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WARNING: This controversial report may be upsetting to a few misguided readers who've been duped and preyed upon by 'fast talking' gurus as two "underground" super affiliates reveal how their...

 "Insider" Affiliate Strategy Manipulates Google To Generate  $109,151 In 30 Days... From Just ONE Clickbank Product!!

$6,513 in 24 Hours...

$109,151 in 30 Days...

$153,426 in 6 Weeks...

...and one year on, we're still getting the same results!

The results are indisputable...the proof is endless...

...and if you've ever wondered why most affiliates struggle even to produce a single cent whilst others effortlessly rake in millions of dollars, seemingly with their hands tied behind their back, then pay very close attention...

In just 30 seconds time, the "combination" will finally click, everything will fall into place... and after weeks, months or even years of frustration, you'll break away from all the lies and 'BS' by copying the exact strategies we use to pull in as much as $100,000 in sales promoting cheap little Clickbank products!

These two "under the radar" online pioneers will expose the absolute truth about their techniques that create crazy affiliate paydays that run 100% on autopilot... even when they're relaxing on a 60ft yacht in the Bahamas!


From Steven Clayton & Tim Godfrey


Hey, Steve and Tim here...

Look, before you read this letter, we've gotta' warn you upfront...

We are NOT famous internet marketers,  we do everything to avoid "networking" seminars and we don't sponge off other people to gain credibility and cash.

We don't need it. We don't want it... and frankly we're planning on keeping it that way.

If you'd prefer to go off and listen to your 'favorite' guru harp on about their latest "discovery" then honestly, that's cool with us. Read no further and go check your inbox.

However,  if you stick around for just a few moments longer, we'll let you in on a strictly "closed door" technique that'll change the way you think about affiliate marketing forever...

The truth is, you will have never have seen anything like this and even though there's nothing unethical about it...

...When We Reveal How Much Money It Makes, You Probably Won't Believe Us!

See, we're just two normal people, much like you. We spent years exploring the deepest confines of the internet desperately trying to find a way to 'make it' online.

Like everyone else, we were promised the same. The cars, the lifestyle, the vacations... and we dropped tens of thousands of dollars on crappy informational products in the hope of achieving the dream...

We jumped on every internet marketing system from Ebay to MLM, but were crushed repeatedly, subjected to brutal frustration... and began to think there was no-way out...

But then, an astonishing discovery literally changed our fortunes overnight.

We won't bore you with the whole "how this happened" story because you'd still be here at Christmas... but what you will want to know is this:

After spending weeks analyzing the information we uncovered, then breaking it down into manageable steps, we perfected a formula so powerful it could successfully and repeatedly manipulate Clickbank and Google to squeeze out almost unfathomable cash.

The end result?

Very Simply... Within a few short months we were quickly and easily able to amass a million dollar business... sitting at the kitchen table!

Now we know what you're thinking... "it's the same old story"... the one you've probably heard a gazillion times before...

So have we... so has everyone...

...and the chances are that you've bought products making similar claims yet you still haven't made a dime.

You see, we need to make something ABSOLUTELY clear. What we're going to show you actually works.

This is simple to understand and even the greenest of newbie's couldn't screw it up!

Even if we were all standing in the same room right now, we could still look you straight in the face and confidently repeat our claims for 2 specific reasons:

We've got the results to prove it.

We've developed a unique step-by-step system that allows YOU to use it and hopefully accomplish similar results.

...And as you can see below, even Clickbank interviewed Steve about this and placed a case

   study on the website to help with their 'PR'!! *



Here's even more proof...

In a 30 day period these techniques hauled in $125,801.25 worth of sales... and this was without the help of either an email list or any Joint Venture Partners!

**These results are atypical. You may make more or less


"Anyone Can Take This Blueprint And Create A Healthy Income Online!"


Steve & Tim, Wow! It's about time someone came out with a course in the under $100 price range that really delivers!


This is the kind of quality education that you usually find in home study courses that cost three times as much. You guys have done a great job with breaking down the science of affiliate
marketing into easy-to-follow steps. Anyone can take this
blueprint and use it to create a healthy income online.

Michael Rasmussen



"Your Affiliate Methods Are Definitely A Cut Above The Rest!"


From the material I've reviewed, I have to say, your affiliate methods are definitely a cut above the rest.


I strongly vouch for the top notch value you deliver here and I firmly recommend it.

Alex Goad



Look, it's no secret that we've got something to offer and we wouldn't insult your intelligence by making you believe otherwise...

You've probably seen enough 'fancy pants' marketing spiel to last you a lifetime and we're NOT going to subject you to any more of it here.

