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Don't Let Low Quality Web Site Content Undermine Your Home Business!! The road to a profitable online business is filled with potholes. Of these many pitfalls, designing your very own web site is one of the most troublesome. Designing up a excellent website is a time consuming process, and if you don't pay attention to professionalism, you can end in a mess. The web site is the first and formost impression a customer has of your online business, so it had better be excellent first time itself. Now it's of course that you want your site to be very professional looking, but that's just the initial steps. Sometimes often a professional looking web site can sink itself with substandard copy. Every site visitor is looking for pin-point information. It is very important that your web site follows a easy navigation pattern and has complete and unambigous product information, a clearly presented offer, and easy to follow ordering directions, - - all proof read with right spelling, proper grammar and punctuation. Utilizing the services of a a professional web designer is better if you can afford it, and it's not too expensive these days. There is every chance that a web design student who needs portfolio material may be willing to set up your site for nothing. Just keep in mind, a web designer is meant to be, a designer. Be sure that the clarity, correctness and general feel of your writing is not compromised. One of the main flaws I find in badly designed web sites is the total confusion in me when I don't know what the actual offer is. The home page has an appealing sales copy smithered with many testimonials, but where is the offer? A customer friendly web site should introduce the product or service and state the offer upfront. You can incorporate the follow up with a second paragraph of sales copy describing the benefits of your product, but be sure that your offer is stated first. web site sinker is non harmonious and confusing links. A professional looking web site should be divided into separate sections connected by links. To avoid confusion, maintain each section of your web site less than than 300 words, the shorter the best, and have an easy to read navigation panel to the left side of each page {and also|as well as|and| at the very bottom of each page. It is very crucial that each link makes sense. Use logical titles like "product information," and {"order info"|"how to order"|"ordering information," and be doubley sure the content matches the title. Don't have ordering information on the products page, and vice versa. It is crucial that your ordering information is crystal clear. It would it be a bunch of lost sales if someone got all the way through your web site, but then refrained to buy your product because they were repelled by your ordering page. Believe me, this happens everday in online purchases. Be doubly sure that everything is easy and non confusing. Your product range and price sections, mailing details and credit card info should all be easy and logical. It's also a excellent way to have an order recap function so people are sure their order was understood before they give their card number. Finally finish with an order confirmation, and customerswill be satisfied and at ease with their nice purchase. And finally check on spelling, grammar and punctuation. Grammar is a very confusing subject. Every one thinks their grammer is alright, but even the highly educated people can slip up. Pay very close attention when drafting your web copy. You can't rely toally on a spell checker On finishing writing for your site, set your copy aside for about an hour or so, then read it again. You'll be surprised at the looked errors you missed the first time. Once you proofread your copy, someone else look it over, preferably someone with a good eye for such things. {You can even|If you are still not satisfied|If you want more inputs|If you couldn't find anyone you can go to, approach a professional copy man, or if you can't locate an editor, ask anEnglish teacher. He may be willing to help you for a few dollars, and your job is done. Your web copy talks volumes about your web site. If customers are confused by your website copy, they won't take a second glance at your offer to buy. It's that simple. It means be ready for some extra workt, and record your returnsmultiply. Money is out there if you know how to take it. S. Kumar is the webmaster and owner of Learnhomebusiness.com , the site he started from a remote village in India and took it to one of the top ranked sites in the world!. Visit his "104+ Super Scripts Bonanza" for a personal verification.


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