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By: Karl Daniels

I have written this as I always get asked this on our forums ?How can I increase traffic to my website?

There are lots of people asking this question over and over again through out the whole of the internet, everyone always replies to these people get more inbound links as we all know that this is true but not one of the best ways and in this articles I will tell you what I found being the best way to get more traffic.

Why go to other websites when they could come to you, when I say this I mean work on your own website and let that do the work to help get more traffic to your website, the easy way to do this is jut make pages and lot?s of them, make sure all the pages you make are related to your subject or subjects of your website.

When making pages for your website always use the keywords that are searched often within the search engines, don?t aim for the most popular search terms for your subject try and aim for a keyword or search term that gets searched about 500 times a month and doesn?t have a big amount of results in the top search engines, this way you can guarantee high rankings for the page you are making.

With doing this can make a massive amount of traffic to your website a month, you can receive up to around 88,000 hits a month for doing just this to your website.

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