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Don't Let Worthless Web Site Content Perish Your Home Business!! The royal path to a profitable online business is full of hazards. Of these many pitfalls, negotiating your own web site is one of the most danger ridden. Designing up a above the ordinary website is a challenging process, and if you don't pay attention to professionalism, you can end in a mess. Your web site is the first door way that a customer has of your home business, so it had better be excellent first time itself. Now it's very true you want your site to be decent looking, but that's just the initial steps. More often often a excellent looking web site can sink itself with under the level copy. The precise nature of your information is decisivel. It is important to realize that your web site follows a structure that is logical and has product information with no confusions, a precisely stated offer, and easy to follow ordering directions, all cleanly written with impeccable spelling, grammar and punctuation. Freelancing a a professional web designer is better if you can afford it, and it's not that these days. Many web design student are looking to build their portfolio material and just may build your site for free of cost. Just note, a web designer is trained to be, a designer. Be sure that the clarity, correctness and general feel of your writing is not compromised. Some of the main flaws I find in poorly written web sites is the revulsion and anger that occurs in me when I am at a loss to know what the actual offer is. The home page has an appealing sales copy smithered with many testimonials, but where is the offer? A good web site should introduce the product or service and quickly state the offer upfront. You can incorporate the follow up with a second paragraph of sales copy high-lighting the benefits of your product, but be sure that your offer is stated in the beginning itself. Another noted web site sinker is non harmonious and confusing links. A customer friendly web site should be divided into various sections connected by links. To minimize confusion, keep each section of your web site shorter than 300 words, keep it precise, and have an easy to read column of links to the left side of each page {and also|as well as|and| at the very bottom of each page. It is very important that each link makes sense. Employ logical titles like detailed product info" and {"order info"|"how to order"|"ordering information," and make sure the content fits the title. Don't have order info on the products page, and vice versa. It is of utmost importance that your ordering information is unambigous and precise It would it be a loss to you if someone got his way your web site, but then lost interest to buy your product because they were repelled by your ordering page. Trust me, this happens many a times. Be doubly sure that everything is simple and easy. Your quantity of items and price sections, mailing information sections and credit card information should all be easy and logical. It's also a excellent way to have an order recap function so buyers are very sure their order was understood before they pay. End the transaction with a nice order confirmation, and your visitorswill be satisfied and at ease with a clean purchase. And finally check on spelling, grammar and punctuation. Grammar is a very confusing subject. Every one thinks their grammer is alright, but even the most educated people can slip up. Pay extra attention when writing your web copy. Do not use spell checker alone. Once you are finished with your site, take a second look at your copy after a couple of hours, then read it again. You'll be surprised at the errors in spelling and grammar you missed the first time. Once your proof reading part is over, someone else look it over, preferably someone with a good eye for such things. {You can even|If you are still not satisfied|If you want more inputs|If you couldn't find anyone you can go to, get in touch with a professional editor, or if you can't locate an editor, contact anEnglish teacher. He may be willing to help you for a few dollars, and you have quality assured in your writing. Your web copy talks volumes about your web site. If customers can't understand your site, they won't buy your product. It's as simple as that. It means be ready for some extra workt, and record your profitsmultiply. Take care of the little things and make lot of money. S. Kumar is the webmaster and owner of Learnhomebusiness.com , the site he started from a remote village in India and took it to one of the top ranked sites in the world!. Visit his "104+ Super Scripts Bonanza" for a personal verification.


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