In fact, we only have one simple aim...

To tear YOU away from all your previous failures, hold you by the hand and reveal how we established a seven figure income with Clickbank using a series of cash generating signals you never even knew existed.

Difficult to believe? Sure... but just keep on reading for a few moments longer because it'll suddenly dawn on you why you'll succeed without hardly breaking sweat.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here...

Firstly, we MUST get one crucial question out in the open. Something that you along with thousands of other affiliates battle with every single day...

"Why The Hell Am I Not Making Any Money?"

See, whether you realize it or not, the problem is elementary...

Hype seems to rule the 'internet marketing' world at the moment and if you're anything like us, I bet you're sick to death of it... you know... the latest 'this'... the latest 'that', the latest million dollar launch apparently showing you how to make millions as well...

The truth is, it's all just so unrealistic...

Of course, the gurus would never admit it but if it wasn't for the whole 'internet marketing game' most of these guys would be strapped for cash.

Put them in the real world...  marketing real products to real people and they'd be clueless... and most likely broke within a matter of months.

Now, don't get us wrong... they make their cash and fair play to them for doing so...

However, the real problem occurs when 'the masses' attempt to follow their lead by targeting the very same market...

The end result? They fail. Every time... and for one simple reason:

The 'Internet Marketing' niche is NOT where the money is!

Yeah, of course there is some money in it, but because you're competing with guys who own 100,000+ email lists, frankly you're gonna' have as much success as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!

Think about it for a moment...

There are literally BILLIONS of people online each day and less than 1% of them are interested in knowing how to "make money on the internet"...

...Yet you see 99% of affiliates desperately trying to market to this tiny 1% when there's potentially a whole other world of extreme wealth and profits staring them right in the face.

It's crazy... and if you ever wondered why 1% of affiliates make 99% of all the money, then that's precisely why!

It's an unfortunate reality and when we realized this, and consequently began doing the exact opposite of what these 'these people' were preaching, suddenly the checks started flooding through the mail box faster than we could bank them.

Take the following campaign...

In the first 7 months of 2008, it generated 14,523 sales and more than half a million dollars in commissions... and that was promoting ONE 'non-internet marketing' product...

**These results are atypical. You may make more or less

Come on... tell us anyone who's had consistent results like that before... and just so you know, each pay check (in green) represents earnings from just 14 days.

This blatantly represents the awesome power of a system that works better each and every time it's used and is so devastatingly effective we couldn't shut the money down even if we wanted to!

You see, that's the whole point...

We've been quietly flying under the radar making an immense fortune whilst the guru's deliver speeches about Internet Marketing...rather than making their living at it!

...and in the next few moments we'll expose the absolute truth to tens of thousands of struggling affiliates by revealing how our "Formula" generates consistent and unstoppable income from Clickbank with outrageous ease.

It doesn't make a shred of difference how many times you've screwed up before... once an expert explains how to actually do it... in a language you can easily understand, it can be almost as easy as eating lunch!

Just before we move on, however, let us quickly make this important point...

All the previous screenshots represent the "bigger numbers", but we also have an army of other 'smaller' accounts that consistently generate daily income like this...


Just 3 More Of Our Multiple Clickbank Accounts All From The Same Pay Period...


I've to say I'm impressed by the quality and brilliance of the content.
Good work guys. Recommended.

Ewen Chia



You really went way out of your wayto make this 'dummy proof'.

Between the tutorials and the tools, you're pretty much saying... "Here's what you need...here's how to use it"

Even a newbie can't mess this one up if they
tried their hardest.

T.M Harris


Now, we presume you're asking yourself this...

"Can I Generate These Numbers Too?"

Please understand... this is a radically different path using devious and cunning trickery that is known by virtually no-one...

...and if you are serious about this we are dead set and confident that we could turn YOU into the next $4000/day super affiliate... and force you all the way to your first online million. No Joke.

You know, the truth is, we almost didn't do this. Give away every last secret, tool and trick we know. Literally everything.

But in the end we couldn't handle the both the pressure and the floods of desperate emails asking us for help... and eventually we had to give in.

And for YOU this means only one thing...

No longer will you have to put up as being one of the frustrated and helpless affiliates fighting for scraps whilst others are cashing in hand over fist...

...because if you're sick of buying endless junk filled products and watching the gurus living their dream lifestyle with your hard earned money, then the game is about to change...


"Commission Blueprint"

"A No-holds Barred Step By Step Blueprint Stuffed Full Of The Most Ultra Advanced, Job Crushing Techniques That Pump So Much Money Out Of Google and Clickbank, You Simply Won't Believe It !"

