – This Could Be Just the Tool

Squeeze Page Form Generator

Squeeze Page Form Generator creates PERSONALIZED copy by collecting information about your customer and using it throughout the course of the sales letter!

Retail Price $97.00
With Master Resale Rights

Click Here For More Info On Squeeze Page Generator


Personalization and Persistence are the key elements of excellent marketing!
  • Harnesses the power of The Two Ps with the end result of boosting your sales beyond recognition and collecting literally thousands of opt-in email addresses.
  • Just collect the customer's name and incorporate it into page 2 of the sales letter for a hard-hitting sell and Speak directly to the visitor.
  • Play with different widths, colors, borders, headers, fonts etc.
  • Choose the text you want displayed on buttons and headers
  • Set which download site to direct your customers to once they decide to buy
  • Enter your current Autoresponder program to run your opt-in email address collector automatically!
  • Place collected personal details throughout your sales letter to pinpoint individual traits, likes and dislikes and use them to close the sale, without having to figure out the codes yourself!
  • And so much more..

Take ten steps further than most marketers today with Squeeze Page Form Generator

Download Site Creator

Retail Price $49.97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Download Site Creator


This simple but powerful little script will help you run a download gallery where you can neatly categorize all of your digital products!

1. Your download page will appear neater and more professional to your members.
2. Your members will be able to locate digital products a lot more easier and you'll be saving them from time and frustration.
3. DSC is easily customizable (with header and footer files.)
4. DSC allows you to easily create categories and add downloads.
5. DSC is VERY user friendly!
6. DSC allows you to set the number value to start off with for the 'Number Downloaded' statistic.
7. You will be able to add, edit and delete downloads quickly.
8. The Add Download form doesn't add extra, unnecessary details or require you to fill in irrelevant details, like many download scripts do.
7. No need to worry about an excessively large download page.
8. No need to manually edit any HTML! No need to upload HTML files.

Online Notes Script

Retail Price $49.97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Online Notes Script


Instantly Keep Track of Every Thought, Every Idea, in a Single, Easily Accessible Online Location!!

Here's everything you get with the Online Note System:

  • Easy to install - just click the setup and fill in a short form.
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • Search and filtering features allow you to find any note quickly and easily.
  • Categorize your notes however you want (e.g. "Personal", "Work", or "Ideas")
  • Sort your notes however you want. Export to CSV for use in Excel or any database.
  • And so much more ...

Robert Plank's Super Six Script Collection

If you want better response rates, higher conversions and ultimately increased profits then you can find them .... in Robert Plank's Super Six!

Retail Price $67.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Super Six Collection


Script #1: How to Make Your Own Software Generator - Want to market your own "simpleware" product? Then you'll know exactly how to 'Create One'!

Script #2: How to Get An E-Book Boost - Maximize the download rate of your ebooks with this clever script.

Script #3: Interactive Sales Letters - Put a set of option in your regular sales page and parts of the sales letter change based on the visitor's choice. This can double or triple your current conversion rates!

Script #4: Price Negotiator - Market test your prices on the fly! Run this script on your site for a few weeks and you'll know the optimum market price for your product!

Script #5: Item-Based Sales Counter - Have time limited special offers or quantity based sales? Then automate it! Say, only 25 copies. Once one copy is sold that number changes to 24, then 23, and so on until they're all gone. It's far better than a timed countdown sales.

Script #6: Split Tester - Improve your conversion rates scientifically. you make only small methodical tweaks. Over time you can increase the chance that a visitor to your site will buy from you and maximize the profit you earn from every site.

eBook Store Package PHP Scripts

Here's your total eBook store PHP script with 100+ ready to sell ebooks and software's with master resale rights already plugged-in!


Retail Price $97.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On eBook Store Package

With this complete PHP solution and the pre-installed 100+ eProducts, it's a no-brainer to start your own eBook Store! Just plug it-in and begin selling!

Comes with full installation instructions.
Includes 100+ eBooks & software's that are ready to sell.


Enter into your own online business with ease...
  • Pre-installed with 100 best-selling ebooks & websites with full resell rights.
  • Add your own eProducts to the script with pictures etc. Especially true for all those digital products gathering digital rust sitting in your computer.
  • Accept online credit card orders with methods such as PayPal etc.
  • Automated checkout system!
  • Instant download of purchase straight after payment.
  • Displays random Featured Ebooks every time on the home page.
  • Manage your store with the web-based Store Admin Area.
  • Change the prices and edit product descriptions to your own taste.
  • Record all customers and orders.
  • Text and colors are completely customizable. Upload banners to your affiliate programmers.
  • Works with UK Pounds, Euros, US, Australian and Canadian Dollars.
  • Create unlimited categories.
  • No need to add PayPal buttons. Simply enter your PayPal email address in your Admin. That's it!
  • Automated built-in links page where for link exchange.
  • Built-in newsletter sender.
  • Readily search engine optimized.
  • Add your own keywords and meta tags.
  • Built-in Google Adsense. Simply enter your Google Adsense ID in Admin and start earning extra cash.
  • Editable About Us, FAQ pages, prefilled terms and conditions, and privacy pages.

Blog Advertising Site Script

Start Your Own Blog Advertising Service With this High Quality PHP Script. Huge Earning Potential!

Retail Price $97.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Blog Advertising Script

The Quick and Easy Way to Manage and Host a Blog Advertising Site with Minimal Work Involved. Tap Into the 50 million blogs out there!

Blog advertising site script is here to make money for YOU!
  • Start Your Own Automatic Affiliate Program. Forget advertising your own website, let other people market your blog advertising site for you!
  • Easily Adjust The Built In Banner Ad System. You can sell banner ads and earn money.
  • Add Your Own Google Adsense. The Google Adsense Code Area is integrated automatically. All users do is insert the code and send it off to all pages of a blog website.
  • No technical knowledge is required! You don't need to be an expert in web design or PHP scrip. Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions and install. 
  • Easy Automatic Signup Process. Even people new to the Internet can sign up for their own blog in minutes.
  • Let Visitors Leave Comments. Visitors can post comments on any blog, adding to the ability to earn up to 500% more money, not just from bloggers but from THEIR readers.
  • Boost Your Search Engine. Your search engine rank will boost upwards with so many visitors coming to your site for your services.
  • Easier To Manage Members. Assist new members or to block anyone you need to for any reason. This keeps bad bloggers out of the system, letting the good bloggers do what they do best.


Anti Spam Script

Stop Spam forever as well as own your own Anti-Spam membership site!

