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The Important Tips of Creating Useful Links From Your Site
By: Heri Rosyadi

Linking is an important job that any webmasters need to do in order to get their web site noticed by internet users. Internet is made up by websites linking each other creating a huge network. So It makes sense that the most visited web sites will be the ones with more links to them.

Although it may appear that it is easy to create link from and to your website there some things that webmasters need to put in mind when doing the linking job.

These are several linking tips that you can use:

Provide visitors with links to other sites similar to yours or a meta-index of links that would be of interest to your target market. If you sell something make sure that you don't link with your competitors. The best way is that you add the sites that will complement your products and services. It will be preferrable if the site have an affiliate program that you can join so that you can monetize from your outgoing traffic.

Do not put outbound links on your home page. Place them down a level or two after the visitors have seen all the information you want them to see before you provide the links away from your site. Your home page should mostly direct the visitors to one of your own page before thay can leave.

Links can be incorporated in two ways. The first is where clicking the link loads the new page in the same browser window. It replaces the content of your page with the content of the linked page.

The second and more preferred method is to have the link open a new browser. Your page stays where it is and the content from the linked page opens up in the new browser window. This is preferred because once visitors are finished with the new page, they can close the new browser window and your page is still in the old browser window.

Try exchanging links with others so you receive a link from their site to your site. As long as the links are of value to your visitor, people will come back to see if you have found any new and interesting sites from them to visit.

You might consider asking if visitors would be interested in being notified when you update your list of links or just make updates to your site in general. By offering this, if they choose to do so, you have the opportunity to send people an email message and remind them about your site while presenting them with new information about what might be going on with your site.

Linking itself could be categorized as viral marketing process as the action will build up your link popularity in Search Engine which in return increases your web site ranking position as the time goes by. Of course you can get your as well instant traffic when you get your link from some popular high traffic web site.

Heri Rosyadi is an internet marketing expert with over 5 years of experience in internet marketing. Visit http://www.Mytrafficstrategies.ws and get a free copy of his eReport on "30 Amazing Advertising Tips" and subscribe to his online newsletter to receive his latest online promotion tips, methods and ideas.


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