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How To Kickstart Your One Way Linking Campaign
By: Mark Walters

One way linking is probably the dream of every Web master who is striving for better page rank. While we usually hate to have links on our websites that point to pages where there's no reciprocal link, we'd love seeing our one way links on other people's pages.

The problem is that everyone else thinks just the same way. To successfully build a collection of one links takes special planning. Yes, it is possible to build incoming links if you will only spend some time devising a strategy.

Spend a few hours each month working on each of the following ideas:

One Way Linking Versus Reciprocal Linking

First, take a look at your own attitude towards other's one way linking requests. Why do you usually refuse to give them a one way link? If you know that, you will gain some insight on why others won't agree to one way linking to your website.

There are two most probable answers: 1) the website trying to convince you to link to it is of very low quality or, 2) there is a certain limit to the number of links you can put on your page, so you have to choose links carefully. Whichever is true in your case, the solution is are still the same. Follow it and start your own one way linking campaign.

1. Contact good writers/journalists

Start with finding good writers that write on the subjects of potential interest to your customers. Hire some of them to write some content for you and inform every visitor that your website has quality articles inside. If you have a good set of resource articles many other sites in your niche may begin placing one way links to your site as a service to their readers. You should also submit articles to other, well-known sites that are complimentary to your niche. When they place the articles on their pages you will be getting a one way links.

2. Create a Freeware Download Section

A sure fire way to get one way incoming links is to offer a free piece of software. It costs very little to pay a programmer to create a small, unique program that would be of value to people interested in your nice. Then let all other web masters know that their readers can get the free software if they will just place a link to your download page on their web site.

Submit Your URL to Web Directories

Last, but not least... you can get plenty of one way links by submitting your URL to web directories. Do a Google search for "web directories". You will find that there are hundreds. Some will accept any URL that is submitted. You will get links with more value if you only submit to those that will review you site before accepting it for listing. Most of these charge a fee, but a few are reasonably priced. While it is very hard to get high quality links, some feel that it is possible to improve your page rank a little with several lower-ranked directories.

Nothing comes easy with business on the Internet, but you can improve you Web site's search engine ranking if you will spend some time each month building one way (backlinks) links.

Mark Walters invites you to visit http://www.LinkingUniverse.com where he explains more about hyperlinks and the importance of One Way Links.


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