Retail Price $47
With Master Resell Rights


This compact script can save you from Spam as well as lets you start an Anti-Spam membership site of your own!
  • Spammer sends you an email
  • Spammer receives a verification email
  • 95% of the spammers will not click on the verification mail
  • Your inbox receives no mail
  • You are Spam free!

If you are starting a membership site with this, there is nothing for your members to download or install. Everything is done by the script online. So you can expect nice income from your anti-spam membership site.

Buy Me A Beverage

Retail Price $47.00
With Master Resell Rights


A Great Script From Paul Miller.

Allow your subscribers and customers to express their appreciation and thanks by letting them buy you a fictitious drink!

One of the easiest to set up on your website and watch the dollars pouring in.

Fully Automated Membership System For ClickBank, 2checkout and Paypal Merchants

Retail Price $67.00
With Master Resell Rights

This script was developed exclusively for ClickBank Merchants. But you can also use it for your 2checkout and Paypal memberships.


See what this Script can do for you;
  • Automated User/Member signup form to create membership accounts.
  • Login information will be sent to the user by email Instantly.
  • Notification of new user registration.
  • Prevent Unauthorized access. IP Tracking available. You can also set a number of access allowed.
  • Downloadable Database with user's name, email, sign-up date and login information of all users.
  • Add new users manually.
  • Edit/Delete accounts on a mouse click.
  • Add unlimited number of products into your protected directory.
  • Step by Step Installation Manual with Screen Shots.
  • Adds the buyer to your AutoResponder System
  • Sales Report will be sent to you Instantly.
  • Only a person forwarded from ClickBank (TM) after successful payment, will be able to access the Sign-up page to create his membership account.

JV Firesale Automator

This incredible script is the same one used by today's great Internet marketers and can now be yours for an incredible price!

Retail Price $197
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here To Know The Total Details On JV Firesale Automator

You can use JV Firesale Automator for your own use, you may sell it for a one time profit or start a membership site that gives you a recurring income!


You've seen this script in action on the Internet - used by great marketers to quickly generate tons of free traffic and cash.

Now it's your turn to cash in on your own joint venture.

With the Joint Venture Firesale Automator script you can:

  • Manage all your joint venture needs
  • Run contests and time-limited promotions
  • Host massive giveaways to increase your subscriber base
  • Automatically track referrals
  • Automatically change prices
  • Start and end your promotions whenever you want
  • Send emails to all your or members and so much more ...

"Whether Your Joint Venture Involves Selling Time-Limited Products, One-Time Offers, FireSales or Just Signups You can now automate your entire JV with JV FireSale Automator... Now anyone, even an Internet Novice can create and run powerful Joint Ventures!"

Give -A- Tron Script

Automate Your Giveaway Process!

Retail Price $19.97.00
With Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Give-A-Tron


Easily build more responsive list and keep your current subscribers happy by offering them something free in exchange for visiting your site,blog,etc.,

You Can:

  • Easily Give away a product of your choice, by simply entering in the products name, your download url, your name, your email address.
  • The user comes to your site and can get your freebie by simply entering his name and a valid email address in the form. The download link is sent to his email address.
  • A special email is sent to you, letting you know someone has downloaded your gift.
  • You can easily customize the entire email that is sent to the user
  • You easily customize this form and script to make it fit your site/pages

Split Test Profits

Finally, a simple way for you to eliminate all guess work and easily increase your web site profits by up to 243%!..so easy, A Child Could Do it!

Retail Price $197.00
With Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Split Test Profits


With The Split-Test Profits Automation System, You Can:
  • Split test between 5 different sales pages .
  • View full statistics of your sales pages.
  • See conversion ratios of your sales pages.
  • Automatically see which sales page is producing the most sales for you.
  • View past months statistics
  • Create multiple split testing accounts to test more than one sales page/product at a time.
  • It doubles as a stat tracker to tell you where your traffic is coming from.
  • And so much more..

Here are a few things you should be split testing on a regular basis: Your sales letter's headlines, Your opening, Your sub-headlines, Your guarantee, Different web site designs, Your close or call to action, Your order form, and more..

Database Backup Generator

"Does Your Backup System Protect Your Online Web Business Every Day. And Every Night? (Even When You're Sleeping?)"

Amazingly simple automated software can virtually guarantee you never lose your databases and the vital information it contains! Back it up Daily, weekly, monthly and even email it to yourself automatically!

Database Back Up Generator - Php Script

Retail Price $97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Database Back Up Generator


  • Back up any or all of your MySQL databases. Even from your other websites!
  • Automatically backs up daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Set and forget.
  • Backup links automatically emailed to you for easy download.
  • Download reminders automatically emailed to you if you don't download your backup files.
  • Send your download links or your backup files to several email addresses at once!
  • FTP your back ups to another server on the web instantly!
  • Manual backups (with or without instant download) anytime.
  • Manage your backups so you don't eat up your web space.
  • Easy to use admin panel to manage all of your backup projects from one convenient location.
  • Automatic, fast installation.
    Automatic, fast setup.
  • On-Board pop up help system.
  • Super Easy “one click” restore of any database.
  • Password protected.
  • Does not use a database to store your backups.

Viral Lottery


Retail Price $19.97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Viral Lottery


Viral Lottery allows you to build your mailing list and get your list to become more responsive by letting your visitors participate in your very own lottery drawings to win your products for free!
  • Admin can add a lottery, and upload a product as a prize to be won. Can choose the start and end times for each lottery
  • Admin can choose the winning numbers for the lottery, and whether they have to be in "Exact" or "Any" order
  • Users can only guess once on each lottery and winners are automatically messaged
  • Winners can collect the prize using a ONE TIME ONLY, SECURE download link
  • Users can chat amongst themselves and interact
  • Built-in custom-made forums
  • News system. Add news items to the site
  • Admin can configure and edit with ease from the "Site Settings" page
  • Admin can add and manage news items as well as forums boards
  • Admin can set the site to varying degrees/modes of openness or privateness
  • Admin can approve comments. Full-fledged comment system allows users to comment on news items

Article Directory Generator

Article Directory Genenrator - Php script

Retail Price $197.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Article Directory Generator


At Last! You Can Make Money With Google AdSense…Without Having To Write One Word of Content!

What this Unique Article Directory Script can do for you is:

  • Run an article submission site that gets other people to submit articles.
  • Helps you build thousands of Google AdSense Revenue generating pages without you lifting a finger.
  • Helps you build an email list at the same time. 
  • Absolutely everything you need to run your own turnkey article web site. 
  • A fully functional administrative backend to keep track of all your users and articles!
  • Easy-to-use functions that let you e-mail all your users.

