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Simple Strategy to Boots Your Adsense CTR and Income

If your Google AdSense earnings have been languishing in miserable levels since you enrolled your site under the said program, you have probably felt very disheartened to the point that you considered quitting the AdSense game altogether. Guess what? You did not, and now your faith is about to be rewarded.

Here is an amazing strategy has been discovered that has boosted the Google AdSense income of those who tried it almost immediately after implementation. All of them seem to testify to the fact that this technique is so effective in its use of common human behavior that there is no reason for it to fail.

But before we proceed to the said tactic, let's conduct a little experiment.

Supposing you see a pretty picture of a flower, but you don't know what it's called, where will your eyes proceed next? Won't they try to look for a caption? And where is this caption usually located? At the bottom of the image, right?

Now, supposing you saw that same picture, with a caption below it. That caption contains a link to God knows where. But you want to learn more about the picture. What will you do? Won't you click on the caption and the link it includes?

This is the philosophy behind the strategy we're going to discuss. Common human behavior would lead our eyes to roll down from the image with the hope of finding a description for the same.

The strategy involves the use of images on top of the Google AdSense ads.

Now, how can this be done?

Well, you will need to format your Google AdSense ads under the leaderboard type of presentation. Leaderboards have always been the most unpopular of the Google AdSense presentation options, because they never perform well when it comes to generating high Click Through Rates (CTR). Well, with this technique, that's about to change!

A leaderboard type of ad format consists of the vertical placement of the ad links. You could control the number of ads to be displayed. Set the limit to three or four.

Now, for the key step in this fantastic tactic. Prepare three or four images, depending on the number of ad links you have set to receive, and arrange them vertically in such a way that when you insert the leaderboard below them, each ad link would seem to correspond to a particular image. This would lead your visitors to check out the ad link, under the assumption that it is a caption for the image. The result? A tremendous boost to your CTR!

Your images, however, should be generic enough as to warrant a relation with any kind of ad that Google AdSense might decide to send your way. If your site is about cats, try to use three or four images of different kinds of these feline companions. The ad links that will be assigned to your site will most probably be relevant to cats, so the connection is there. Please make sure there is little border around it or it may against the TOS of Adsense

If your site has a more intangible subject, like love for example, you could simply use images with general themes. A picture of the setting sun, for example, or two lovers walking by the beach would be great ideas. Regardless what ad Google AdSense will assign, your images are sure to be appropriate!

Now that you have learned about it, put it to good use at once! Don't wait until the World Wide Web gets "saturated" by this tactic. Leap ahead of the pack and milk it for what it's worth right now!

ToonChooi Tan

Webmaster of http://www.10adsensesecrets.info. Visit http://www.niche-marketing-tips.info now to for various niche marketing tips. You may subscribe to his 6 part http://www.HotNicheKeywords.com/niche-marketing-course.html which will reveal the insider tips and tactics that will show you how to find Hot and Untapped Niche Markets with Ease.


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