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Flood Your Website With Traffic
By: Aleem Khan

Now, many of you are likely to be located in prime areas for viewing vehicular traffic. In fact the physical location of your store was probably chosen because hundreds - if not thousands - of people pass there everyday.

So what if you were to set up a webcam outside your store that looks onto the road in front? Then you announce to people that they can get a bird's eye view of the vehicular traffic on said road. Wouldn't you go to such a website if the road in question was on your way home? And while you're there, something else on the site might catch your attention. Out of the thousands of people who visit your site just to see what the vehicular traffic is like, you're sure to get a few new customers.

It is said that the first step in sales is to catch the person's attention. In this example, you'd definitely be catching the attention of people, who at the very least, have to pass by your store and therefore form part of your geographic market.

So you don't want to set up a webcam, although you can get it quite affordably at Amazon. No problem, maybe you can post some photo/text traffic updates on your website; or maybe just e-mail your clients weather alerts each time there's a new development.

Hey, and if you're the first to do any of the above in your sector, you can even tell the media and get national publicity mileage out of it. Some of the reporters may have to pass by your store on their way home and would definitely check it out.

OK, maybe you're like Breaking News and your office isn't located on a high-traffic road that interests people. No need to throw out this issue just yet. We've got more traffic-building tips.

The international marathon is happening on Sunday. Do you see the opportunity? What is a good eye-catcher? What would make an interesting picture that photojournalists covering the race would want to take? Maybe you can create such a photo opportunity while ensuring that your website address is plastered in there. How about printing a t-shirt with your website address and giving it to someone who is likely to catch the eye of the lensmen? And if that someone is you, why not take part yourself? Not only would you get some good exercise but you might also win some great publicity for your website.

Don't want to go to all this trouble? How about dressing up your dog in a t-shirt bearing your website and taking him to watch the race? It was reported internationally not too long ago that a British cell phone company dressed up bulldogs with phone packages and had people walk them throughout London. That's how far your message can get when you use creative marketing: worldwide. The Virgin Group's Sir Richard Branson mastered this technique. If you pay close attention to Health Minister John Rahael, you will observe that he, too, has mastered the art of free publicity using creative tactics.

Our bottom line is that the old adage, "If you build it, they will come," does not apply to the Internet. People will only come to your website when you attract them to it. Look around you and think about how you can do some creative promotion of your website today!

Aleem Khan, a senior partner at Breaking News, is one of the few people in the world with a four letter domain name bn.gs. He is an accredited Agent of the International Internet Authority who speaks Spanish, French and English.


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