Download Store Script


Retail Price $29.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Download Store Script

Download store is a generic store system for digital products. The store easily allows you to present and offer your downloadable products through IPN automation using PayPal.


With the amount of reseller products available today at cheap rates, filling your store with anything from scripts, templates, ebooks and software is a breeze!

What this Unique  Script can do for you is:

  • Automates your store downloads
  • Robust and feature packed
  • Easy-to-use software application that installs on your web site.
  • It delivers instant information to your customers, prospects or visitors.
  • It is safe and easy to use
  • Lowers your operating costs significantly and increases your profits dramatically!
  • Offers you unique ability to fully manage your mailing list and newsletters.


Easy JV & Affiliate Manager

Retail Price $47
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Easy JV & Affiliate Manager

Here's the easiest way for you to set up, track, and automate virtually all aspects of your joint venture marketing campaigns!"

Easy JV & Affiliate Manager is a software program that is installed on your server. It will track and manage all of your joint ventures for you without you lifting a finger.

Here are just a few key features:

  • No text files to edit
  • Full admin area to keep track of all of your JV partners
  • Full tracking of hits, sales, referral URLs, etc. for your JV partners in the JV area
  • Ad tracking technology for your JV partners to use
  • Can run on two tiers
  • Can integrate with any payment processor for sales tracking.
  • Paypal split-pay instant commission technology
  • Everything (emails, JV area HTML, etc..) can be edited by the admin
  • And much more...


Big Fat Get My File

Big Fat Get My File allows you to disguise your download links to hide the real location of your files.

Retail Price $24.00
With Master Resell Rights


A simple and clean system to protect your downloads from digitalthieves:
  • Disguise your download links to hide the real location of your files
  • If a data thief tries to browse your downloads folder, it will show an Access Denied message,
  • It's really simple to install! Simply enter the location of your downloads folder into the script and upload it to your web server! That's it!

If you sell digital products and EMAIL download links to your customers or have download links on your website, then this simple little PHP script is for you!

The Online To Do List Script

Retail Price $19.97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Online To Do List


Revolutionary New script Allows You To Store Your Own Personal Task List Online. Your List is Just a Click Away and Accessible From Any Computer With Internet Access..

Here's everything you get with the Online To Do List:

  • Easy to set up - just upload and fill in a quick form and you're ready to go.
  • Categorize your tasks any way you want - i.e. Personal, Work, or however you want to "group" your projects.
  • Full featured search and filtering capabilities.
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • Mark tasks completed.
  • Sort your list however you want.
  • Export to CSV for use in Excel or a database!
  • And so much more ...

Membership Site Manager

Manage your own Membership Website like an Internet marketing pro...

Membership Site Manager - Php Script

Retail Price $147
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Membership Site Manager


Now you can generate recurring income month after month with a membership site—without paying thousands for a management script!..
  • Automatically creates accounts
  • Automatically Suspends delinquent accounts
  • Takes recurring subscription
  • Payment over PayPal
  • Automatic Account Setup
  • Brings you steady monthly income!
  • And lots more…

If You have always wanted to be able to quit your day job and break into the Internet Marketing world membership sites are a great way to do it! Grab this software now!

Incredible new Software! Lets you run a money-making membership site, on 100% autopilot!

Big Fat Newsletter Manager

The Easy Way To Build Up A List Of Subscribers And Keep Your Customers Informed!

Retail Price $24
With Master Resell Rights


Big Fat Newsletter Manager is a simple to use newsletter script that can easily be integrated into your current website!
  • Easily integrated into your website.

  • Your customers easily subscribe through a simple web form.

  • Manage your Subscribers through a web-based Admin Area.

  • Create and send newsletters in html or text format.

  • Easy to install. Full instructions included.

  • Added option to send newsletters in either text or html format.

  • The script is a breeze to install and comes with easy to understand installation instructions.

The Rank Generator

This php script is GUARANTEED to increase your Website ranking by at least 50%. Send well over 10,000 hits to your site per hour with this incredible program.

Retail Price $27.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Rank Generator


This software has been designed to simulate real online visitors and also simulating referrals to your site at the same time make the simulated visitor look that much more real. !
  • Increase your alexa ranking in as few as 5 days!
  • Make more sales from your website.
  • Even banners on your site get impressions
    Your rankings will increase on other traffic ranking sites.
  • Your ExactSeek site ranking will increase in the same proportion as alexa.
  • Free support available.
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited Site License (meaning you can use this on an unlimited number of websites for no additional fee's)

Increase your website ranking like never before!

Career Service Script

A powerful, yet easy to use and moderate career seeker/employer posting website. This site offers paid and free services designed to bring together employers and career seekers

Retail Price $29.95
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Career Service Script


Create a career website of your own with this super-efficient script!
  • Offers two levels of revenue generation. Paid postings and advertising. 
  • Identify all those potential 'profit' pots that you can fill.
  • Employers can choose between account plans to post careers, that applicants can apply for.
  • Employers receive instant notification of applications that are printable from the employers browser,
  • Employers can search resumes to find applicants for all their employee needs.
  • For career seekers, membership is free.
  • One the site career seekers can create a free resume that can be submitted for career postings by employers plus searchable by employers.
  • The career site also includes a rotating banner management system that is easily moderated from the admin area.

Keyword Explorer - PHP Script

Finally An Instant Keyword Research Tool You Can Install And Start Using In Under 10 Seconds!!


Retail Price $27
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Keyword Explorer

In The Amount Of Time It Has Taken You To Read This Far Down The Page You Could Have Installed This Simple And Effective Keyword Research Script And Started To Search Out Highly Profitable Niche Markets . . . !


Manage Your Advertisers With Complete Ease Using My All-In-One Powerful Software!
  • Find a hungry market before you create or buy products to sell.
  • Identify all those potential 'profit' pots that you can fill.
  • Install on any number of domains.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Keep it as your own personal 'secret' research weapon.
  • Offer access to your members or subscribers to it on your site.
  • Install the 1 file script in less than 10 seconds.
  • Find popular search terms from the Overture Database.
  • Use single keywords or key phrases.
  • See Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly numbers of estimated Searches then compare to the number of 'Results' found in Google for those exact keywords.
  • Check out the results on the screen or print out for your records.
  • No need to edit any files or create databases

Membership Millionaire Script

Discover How To Make Autopilot Profits EVERY Month . . . This Powerful Script Holds The Key!