They consistently out-perform anything you will have seen or tried before... and the cool thing is, you don't have to be a techie or even know much about marketing to use them. 

In fact, if you can point and click a mouse, then you could have a business that's practically guaranteed to pull in massive profits because in the Commission Blueprint members area you'll discover...

The secret Google tactics we use to cash in up to $125,000 per month in Clickbank checks... and how you can copy them and replicate our success.
An "idiot proof" technique which spits out highly profitable campaigns that rake in unstoppable affiliate commissions like clockwork.
How to 'Xray' the thousands of ClickBank products to determine which ones will generate millions and which will leave you flat broke.
How to use psychological manipulation to create landing pages that "force" people to buy. We'll even let you copy one that makes us 4 figures a week from two keywords on the Google content network!
A "back door" strategy that cunningly spies on your competition and allows you to swipe their campaigns and replicate them repeatedly.
How to break away from the BS and lies to discover the real reason why you've consistently failed to enter the super affiliate league. (In fact, we already know why even though we've never met!)
A "watch & copy" 5 hour video course revealing the exact steps we use to dominate Adwords and make thousands of dollars per day
  ...and that's just the beginning!

Now after reading that last point, we know what you're probably thinking... "The dreaded Adwords game"... the planets most powerful traffic source that has left you frustrated and battered each time you try it.

Well you know what....we feel your pain... seriously... when we first started the same thing happened to us.

Truth is though, once you know what you're doing, it's not that tough.

You've gotta' understand, the reason why people screw up is NOT because of the Adwords system itself... it's due to the plethora of misleading information online that points them in completely the wrong direction!

They buy it. They read it. They act on it... And Google massacres their campaign and burns a hole in their wallet...

...and yes, we were the victims of this too.

But then, after much testing and tweaking we discovered how to use Google to annihilate our competition whilst we banked HUGE Clickbank commissions day in day out.

Our bank balances? Well they changed to put it mildly... virtually overnight.

Look, as you'll see on the 'inside' we're not all about Adwords... but we have to make this crucial point...

Pay-Per-Click Is The Fastest Way To Generate Extreme Profits... and Frankly It DESTROYS Any Other Type Of Marketing...

...and those who think otherwise are either naive, "in the dark" or basically need their heads examining.

The truth is, if you want to get insane traffic and sales and dare we say it "get rich quick" then as far as we know, this is the only way to do it. Period.

So here's the first question you're probably asking yourself...

"Why use Adwords when I can set up a Squidoo lens or other Web 2.0 pages and make a few bucks doing that?"

Frankly you've gotta' get real...

Sure, you can squeeze a profit from doing this but the money you're going to make is basically chump change.

What we mean is... why waste time waiting 10 days to make $200 bucks when if you know what we know, it can be done in 10 minutes? Doesn't make sense does it.

If your aim is to get rich online then wasting time setting up an exhausting Social networking campaign that'll take months of continuous labor is not the way to do it... Especially when the majority of visitors you'll get will have virtually no interest in what you're selling anyway!

In contrast, we generate millions of website visitors per year... all targeted and wanting to buy!

And here's the second question...

"Am I going to need a large amount of capital to get started?"

Look, we know people who make $30,000 per day who started out with $10... and others who make $20,000 per day who started out with $5.

It's not about having 'capital'...it's about knowing the formula...

Knowing how to take $10 bucks and turn it into $20...

Then taking the $20 and turning it into $40...

Then taking the $40 and turning it into $80, $160, $320, $640... until you're in the realms of the super affiliates cashing in 5 figure checks every 14 days.

It's not difficult once you have the 'know how'... all you need to know is what to do and how to do it... and that's precisely what we'll tell you.

Take this little Adwords campaign we set up last week using our formula... This is pretty much as simple as it gets and is something that literally anyone could replicate... (in fact we'll actually GIVE you this campaign to make it a little easier!)

Here are the details...

It promotes a simple Clickbank product that pays around $30 per sale.

We're bidding on just 2 keywords (split testing 2 ads for each).


We're using a simple landing page that includes a few sneaky tricks that sky-rocket conversions (we'll also give you the landing page as well!).

...and the result?

Well, just take a look at the results below from the 'Adwords Reporting Center'. We'll leave you to do the math on this but these sales conversions are HUGE... and on one keyword as high as 17%, which is almost unheard of.

Point being: We've spent $20 to make $180!

Now here's a question for YOU...

"Would you spend $100 bucks you knew you'd get $900 back?"

Of course, it's a no-brainer... and if you were to "Rinse and repeat" this process successfully, it doesn't take a genius to work out that your day job would become a figment of your imagination within weeks or even days.

