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It's advisable to start thinking about attracting web traffic even before you launch your site!

The following article on web traffic shows you how to do it.

Be Ready for Web Traffic in One Single Day
By: Juanita Bellavance

What is the fastest way to get your internet business launched in one single day while at the same time waiting for your web site to be completed?

Does this idea sound crazy? Well, it's not. It's a fact of life that today entrepreneurs can launch their businesses in as little as a few hours in one day.

All you need is one page really. You need a way to offer something of value for free and allowing people to opt in to your list of subscribers in order to receive your free gift.

This one page strategy has many names, but as you know ?a rose by any other name is still a rose. Terri Levine of CoachInstitute.com calls this page a Squeeze Page while some call it an opt-in-page and others, a lead generation page.

By any name, though, this page has a lot of power. I smile as I'm hoping you've learned by now that when someone speaks about one page on the internet, it usually means several steps to be complete. At times you may even feel that to focus on ONE thing for your internet business could mean ten different web pages to connect the whole process!

Have no fear, though. Even though your squeeze page is a little more than one page, the rest of the process is really fast and easy also.

But why should you go through the process of creating a squeeze page anyway and where did that name come from for the page. Think of your marketing process as a funnel. Outside the funnel, at the huge top of it are the massive numbers of people in the world. How do you get those people to pour into your marketing funnel and squeeze through to you ultimate products and services. Most people won't by-pass the funnel process to your deepest valued product.

Just as with any relationship in life, your internet visitors often don't know you or someone who knows you. They need an opportunity to warm up to you. Your squeeze page is like if a stranger walked up to you and simply shook your hand and had a conversation with you. At the end of the brief introductory conversation, they may ask how to be in touch with you further at some point. You get their information and contact them to build a stronger, longer lasting relationship.

On the internet, your squeeze page serves this purpose. You offer something for free to the web site visitor and they leave their name and email address before receiving the gift. They are saying they do want to know more in the form of the gift and want you to stay in touch with them. They know that later, if they choose, they can unsubscribe at any time.

Without this process in place for your internet business, people may come and like your web site information and plan to return. Next thing you know, they forget where they found you. This squeeze page process eliminates your disappearance from their memory and allows you the opportunity to show them around your products and services and it doesn't need a fancy web site to work!!

Copyright 2006 Juanita Bellavance

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