Retail Price $67
With Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Membership Millionaire

You could jet off around the world for a month and this powerful system will keep working for you day and night!


Manage Your Advertisers With Complete Ease Using My All-In-One Powerful Software!
  • Fast - fifteen minutes to set up with easy to follow installation manual.
  • Three potential payment processors: ClickBank, Paypal and 2Checkout.
  • Easy - Just by place an order button on your site and you're done.
  • Fully automated, hands free account creation process.
  • Flexible. Set up recurring payments, single payments or give free memberships.
  • Automatically add members to an autoresponder making future promotions 'Hands Free'.
  • Instant email notification when new members sign up.
  • Members receive a, fully customizable, automated, 'Welcome' email.
  • Secure system ensures members must pay first before they can access your sign up page.
  • Only current members with valid User ID and passwords can access your content.
    Powerful Admin Control Panel - add, edit and delete accounts in a few mouse clicks.
  • Downloadable CSV database for backups and additional promotions. MYSQL not required.

Unique Content Generator Pro

Turn your private label article into solid profits!

Retail Price $97
With Master Resell Rights

Unique Content Generator is a web based php script that converts ANY articles into unique ones - either in batches or individually. You can also run this as a service for a profit.


The Membership Millionaire script automates all the labor intensive, day to day membership site management tasks leaving you able to concentrate on the rest of your business!
  • Turn ANY article into fresh, unique articles right on the spot.
  • Squeeze in specially randomized changes in the middle of your articles with keywords to instill mind blowing thought.
  • Over 195,625 possible combinations for ANY ONE article!
  • Involves just 4 easy steps.
  • Unlimited amounts of Unique Content to profit from Adsense sites!
  • Alter ANY articles you want in flat 5 seconds - or much less!
  • Rewrite articles the most legitimate way. Article directories and search engines will welcome it!
  • Convert even those over-used PLR articles into profit-pulling powerhouses with a few easy clicks of your mouse.

Mailing List Manager Pro

A Complete Full Featured Email Solution. Don't Waste Your Hard Earned Profits On Expensive Monthly Fees!

Retail Price $97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Mailing List Manager

It's a fact that the majority of people typically don't buy (or take a desired action) as a result of an initial marketing contact, even if they are perfectly targeted for the offer. According to a recent research study, 81% of major sales are closed after the 5th contact.  Consistent follow-up is crucial to closing the sale.

Here's what the script can do for you:

  • No Monthly Fees - Pay Only Once then Own it for Life.
  • Very Easy to Install - in 10 minutes.
  • Easy to Follow Installation Instructions for the newbie.
  • Use on Unlimited Number of Domains.
  • Works on Unlimited number of subscribers. If you have 100 or 100 thousand subscribers is no issue.
  • Fully automated, will work for you 24/7/365!
  • Super fast email delivery - 600 emails per minute.
  • Automatically wraps words at 65 characters per line.
  • Full Customization - can send emails with actual names of clients and email addresses.
  • You can set-up a thank you page after your client has subscribed.
  • Manually Unsubscribe any email addresses. Your subscribers can also automatically unsubscribe.
  • All messages and follow-up emails can have an attachment of any file type up to 2MB.
  • Power Checking of Duplicate Email Addresses.
  • Easy to use Admin Control Panel
  • Subscription Box automatically generated for you.
  • You will never be accused of spamming. Tracks the IP address of your subscribers.
  • You will receive a report every time a message is sent to your subscribers. You will always know what your autoresponder is doing for you.


eBiz Gallery PRO

Breakthrough Web Script Allows Marketers to Provide Galleries of Ecovers and Screenshots! Not To Be Outdone, Web Graphic Designers Host Their Portfolios With The Very Same Script!

Retail Price 29.97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On eBiz Gallery Pro


Marketers, show off ecovers and box shots of the items on your site or in your sales package! Now, you can integrate an ebiz gallery script into your sales page and you don't have to worry about the page taking 10 years to load up.

  • Create galleries to store all of your important ebiz-related pictures and web graphics.
  • Store: ecovers, box shots, screen shots, business photos, seminar pictures, and a whole lot more. You are only limited by your imagination!
  • Collect and moderate feedback from visitors (visitors can comment on the photos).
  • Import and upload entire folders of photos
    Manage Multiple sub-galleries under the main gallery.
  • Visitors can view a slideshow of all photos in a given sub-gallery

Ebiz Gallery Pro is the very first of its kind! Nowhere else on the Internet will you find a web script of this caliber targeted only to Online Business!

Live Desk Pro

Retail Price $19.97
With Master Resell Rights

"Make Your Online Life A Lot More Easier - Convert Prospects Into Buyers With This Professional Support Help Desk!

What can Live Desk Pro do you.

  • Gives you a live web-based help support service.
  • Make your site look and feel professional.
  • Automate your business and Saves many customer support hours...
  • Store and download latest upgrades...
  • Convert more prospects to customers...
  • Skyrocket customer loyalty and satisfaction...
  • Increase the percentage of repeat customers...
  • You can have a 'department' for each one of your products. You can have unlimited departments!


Idea Bucket

There's a better way to keep up with your notes and ideas!

Retail Price $29.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Idea Bucket


This Script Is Perfect If You Want To Quickly Jot Down Ideas But Don't Want To Lose Them Somewhere Inside Your House!

Just think about it! There are a million and one ways to lose any old scrap of paper laying around at home. Culprits include

  • Your spouse mistaking your little slip of paper as trash.
  • Your children snagging the paper and either destroying or misplacing it.
  • Note-hiding accumulations of mail, papers and all other sorts of odds and ends laying around on counters and desks.
  • Frisky pets commandeering a new plaything.

You get the idea. Idea Bucket makes it quick and easy to store your notes and ideas!

Digital Order Guard

Whether you use PayPal or Clickbank, within minutes, you'll be able to protect your digital products by filling in a few forms

Retail Price $27.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Digital Order Guard


With Digital Order Guard, you can..
  • Protect your PayPal order buttons and hide your product download URL that is available to any visitor that views the source of your sale page.
  • Allow automated downloads using PayPal saving you hours each day, and giving your visitors the instant gratification of immediate delivery.
  • Protect your ClickBank thank you/product download page .. checking to see whether or not the visitor followed the link directly from ClickBank.
  • Stop "digital freeloaders" from downloading your products without paying.
  • Insure that even if your ClickBank download page is passed around, visitors will still not be able to download your products.

