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Inbound Relevant Links
By: Patricia Fason

It is common knowledge that we need links to our website to boost our rankings with the search engines. Those links are even more important if they are relevant to the content of our website. The problem is getting those kind of links.

Think about it. How often have you performed a search and been led to a links page? I'm willing to wager that it hasn't been often. Even if you are lucky enough to place your link on a links page with similar content, or better yet, with your own detail page, you can't be sure that the owner of the website has made the link a permanent one (some of these kinds of links create a page when clicked on but otherwise are not available - meaning the search engines don't see them). If it is a permanent link, have they instructed the search engines to follow all links?

I have been mulling this over lately and decided I wanted to conduct an experiment where I have control of all the variables. I set up a new website containing tools to help optimize your webpages. There is also a directory that features listings that lead to a detail page. I have made all the URL's permanent, search engine friendly, and with instructions to follow all links. Contributors are allowed to write their own detail page using their keywords as they see fit, as well as specify their keywords for the page. All that's needed now is to get the PageRank(PR) up so that the links are more valuable. To do this, I have specific instructions for reciprocal linking, however, this is not mandatory and only affects how high you are placed on the list.

As you can see, I need some test subjects. I'm looking for people to place a link and then contact me after several months to let me know if their detail page is performing for them, If it has a PageRank(PR), and if you have any suggestions. If you are interested in participating, visit Webmaster Nook to submit your link to the directory. There is, of course, no charge. I plan on publishing an article on the outcome in approximately six months. If these kinds of links prove to be effective, this will tell us how to set up directories in the future to make them more valuable to our visitors and contributors.

Patricia Fason - EzineArticles Expert Author

Please visit Webmaster Nook to contribute to my findings.


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