The truth is, if you want an unending supply of traffic, sales and profit from following a procedure that takes just minutes to set up, then Pay-Per-Click is the only option... and when you know how to make it work in your favor, a whole new world opens up for you.

In fact...

Once You Understand This And Put It Into Practice, The Sky's The Absolute Limit...

Let's get more specific... Here's an overview of what you're going to get in the video series, the first part of the "Commission Blueprint"...

Video #1
This video introduces you to the Commission Blueprint process and gives you an "open walkthrough" of the strategies you'll use to repeatedly dominate Clickbank.

You'll quickly understand the power of the formula and why it could lead to monstrous commission checks piling up on your doorstep week after week for months or even years to come.

Video #2
The second video explains the formula in more detail and reveals exactly where to start and the fastest and most effective way to take action by implementing the real down and dirty "nuts and bolts" of the system.

You'll discover how the tutorials are broken down into precise sequences to fast-track your success and exactly how to extract the maximum knowledge out of each one.

Video #3
Video 3 reveals our "secret weapon" that analyzes thousands of ClickBank products within minutes and uncovers which ones could make you rich and which will leave you flat broke.

This stage is "make or break" time and 99% of people screw it up completely. These secrets will give you an instant edge over other affiliates in any niche and we'll show you how to take full advantage and crush the competition.

Miss this and you'll unwittingly doom yourself to failure before you've even started!

Video #4
This is where things start "hotting" up. We'll show you a recipe that 'cooks up' the most profitable "buy" keywords on the planet for literally any Clickbank product you promote.

We'll also expose how to "swipe" your competitors' most profitable campaigns and use their data to put cash in your pocket.

Ignore what the 'gurus' have said about keyword research. Remember, we generated over $500K in commissions using less than 3 keywords and have this pivotal process down to an exact science.

UNDERSTAND: Being privy to these classified methods could mean the difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and when we reveal an unlisted tool that not even super affiliates use, the keyword research process becomes a walk in the park.

Video #5
Watch on screen as we unmask a real-world example of how to pick an optimized domain name that'll achieve a high quality score and generate insane traffic.

We'll show you how to avoid the one mistake that swats newbie's like house flies and spill the beans on a little known method to cut your hosting charges in half. (we can't believe how few people do this.)

Video #6
In video 6 you'll discover the most essential steps for creating a cash pulling affiliate offer and we will even give you a proven money maker to copy and paste!

To top it off, you'll identify how "social proof" will double your conversions by drawing in on a potential buyer's emotions... and why writing in a professional manner will actually damage your bottom line!

Video #7
Video 7 outlines the next stage of the formula which discloses a few simple tricks that'll allow you to create killer landing pages that could increase your Clickbank conversions by 200%.

Also revealed is a craft tactic that detects and clones sites that are already pulling in vast profits so you can replicate them and cash in fast.

At this point you will also be armed with the specific requirements to pass Google's quality score and how by doing so it'll reduce your costs and increase your clicks simultaneously.

Video #8
In this video we'll show you how to set up a campaign and test it quickly, easily and cheaply to drive profits into overdrive within days.

You'll discover how to take the keywords, use emotional response to create an irresistible ad and initiate dynamic insertion to boost relevancy.

You'll also learn how to set up detailed conversion tracking for free so you can optimize your campaign get it profitable fast.

To end, we divulge our previously "classified"  bidding strategies that'll hand you the maximum clicks at the lowest prices.

Video #9
In this video we'll reveal how to manage your affiliate campaign effectively and precisely how to accelerate them into profits fast... and without wasting a dime.

We'll unmask a potent strategy we use to increase traffic and how it balances out your "cost per conversion" rates to reduce your spending and increase your earnings.

We'll also show you an '"idiot proof" strategy to reduce bids and escalate conversions simultaneously, as well as a free tool that ALWAYS proves to be the "missing piece of the puzzle" for struggling affiliates.

Video #10
Video 10 is where the money really gets crazy as we reveal a process that takes an Adwords campaign and milks it for all it's worth.

If you've ever wondered what the difference is between an affiliate who generates a few hundred dollars a day and one who rakes in thousands, then this is it!

These are ultra secret techniques that just on their own paid for a $120,000 Porsche 911. (Sorry to brag but that's the truth.)

Video #11
In video 11 you'll hit the "Clickbank sweet spot" by taking full advantage of an instant methodology that could fire you into the millions. (that's if you dare!)

No fluff or theory here as we expose the fastest and most powerful techniques to squeeze the absolute maximum amount of laser targeted traffic that'll have you pulling in the "insane" numbers.