AdsDX - PHP Software

Turn Every Web Page Into Profit-Pulling Power Stations Simply By Selling Advertising Spaces!

Retail Price $57
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On AdsDX

The AdsDX Software allows YOU to easily manage your advertisers the way you want, saving more time and effort on your part while you go on to make even money from selling advertising spaces within the boundaries of your web pages!


Manage Your Advertisers With Complete Ease Using My All-In-One Powerful Software!

Here's How AdsDX Can Benefit Your Web Advertising Campaign:

  • Easily set up your own choice of advertising packages with your rates for your potential advertises to pick and choose to suit their needs.
  • Offer a range of advertising spaces on your web pages and you all set to start accepting advertisers for profits!
  • Have your own banner ads/text ads rotating system run around the clock on your web pages!
  • Easily manage, add, edit, and remove your advertisers with this powerful all-in-one web ad solutions software!
  • Create repeat customers among your advertisers and thus make residual income from a work done just once!
  • Collect leads from your advertisers for future follow ups on special offers you may have for your customers!
  • Allow your advertiser's ads to be displayed to laser-focused, targeted niches, if you run more than one website on different niches!
  • And so much me!

Download Geek

DOWNLOAD GEEK X allows you to open up your own software shopping center for software creators come to your site and sign up to sell their products using your digital product shopping cart and auto download system and you get a percent of every sale the vendors make from your site!

Retail Price $97.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Download Geek


Here are the most important benefits of the script...
  • Admin panel to update your admin user name, password, email, paypal id etc
  • You can add/remove/move/rename categories.
  • You can update/remove sellers and buyers information's. You can also send them email. You can send email to one user, to all users or to some selected users.
  • Setup commissions. The fee that will be taken from each script that will be sold.
  • You can update or remove the OFF-SITE scripts.
  • You can update or remove the scripts added by sellers.
  • Approve/not approve scripts:
  • you can see the user and paypal email of the users who withdrawed their money
  • After a product is sold you will receive the money from paypal on your admin paypal id
  • View all communications - you can see/delete all communications between users.

Power Linker Script

Power linker - php seo script

Retail Price $19.95
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Power Linker

Reciprocal Linking...Your Gateway to Wealth Increase Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website!
  • With Power Linker, you can offer 100% reciprocal linking with others, and be assured it is viable and easy for you to maintain!.
  • Search engines are still the number one effective means of promotion.
  • Verify you are getting a true reciprocal link, and automates this chore seamlessly and accurately.
  • NO more - Hours of surfing to check these sites that are supposed to have your link displayed.
  • NO more - Time lost to a manual and mundane chore.
  • Instantly verify your links, and see accurate detailed info
  • You can offer a place for others to post their link with the distinct advantage of knowing yours is in place FIRST, before they post theirs
  • A mere click of the mouse gives you the data you need to monitor how many and where your link is posted.


Free List pro

Create a list of millions of subscribers 100% FREE! That's right this software allows you to run a list-building service. It's a powerful new twist on a proven concept. The service helps your members build their own list so the member database grows virally...

Retail Price $49.97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Free List Pro

You are about to experience the best list building system ever developed and best of all it's free!


The beauty of this system is that each member can only mail their list once a week from your system - however, you can mail to it as often as you like.
  • Forced 4 X 10 matrix - Build your list with your referrals and their referrals.
  • They all go under you along with your upline's spill-over!
  • One company matrix which mean much more spillover for all our members.
  • We have heavy hitters right in the company matrix which means even more spill for you!
  • NOT a safe list - you will not get 1,000,000 emails sent to you!
    You only receive 2 emails a day (average) -1 each week from each upline member (9 total) -5 per week from the company for a total of 14 emails a week. -That's it!
  • Free For Life! You'll never pay a dime for anything!
  • Web-based - Simple step-by-step setup that takes a matter of a minute or two to setup.
  • You can mail your ENTIRE downline every week! (max matrix 1,380,080)
  • Members must confirm registration which means that you will get ONLY good, valid e-mail addresses on your list for maximum response and profit!
  • You'll have FULL personalization capability with our software so you can add the personal touch to each message and up your conversion rate big time!

Instant Split Commissions

Rewarding Your Affiliates INSTANTLY Exponentially Explodes Your Online Sales...

Retail Price $197
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Instant Split Commissions

Reward Your Affiliates Instantly And Create An Unrelenting Army Of Happy Affiliates Selling Your Products Non-Stop ...And Making You Tons Of Money All Hands Off!


Instant Split Commissions Pays Your Affiliates Instantly. It Supports Any Number Of Products!.
  • No complicated code to edit. Each sales letter can have its own individual look!
  • Edit all emails on your browser from admin area.
  • Sell unlimited number of products.
  • Just enter your PayPal/StormPay emails and the program does the rest.
  • Set % commissions for each product. Choose who is paid first - you or the affiliate.
  • Unlimited number of follow-up emails for each product.
  • Follow-up emails sent at the same time that they purchased the product!
  • For each product choose if customer must buy the product to get an affiliate link!
  • Fraud detection system to prevent cheating on affiliate commissions.
  • Submit marketing emails and banners from admin panel - they are personalized for each affiliate.
  • Send personalized email customers in the whole database. Send personalized email to a single customer.
  • Both admin and customers have detailed Sales/Affiliate Stats.


Mail Giant Pro

Autoresponders are the greatest marketing invention ever created for the Internet hands down!" - Forrester Research

Retail Price $67
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Mail Giant Pro

Mail Giant Pro is a web-based php/mysql program that offers you unique ability to fully manage your mailing list, newsletters, and also autoresponders.

Easy-To-Use Software Creates More Sales, Increases Cash Flow and Generates Traffic!

Mail Giant Pro comes with the following Power Packed Features:

  • No Monthly Fees - Pay Only Once & Own it for Life.
  • Easy to Install - Comes with Easy to Follow Instructions.
  • Use on Unlimited Number of Domains.
  • Send Unlimited Number of Follow-up Emails.
  • Fully automated, will work for you 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week.
  • Send Personalized Mailings - Just Insert Special Code Where You Want Their Names.
  • Manually Unsubscribe any email addresses.
  • Easy to use Admin Control Panel.
  • Ez Subscription - Easily Generate a Subscribe/Unsubscribe Form With the Click of a Mouse.
  • Multi-List - Run as Many Mailing Lists as You Want.
  • Email the Entire List. Archive All Your Mailings.
  • Track Clicks and Who Has Opened the Email.
  • and Much Much More!


