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Web Site Traffic Tips Get Paid for Every Visitor which Leaves Your Website
By: Jacek Michalak

Over 90% Visitors Leave Your Site Forever.We all know this truth and live with it daily. Even when we promote the most successful affiliate program or highly optimized Adsense website we lost over 90% visitors everyday.

Did You ever wonder how to utilize this traffic and made money from this running away source? Typically You get your traffic from search engines, users type a few keywords and check first site which appear on search result page. If this site contain what user want maybe he buy products from this site. If not user click back button and check second (and next) sites from search listing until he found what he looking for. We all do this the same way everyday.

We can change a little this scenario and add one step between return to search page. When user it?s not satisfied with what You offer on Your page and click back button he don't return to search result but will see another page with more offers but related to keywords he enter in search window. We all know that it?s high probability he checks this offers. If he don?t find what he looking for and press back button second time he back for search result.

The good thing is that even he don?t buy products from this second page You get money every time when user leave Your page! You loose customer for Your product but anyway You earn money. This concept it?s not new (You can see this when You visit any adult related pages) but contains two new strong points: user get keyword related ads and You get paid even user don?t buy anything from second page. I implemented this feature on many of may web pages and for my surprise I now sell more products because customers see my pages more interesting and often return.

Jacek Michalak makes a good living writing online. Find a more detailed version of this article (and also starting point for all his web pages) at this link: http://www.FairFrugal.com/


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