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Give Away Free Items To Attract Traffic
By: Heri Rosyadi

Giving items away for free is a great way to increase traffic everybody likes freebie. If you give something different away each week, you are sure to have a steady stream of repeat traffic. When you have freebies or giveaways on your site, your pages can also be listed and linked from the many sites on the Internet that list places where where people can receive free stuff.

To find these listings of free stuff, simply go to search engine and do a search on "Free Stuff Index" or "Free Stuff Links". You will be amazed at how many people are giving things away online . The easiest freebies to grab are the downloadable ones such as e-books, e-reports or softwares. When you found those freebies download them to your disk and then upload it to your server, ready to be given to your visitors. The best freebies are the rebrandable files. It means that you can edit a portion of the content which will give credit back to your business.

Another way to get your freebies is by creating them yourself. Yes it's possible and actually it is easier than your thought. I like to use private label right contents (could be article or e-books) I got to be converted into my own personal freebies. This is more powerful as you have total control with the file. You can edit the content and endorse your products or services insider. The great thing about it is that I don't have to create it from the scratch which most people find it as obstacle to create our own item.

Private label right content are hot today so the chance is that you see some sites offering those private label right contents that you can transform into your own freebies to give away at your site. The key is to get the most related theme contents with your site or products offered. You can get more information about the private label right content at www .viralmarketingportal .com

You don't have to give something away to everyone. You could simply have a drawing everyweek . You could then ask entrants if they would like to notify them of the winner, which again gives you permission to email them.

If you want to bring only people from your target market to your site then don't give away mainstream things like screen savers, shareware games, utilities, and so on. Try to give away something that only people interested in your industry would want. If you don't care what traffic comes your way, and any traffic is good traffic, then give away useful things that everybody needs. Try to have your logo and URL displayed on the item. If your freebie is something that has your URL on it and is something that is generally kept around a computer, it'll remind and encourage people to visit your site.

The best implementation of giving away freebies is by having a "Tell a friend about this" button near the freebie so site visitors can quickly and easily tell their friends. You can also use a dynamic pop up to capture the first time visitor. The pop up will announce your current freebies and you can link from it your subscription form or directly to your freebies page with the tell a friend function in it.

It's the ideal viral marketing opportunities.

Heri Rosyadi is an internet marketer expert with over 5 years experience in internet marketing. Visit http://www.MyTrafficStrategies.Ws and get a FREE copy of his Amazing Advertising Tips Report.


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