SmartLinks V 2.0

Web Value 49.95
With Give Away Rights

Click Here For More Info On Smart Links V 2.O


Turn your affiliate links that NOBODY wants to click on, into User-Friendly personal endorsements that forces your prospects to visit your affiliate page!

Extremely powerful Encryption Method!

Number one: It tremendously reduces the possibility of prospects "Hijacking & bypassing" your affiliate link. (That equals more money in your pocket!)

Number two: The "Recommends" link looks professional and gives your prospects the impression that you are just recommending a product, therefore, they will not hesitate to look into your recommendation!

Conclusion: More people will click on your affiliate links and your chances of making sales will immediately skyrocket!

Quickly & Easily Protect Your Affiliate Commissions From Link Choppers, Look 1000 Times More Professional, And Instantly Increase Your Affiliate Profits By 1040% Or More...


Software Index Script

Cash in on the popularity of software index websites! This PHP script utilizes state-of-the-art programming that is easy to use for beginners or advanced Internet users. With promotion and marketing, the profit potential is unlimited!

Retail Price $29.95
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Software Index


Fully automated listing resource for programmers and software designers to list electronic products from Freeware and GPL scripts to shareware, commercial and membership based applications.
  • Control Product Addition
  • Add/Edit/Delete Features
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories.
  • Edit Website Information: Title, Keywords, Description, Password, PayPal Address, Email...
  • Add Banners
  • Create banner advertising plans
  • Approve software listings
  • Approve reviews
  • Send email messages to members or to your newsletter subscribers
  • Configure email messages with your own preferences
  • "Link To Us" Banner management area
  • "Email A Friend" feature for your visitors
  • "Top Freeware" listing
  • "Top Shareware" listing
  • "Latest Additions" listing
  • "Most Popular" listing
  • Rate and Review Items
  • ...And so many more Features

AdTracking Pro Script

This new Ad Tracker will save you from massive amounts of money & time, increase sales & Ad responses, and grow your business for you exponentially!

Retail Price $29.95
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On AdTracking Pro

This script is specifically reserved for 'net marketers who are actively seeking a simplified way to make an incredible leap in their Internet business.


Forget About Wasting Time, Losing Money, And Running An Unprofitable Business!

AdTracking Pro will:

  • Easily track, measure, and analyze all traffic and sales with the click of a button.
  • Scientifically test sales letters to immediately increase conversion ratios and boost cashflow.
  • Save time and money by making your marketing campaigns twice as effective instantly after implementing Ad Tracking Pro
  • Eliminate all guess work! Simplify your advertising efforts and know from the start which ads are working and which aren't by using our Campaign Control Technology!
  • Plug it in to any web site that you own and anything you promote to track and measure every marketing campaign that you are involved in.
  • Automate all aspects of your "marketing numbers" and save massive amounts of profit time.
    Let Ad Tracking Pro do the grunt work for you!
  • Fully integrated, incredibly user friendly and has real useable features that you won't find anywhere else.

100+ Power Scripts

114 Profit Pulling Scripts Package, Gives You The Power To Create Different Niche Websites...

Retail Price $24.97
With Master Resell Rights & Source Code

Click Here For More Info On 100+ Power Scripts


Over 100 Powerful Scripts which ANY webmaster would be a fool to pass up on...!
  • Create your own websites and operate them with these scripts.
  • You can sell this entire Package over and over and keep all the money.
  • You can sell the scripts individually.
  • You can split the scripts into different related groups to create and sell special interest script packages
  • You can start your own private membership site and charge customers a monthly fee for access to the scripts.
  • This scripts are not GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, they are all paid scripts.

Grab this HUGE "Power Scripts" Package And Start to Make A Fast Profit With A High Demand Products.

QuickPay Pro

Get Over $200,000 Worth Of Software For Less Than A Penny On The Dollar!

Retail Price $99.97
With Master Resell Rights & Source Code

Click Here For More Info On QuickPay Pro

Don't be fooled by other offers. This is the REAL QuickPayPro source code and WE INCLUDE THE RIGHTS SO YOU CAN EXTEND RESELL RIGHTS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. OR EVEN BRAND IT WITH YOUR OWN NAME. This is the best source. . .


Secure Real-time Credit Card Processing And Digital Product Delivery!

QuickPayPro Pro will:

  • An ordering system that immediately allows you to plug in an unlimited number of products, process credit cards in real-time, and digitally ship e-books, software or info products in seconds
  • Undetectable digital product delivery using Cloak Technology so customers can download your product without ever knowing its location!
  • Built-in unlimited autoresponders
  • Totally integrated tracking to manage all of your online marketing campaigns, calculate your hits-to-sales ratios, ad profitability, sales statistics and much more
  • Track all sales, and credit the appropriate affiliate with the correct commission, instantly send them an email to thank them for their referral, and store the customer information into an online management database for you to email to at will - all automatically!


Web Page Personalizer

Web Page Personalizer - Easily and Brand Your Web Pages with Your Visitor or JV Partner's Names! ...even from your emails!

Retail Price $49.95
With Master Resell Rights


Prepare to be Amazed at the response you get from your visitors! Take an ordinary webpage and bring it to life Instantly.
  • New technology that personalizes your web page, calls your subscriber by his name and makes him feel good when he reaches your web page!
  • Your subscriber is 300% inclined to buy from you, when he actually sees his name appears on the web page! You can make his name appear wherever you want on the entire web page with this new sales technique!
  • You can talk directly to your visitor addressing him by name!
  • Easily use it on your sales pages and opt-in pages and note the climb in conversions!
  • You even use it personalize your sales pages for subscribers arrived from an email broadcast!
  • And it's so simple to use!

Download Meter Pro

The Amazing, Install and Forget Script That Can Double Your Profits - In Seconds!

Web Value 19.95
With Give Away Rights

Click Here For More Info Download Meter Pro


Download Meter actually performs three vital functions, Read More to discover why You shouldn't be without it. . .

Extremely Powerful Script!

Number one: It Accurately Monitors The Number Of Downloads From Your Site.

Number two: Silently Tracks The Location That The Download Request Comes From.

Number three: Automatically Promotes Your Backend Product Offers, Affiliate Programs or Newsletters.

You will be able to quickly set up a 'download starting' page from the template provided and use it to promote your other products, your newsletter or even an affiliate program - it can literally double your profits automatically.

