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The Top 7 Ways To Explode Your Website Traffic
By: Maxine Jameson

The Internet is a vast labyrinth of plastic hallways and hollow slogans. The noise of competing websites is so loud that it often seems virtually impossible to get noticed.

Here?s your answer: spend 10 percent of your time maintaining your website, and spend the remaining 90 percent of your time promoting it.

What follows are 7 proven ways to get more traffic to your website:

1) Slap a sticker on your car or bike that contains your website address and a short tagline briefly describing what your site is all about. In my experience, this minor effort resulted in 10 to 15 extra visitors per week to a website I have since sold.

2) When appropriate, wear clothing that has ads for your website. This is especially fun since it shows you?re proud of the type of website you are operating. When people see your enthusiasm, it can often be contagious! This, in my experience, results in about 10 extra visitors per week.

3) Participate in message forums, and add a "signature" line to your posts provided that such items are allowed by the forum rules. This can contribute to as many as 40 to 60 new visitors to your website per week, depending how aggressive you are in participating within forums. Note that your participation should be meaningful. Being known as a the forum idiot is not likely to garner you many friends OR visitors!

4) Write articles, like this one. Not only do you get a link back to your website from the article directory to which you are making the submission, but you also have the potential to get added exposure if/when your article is used by other webmasters. Not bad!

5) Offer to sell your website on eBay. If you word your ad correctly, lots of people will visit your website, and you might even get an offer you cannot refuse! Short of getting a great offer, you will have created enhanced exposure for your website. This technique is tricky, and can result in the sale of your website unless you establish a high reserve price. In my experience, you can expect anywhere from 50 to 300 visits to your website using this technique ? and once in a while, an actual sale of the website for a handsome profit!

6) Don?t be afraid to get publicity for your website using press releases or media stunts. This is a very mixed bag approach, and can result in either a LOT of excellent publicity, or the perception that you?re a deranged lunatic. Be careful! Keep the "stunt" reasonable. A well worded press release can earn you a nice 4 to 7 percent (or more) spike in traffic, depending on the base you?re starting from.

7) Finally, be sure you have a mailing list. It?s a great way to stay in touch with the people who have visited your website, provided they subscribe. Make it meaningful and interesting for those who DO subscribe. Nobody wants to sign up for a mailing list that is boring or redundant.

That?s it! Now you should be well on your way to exploding the amount of traffic your website is getting for little to no money.

Good luck!

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