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Welcome! What's Your Ideas On The Project Today?

1983 Batch News - Vinod Krishnan's Spanking Offer! - Phase II

We need to be the change, we want to see happen.
We are the leaders, we have been waiting for.


Students’ Counseling Foundation

A few points brought up (or even a new proposal suggested), by Kishore, Sasi, Unni, Rajmohan & Joshy, during our discussions are as follows:

  1. Need for a window to the outside world for the students and teachers alike

  2. Do something for students – ingredients deeper and satisfying that will make them lead their life as more productive, individualistic, non-approval seeking, and inner motivated humans

  3. Need for helping students
    a. build their confidence through specialized tutoring/personality
    b. with development measures/peer group interaction etc

  4. Should not exist just for students; be a venue for teachers for their developmental needs

  5. Can be realized only if its charter and activities are integrated with the School Curriculum

  6. Introduction of a WiKi server for sharing information about various career options, schools, exams, etc., maintained by the students themselves eventually

  7. Management and operations of the Center cannot be by current teachers - it should have an Advisory Board comprising alumni and a staff of external career counselors

  8. Personal stories and profiles of old boys to be projected - enabling students to see what some of the old boys were able to do, the hurdles they had to cross and the choices that really helped them

  9. People with principles like NBN, KKV, PCN, CKC, Madhavan Nair, GDT, are all around (Sasi sure willing to chip in) to impart their accrued wisdom to the present teachers and students in a non formal way

  10. Many kids who need help will only listen to peer figures they respect

  11. Methods to draft this into our system to be found out, especially with lot of system intricacies and external factors

  12.  The devil is in the details

I hope you see a pattern, by rearranging ideas that all of you came up with, in a sequential thread.

Now, let me try and project the next phase of my proposal.

Structure & Functioning

The Foundation would have the following structure:

  1. Executive Board, headed by a Chairman (Principal of SSKZM)
    The Chair would be helped in operations by Vice Chairmen (Headmaster & Registrar of SSKZM)

  2. Two Management Committees Reporting to the Board, headed by the respective Vice-Chairmen and supported by a professional counselor
    a. Educational Committee
    b. Comprehensive Development Committee

  3. Action Task Forces, deployed and supervised by the Management Committees

  4. Permanent Employees of the Foundation for operational and administrational support

1. Executive Board of the Foundation:

  • Chairman: Principal

  • Vice Chair: Headmaster & Registrar

  • Members:
    o Senior Master
    o Senior House Master
    o PTA President
    o Old Master
    o OBA President
    o 1983 Batch Representative &
    o Permanent Counselor

2. Management Committees:

  • Educational Committee:
    o Headmaster
    o Senior Master
    o Old Master
    o Permanent Counselor

    • Humanistic & Comprehensive Development Committee:
    o Headmaster
    o Registrar
    o Senior House Master
    o Old Master
    o Permanent Counselor

3. Action Task Forces:

  • As the case may be (nominated by the Exec Board & Mgt Committees)

4. Employees:

  • Permanent Counselor

  • secretary/Book-Keeper

  • Driver


  • Office & Counseling Hall (a Tower Hall at the Academic Block)

  • Vehicle

  • Office equipment

  • 10 Computers

  • Network Server

  • DSL Connections

  • Projector

  • DVD Player

  • Remuneration for staff

  • Token-remuneration & gratuities for volunteers

  • Administrative expenses


The pivotal role in this would be played by the permanent student counselor. Who is a counselor and what are his/her core skills?

  • School Counselors:
    o Are Leaders in Systemic Change
    o Ensure Equity and Access
    o Promote Academic, Career and Personal/Social Development for ALL Students

    • Core Skills
    o Leadership in Systemic Change
    o Data-based Advocacy
    o Teaming and Collaboration
    o Counseling, Referral and Coordination
    o Assessment, Accountability and Use of Data
    o Technology Literacy

How are students different because of what school counselors do?

  • Counselors as staff developers: Counselors will need to engage and prepare everyone for advising, surfacing and reshaping teacher attitudes and beliefs about student capabilities, and they will need to plan advisory and support services

  • Counselors as curriculum developers: Counselors will need to develop, adapt or adopt an advisory curriculum. Advisory components may include personal management, study skills, character development, college and career awareness, or school related thematic elements

  • Counselors as resource developer: Counselors will need to secure outside mentors, internships, community partners, counseling resources, and agency partnerships.

The model aligns the counseling program with the school’s academic mission.

  1. Fundamental Objectives which the Counselor aims to fulfill:
    • Uses data to effect change
    • Advocates for including all students in rigorous courses
    • Teaming and collaboration with educators, parents and community
    • Act as Agents of change for equity and social justice
    • Involved with students, parents, educators, community
    • Act as Brokers for services for students and parents.
    • Are Champions for creating pathways for all students to achieve high aspirations

  2. He/She will have a to design a program
    • That is program-centered and serves all students well
    • Focuses on outcomes
    • Measures progress towards goals
    • Attends to goals and results
    • Works to help the system adapt and change

  3. His/her goals:
    • Focuses on accomplishments
    • Talks about effectiveness
    • Understands that his/her future rests on continuous improvement.
    • Use data to design and evaluate programs and interventions.

I hope this structure answers Unni’s requirement of ownership by the beneficiaries and its integration with the school system.

Let us discuss on these further. If this meets the approval of everyone, then we need to put together a financial model encompassing costs: both establishment & running costs.

If you still think that it doesn’t make sense let me not take this any further.

Kind regards.

Vinod Krishnan

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