Traffic Hurricane - Pro Version

Traffic Hurricane - Professional Version Will Automatically Create Tens Of Thousands 0f High Ranking Web Pages For You, To Promote Your Own Products And Products You Sell As An Affiliate.

Retail Price $197
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Traffic Hurricane

Drive Thousands of Laser Targeted Visitors to Your Website Everyday...At No Cost To You!!!"


This top traffic generation technology has been something that ONLY the top money earners on the internet knew about!
  • The Professional Version uses top quality content on all the pages it creates! The system just won't create a bunch of haphazard keyword rich pages! It actually provide good quality content that will not be banned by search engines.
  • The Professional Version creates thousands of laser targeted pages in a very short period of time. It creates an amazing number of pages with the easy to use interface. 
  • You can also add RSS feeds for dynamic up-to-date content taken from other information service web pages and inserted into your web pages automatically. Search engines love this type of content because, there will always be new content on your site
  • The Professional Version pages are fully customizable including the amount and type of content placed on them ensuring your hurricane pages will be unique!
  • There are 14 templates you can choose from. You can select the colors of those templates from a huge range of colors, plus you can easily add up to 3 images on each of the pages to ensure that your pages will be unique from anyone else.

Pre-Launch Fly Catcher!

Retail Price $47
With Master Resell Rights


How to triple your sales with your next Internet launch!

You can use the "Fly Catcher System" on webpages where you want to capture your prospects information for:

  • Building a list of known purchasers who want to be notified of new releases!
  • Building a list of JV Partners!
  • Building a list of Affiliates prior to a Product or Service Launch!
  • And much much more!

The software records the originating Affiliate ID along with the prospects details. This ensures that your JV Partner or Affiliate will always get the referring commission(s) - no matter what product or announcement you make.

Ads Rotator

Wouldn't it be great if you could have full control of the ads displayed on your website?

Retail Price $67
With Master Resell Rights


Rotate Any Ads That Can Make You Money While Keeping Your Visitors. You decide what ads you want displayed!
  • Display any affiliate ads you want.
  • Show ads that could give you big commissions.
  • Have all the links open in a new window
  • All ad links are cloaked.
  • Choose the look and feel of the ads.
  • Easy to use admin interface to edit, add or delete your ads.
  • Easily see the number of impressions for all your ads.
  • Easily see the click through rate of all your ads.
  • Add your own images all your ads!

Dynamic Heading Creator

Retail Price $47
With Master Resell Rights

Different headings will be created dynamically for each search term to impress your visitors and your site will ALWAYS be exactly what they're looking for!


This beautiful sweet script works in 3 ways to EXPLODE your overall conversion ratios by 300%, 400% or more and significantly increase your Subscription rate by at least four fold!

Number one: Insert a simple JavaScript code in your sales page and it will verify whether your visitor is coming from Google, Yahoo or any other search engine.

Number two: Then the script captures the search phrase or keywords the visitor used to find your site.

Number three: Then amazingly the script shows the visitor a Dynamically Generated heading and an opt-in subscription form...

For example: Let's say you have a niche site for 'cookery books', If somebody finds your site by searching 'Christmas cake recipes', the heading of your site will Dynamically show 'Christmas cake recipes'. If another person finds your site by searching 'Biscuit Recipes', they will see a totally different heading. 'Biscuit Recipes'

ClickAdsPro - Lite

Retail Price $39.97
With Master Resell Rights


Adsense Alternative Software - Paste A Single Line Of Code On ANY Of Your Web Pages & Watch 6860 Super-Marketers Battle It Out To Make YOU Money!

ClickAdsPro-Lite-Lite is the latest script written in PHP that will help you earn huge amounts of affiliate commissions with your existing website... With Adsense alternative software Making money with Clickbank has never been easier, all without lifting a finger!

Amazing New Software Lets You Earn Up to 75% Commissions On Over 11,000 Hot-Selling Products Using Your Existing Website...

Unique One-Time-Offer Script

You could be leaving anything up to an astounding 94.2% of your potential income on the table. No, that's not hype or B.S. but proven statistics that can be worked out by anyone with a calculator.

One-Time-Offer php script


Retail Price $97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On One-Time-Offer Script


Your very own copy of "Breakthrough and Unique One Time Offer Random Rotator System" that will allow you to create One Time Offers on any of the following pages:
  • Entry Page, Exit Page, Order Page and Order Confirmation Page - pre and post purchase.
  • Thank you Page after purchase.
  • Subscription Page for your Ezine, Newsletter, Membership etc.
  • Subscription Thank you for subscribing page.
  • Subscription Thank you for validating or verification page.
  • Members Login Page, Members Logout Page.
  • One time offer on your Index Page. Your Blog(s).
  • One time offer on your 301, 302, 400, 401, 403, 404, 405, 408, 415, 500, 501, 502, 503, 504 - Error Pages.

This system would have to be "100% on Auto Pilot". Set it and Forget it Technology.

Banner Gate - Instant Traffic Booster

A completely new concept in marketing your password site.

Retail Price $19.97
With Master Resale Rights


With Banner Gate You can:
  • Allow users to signup and send you unique clicks (say 1000 clicks) for free access to your download site.
  • Instant account activation, secure code blocks uses of image tag and frame triggers.
  • Tracks both with cookies and IP addresses to prevent cheating.
    Members can check their stats in real-time.
  • Admin interface allows easy overview of accounts and deletion of dead accounts.
  • Once user has surpassed your predefined threshold an email is sent out to the administrator notifying that a free account has been earned!

Watch Your traffic soar by 35% in the first 3 days itself!

Google Site Map Maker

The Secret Formula Of Getting Listed In Google!

Retail Price $47.00
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Google Sitemap Maker


You need a Google site map! Google Site Map Maker actually does just these for you...
  • Help people find more of your web pages, since they give you better crawl coverage.
  • Make sure that when people search on your keywords they get fresher search results.
  • Lets you provide specific information to Google concerning your web pages, like when a page was last modified or how frequently it changes.
  • Get your web pages crawled by Google quickly without having to know some secret back door into the search engines like many of those SEO guys will try to sell you packages for.

Google is the 1st step in getting the traffic you need and deserve!

404 Page Error Corrector

Will catch your website's "Page Not Found", 404 error, and show a custom page to the user.

Retail Price $9.97
With Master Resell Rights


You can completely customize the ugly 404 page replacement page with your own content, a list of links of your website, your logo, and more!

