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Manual Traffic Exchange a Gold mine or just a piece of Scrap
By: Ampuan Yussof

The only way to make money online is by pulling enormous traffic into your website. If you are not getting enough visitors you can?t make enough money. It?s pretty simple, isn?t it? So, the next question is how to attract huge amounts of traffic to your desired website?

You can find an unending list of websites and individuals offering you various techniques and methods for generating traffic?Well but I must warn you that most of them don?t work even a bit. Anyone who claims to increase the traffic to your website to a million free visitors within a couple of weeks is simply lying and should never be believed.

Here we will be looking at those options that really do work and do not make any false commitments while guaranteeing you the best possible amount of traffic that can be generated.

Below is a list of the best websites on the internet that offer either free or cheap targeted websites via free traffic exchange.

1. http://trafficg.com
2. http://www.hitpulse.com
3. http://www.10khits4unow.com
4. http://www.clickaholics.com
5. http://advertisingknowhow.com

What is ?Traffic Exchange??

Traffic Exchange? is similar to banner exchange or ad swaps. The only difference is that you need to surf these websites in order to get more hits orvisitors on your website(s).

However, most marketers failed to get much result through traffic exchange due to lack of knowledge. Putting a whole page of the website will never ever bring the targeted traffic.

One needs to have splash pages in order to generate the targeted traffic. A sample of splash page can be found at:


The results that have been obtained till date and that you would achieve will be truly amazing and really worth the time, effort and money that would be spent to complete the entire process.

Eventually, you will have an unstoppable traffic machine.Until then, see you next time and I sincerely hope this article will help you to promote your website in a far better way than ever before and generate the desired traffic to your website.

Ampuan Yussof has been actively researching on traffic generation and works from home selling one of the largest traffic building information on the internet. Discover the mind blowing secrets on how to generate free targeted traffic at:http://www.thetrafficgenerator.biz/?ezine


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