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One of the biggest problems faced by webmasters is how to select dependable web traffic services.

Follow these 5 top tips on web traffic services and you can't go wrong.

5 Top Tips On Selecting web traffic Services
By: Mike Lapenna

Though I rarely make the same mistake twice, I usually have to undergo the school of hard knocks when it comes to internet education for dummies. In my search for generating more web traffic to my sites, I have discovered some consistencies that the sharp eye needs to look out for in the category of buyer beware.

It is a sad but stark reality, that as much as the night brings out a criminal element, the black void of cyberspace oozes abundantly with hucksters lurking in the shadows that have only one intent; to capitalize on both the ease with which they can do virtual transactions and cash in on one's technological naiveté.

Believe me when I tell you I know and it is not always a case of wanting to believe absurd claims or not understanding the realism of whether this technology being offered is viable or not. It is often a sheer matter of having no way of knowing beforehand!

So with that being said-I 'd like to impart these foolhardy five for your strong consideration when choosing web traffic services:

1.  If they do not provide a phone number, email address and hard physical address -stay away, you want to be able to interview them first in evaluating if your needs will be met.

2. Stay far away, in fact RUN if you see claims of the likes of "50,000 visitors for $39".Without fail, you will most likely receive NONE.

3. Always ask for "targeted web traffic" and scrutinize the service rep on how they will provide it. There is non-targeted traffic that a huge % of these services will bring in which will do you no good and there is ghost web traffic which is what it sounds like. You'll see your stats counter spike up but there will be no mustard in that sandwich. Bet on it.

4. When possible-if leery-order via Clickbank as they will grant you the best buyer protection of any online merchant service. They will reverse the charges on the spot within 60 days-no questions asked-if you feel you've been dealt a wrong. Plus, their phone number will accompany every single transaction they do on every single credit card statement. Yes, you want to put stock in that as many cyber merchants DO NOT.

5. This ties into the previous one. Avoid a web traffic service that will collect your money upfront while claiming it will be in excess of 60 days before they can deliver the said results. It can be done much quicker and it is a warning sign as they full well know that you would have no recourse in being refunded due to the time elapsed.

It has been a pleasure writing this and I trust that it will assist many who read it.

Yours Truly,

Mike La Penna

Copyright - New World Opportunities Inc.

Online/Offline marketer with a strong background in a handful of the top home-based income opportunities available today. I love assisting others and for that reason, I am excited about some of the more effective, passive platforms newly available as it enables almost anyone with the will, but without the know-how, to succeed. http://www.prosperityautomatedsystem.com/members/globalgelt/


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