Also Error Corrector will send you an email with a complete report of the broken link, that includes information such as date/time, the IP address of the user, the browser user agent of the user, the URL of the page that was not found, and the referrer page that has the broken link.

You can easily customize the script and change to what email address the reports will be sent as well as the subject of the email and content of the 404 replacement page.

Personalized Squeeze Page Script

A squeeze page is the easiest and quickest way to build your list, increase your sign up rates, convert more sales and skyrocket your profit margin by 417!

Retail Price $49.97
With Master Resell Rights


A Squeeze page is not just an ordinary web page with capture form. The primary purpose of a squeeze page is to collect the information of your website visitors, primarily their name and email address for later follow ups!

A squeeze page focuses and pin-points the attention of your visitor into applying one action - opt in for your list for more information!

SEO Friendly Scroll Box

Fear not, with this new program, you will have a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Scroll Box.!

Retail Price $27
With Master Resell Rights

Some types of visitors do not like long webpage. They will directly go away from your site and you can say good bye to your sale. The solution is by having a scroll box.

However, most scroll boxes are not search engine friendly. So even though you pleased your visitors you do not do well on search engine.

SEO Friendly Scroll Box Solves this problem once and for all


Guerilla Mailer Script

Extremely Powerful Mailing Script That Requires No Configuration!

Retail Price $37.95
With Master Resell Rights

Comes with excellent installation Videos

Powerful light weight PHP Script...
  • Only 20 K in Size
  • Include IP address
  • Runs Off Your Web Server
  • Send in HTML or Text Format
  • 12 Custom Fields for Merging
  • Upload Your Mailing List With A Single Click
  • Personalize Every Message
  • Include Subscribers Name Anywhere In The Message
  • Run Multiple Instances for Split Testing etc
  • No Configuration and No CHMOD


Personalized Squeeze Page Script

A squeeze page is the easiest and quickest way to build your list, increase your sign up rates, convert more sales and skyrocket your profit margin by 417!

Retail Price $49.97
With Master Resell Rights


A Squeeze page is not just an ordinary web page with capture form. The primary purpose of a squeeze page is to collect the information of your website visitors, primarily their name and email address for later follow ups!

A squeeze page focuses and pin-points the attention of your visitor into applying one action - opt in for your list for more information!

My--Space Train Script

Continually submit your My--Space ID every few minutes to trainers and start getting high add rates to your site. The software does all hard work and gives you a break! Just sit back and relax! Let the software do the work from your web server!

Retail Price $19.97
With Master Resell Rights


My--Space is a very, very large community with millions of members and a traffic higher than Yahoo.

You can consistently and constantly drive traffic to your profile with this sweet little script.

Divert some of the Frankenstein My--Space traffic to your website and take advantage !

!- 7 Other Super Scripts To Detonate your Profits-!


ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator

Retail Price $99.95


ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator is an awesome tool that uses the power of RSS to convert ClickBank marketplace to a 24/7 source of new/fresh content (ClickBank product displays) that search engines adore!

ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator goes to ClickBank's product database, fetches product info, feeds it to your WebPages and refreshes it every hour. It displays Keyword-Targeted, Theme-related products on your site ALL embedded with your ClickBank Affiliate Link that gives you commissions from 40% 75%!

The entire process is automatic. ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator increases the frequency of search engine spider visits to your website and improves your search engine ranking.

Coupon Script

Retail Price $29.95

Make your visitors, subscribers, customers and affiliates -- feel extra special!


This is a nifty script that can do wonders to your sales:
  • Reward your subscribers with a coupon meant only for them!
  • Appreciate an existing customer with a coupon for their valuable feedback about their purchase...
  • Pamper your affiliates a with special coupon that they can pass on to their customers.
  • Or simply hand out a coupon to your site visitors for completing a survey.
  • Or give a coupon as a gift certificate for the purchase.

MSI Fetch
By Quentin Brown

Learn the secrets of how to have a constant flow of updated information in your web pages using RSS Feeds and provide your visitors with an entertaining web experience.

Web Value $49.97


How to add RSS Feeds content to your website that Search Engines love!
  • MSI Fetch is a PHP script used to display any RSS content which includes Google, yahoo and MSN feeds!
  • It can be used to display other's content on your web site.
  • MSI Fetch can also be used to help you add your articles and other content to all your websites with very little effort.
  • It supports all versions of RSS (0.9, 0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0) and is template driven.
  • Use it to create adsense income using your own content and others.
  • Installation is a breeze!

This is the only script that we use on various pages of  Learnhomebusiness.com for pulling in feeds from all over the net! It's that good!

Comes with excellent installation Video Tutorials.

Translation Script

Did you know that 65% of the web surfers are from non English speaking - Translate your web page in 9 different langauages!

In French In Italian In German
 In Japanese In Korean In Portugese In Chinese Simplified

Web Value $47


Run this Script on your web pages to translate Web pages to 8 other languages.

For example translate a web page in English To French, German, Italian...all on autopilot!


Get Your page out to as many surfers and in as many languages as possible!

Adsense Magnet - Lite

Google & Yahoo can track down your "gibberish web pages" with NO REAL CONTENT and can ban your web sites - the end of your adsense income!

Retail Value $47


What if you could just insert a bit of specially programmed PHP script into your template and before you know, you have in place a keyword relevant article on that page! Even BEFORE the search engine crawled it!
  • Gets you higher page rank and quality traffic.
  • Real content pages for the surfer and more clicks!
  • It satisfies and make it a perfect fit for the search engines!
  • Your site is safe and clean as you provide real content!

...With Adsense Magnet - no more junk pages with scrapped search results! Adsense Magnet turns your page into fresh, current, keyword targeted relevant sites - AUTOMATICALLY!

Email Chore Manager

Stop wading through hundreds of emails, and stop putting the more involved emails (that requires research, hunting down a file, consulting a partner, etc) off without answering!

Retail Price $24.00


Email Chore Manager helps you centralize all those involved emails and keep you organized!
  • Responding to important emails on time.

  • Include details such as what tasks need to be done and additional crucial notes to cut down on repeat email reading.

  • Its a serious time and stress-saver!

  • Add and delete your chores.

  • update the email details of a chore.

  • Simple to install and a simple interface to operate.

Extra PHP Scripts

Retail Price $19.97
With Give Away Rights

Simple PHP scripts for webmasters:
  • Redirect visitors
  • Simple quiz
  • Password protection
  • Date and time
  • Little spy
  • Counter
  • Contact us form
  • Refer a friend form

10 Copy and Paste webmaster handy scripts!

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