We'll uncover exactly how take advantage of the knuckle heads who put 'Adsense' on their landing pages (a seriously neat trick) and how to use online media to super explode your profits and crush the Clickbanks payment servers!

As well as 3 other extreme methods that you can implement, we'll also hand you a sneaky trick that'll allow you to expand on the most profitable keywords that you didn't even realize you were bidding on!! Confused? We'll explain all.

Video #12
In this surprisingly crucial video we explain what can go wrong and how to fix it fast to maintain your traffic and profits.

You'll also discover 5 easy tricks to boost your clicks whilst keeping your campaign and keywords highly profitable... as well as 4 easy adjustments to "turn on" the sales at a flick of a switch.

We'll also divulge how to avoid getting your domain blacklisted by Google (they'll kill us for telling you!) ...and a simple solution rectify this in minutes.

Also revealed are 3 simple methods to overcome the Google slap and come back stronger than you were before!

Video #13
Video 13 will show you how to manage the business side of affiliate marketing and how to control the cash flow for your Clickbank campaigns.

No-one EVER talks about this stuff yet it's a major factor that separates the winners from the losers in this industry.

We also give you an in-depth guide on how to run your Clickbank and Google campaigns more effectively and we do this to keep the money rolling in consistently.

Video #14
This video explains where to start and how to take action by setting up your first campaign and implementing the formula we use to rake in HUGE Clickbank commission checks.

We'll even give you an idiot proof 4 hour work week formula to potentially get a $274/ day income until you're ready to hit the BIG numbers. Take it, use it and profit from it.


And here's an overview of what you're going to discover in the much anticipated PDF Manuals, the second part of the "Commission Blueprint"...


Manual #1



Manual One details some of the most effective affiliate cash generating techniques we use every day.

You'll discover...

How to create killer opt-in pages that generate double the amount of sales than anything you've tried before. We'll even give you live case studies.
The inside story of how we build a list of 7000 people in just 3 months and plucked $10,087.78 from them in 30 days from sending just 2 promotional emails.
How to uncover a goldmine of buyer hungry markets for long term and consistent profits that'll establish a business you could sell for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
A little used "tweak" you can apply to any affiliate campaign that'll boost your conversion rate, lower your ad costs and sky rocket your profits.
A crafty line of code you can add to any landing page that'll increase your conversion rates by 10% guaranteed. (it's a 2 minutes job that even a monkey could do!)
A 'real-world' example of how to  take FULL advantage of the most famous magazine in the world to gain instant credibility and increased sales. NO ONE does this... and we'll show you how.
A 'secret weapon' you can apply to any opt-in page that'll increase your conversions by a further 14% in any niche. Again, totally unheard of.
A "look over our shoulder" case study revealing a 'child' simple page that produces quick-fire profits of $250 per day with Adwords. You'll even get an editable copy of the 300 page bonus incentive so you can replicate it fast.
  ...and that's just the beginning!

Manual #2



Manual Two exposes even more sneaky tactics we consistently implement to annihilate our competition.

Here's what we'll reveal...

How to use a deadly sales tactic called "emotional marketing" to hypnotize your visitors into buying whatever you are offering no matter what the cost.
How to create Google friendly pages that'll attract insane numbers of targeted buyers and sky-rocket your Clickbank profits simultaneously.
8 simple words you can apply to any webpage that'll earn you instant respect and trust so your traffic snaps up your recommendation and puts cash in YOUR pocket.
The one fatal mistake that causes visitors to click off the page... and how to fix it immediately and compel them to buy.
The fastest way to boost your landing page response rate by 300% or more. You'll hardly believe this one and it separates the heavy hitters from the 'wannabies'.
A step by step, paint by numbers walkthrough of how to implement two sneaky methods that'll protect your commissions and double your earnings.
How to weed out high profit keywords that have virtually no competition, drive your traffic into action and clinch the sale... ALL AT THE SAME TIME!
A crystal clear exposé of how to take advantage of one of the most visited site in the world to create a killer mini course that'll have potential buyers begging you to take their money.
  ...and there's much more!

Manual #3



Manual Three uncovers the insider tricks we use to bank bigger Clickbank checks than most other affiliate combined!

Here's what we'll show you...

How to quickly fix the one mistake that causes your affiliate campaigns to be unprofitable. When we changed this in one of our own accounts, the profit levels soared by 120%!
A psychological trick that'll increase your credibility and make people have no choice but to obey you... and then buy whatever it is that you are offering.
How one guy, even with a relevant domain and massive CTR got slapped in the face by Google and a 'confidential' trick that'll prevent the same from happening to you.
A revolutionary concept that forced a simple campaign into $1000 per week profits in just 48 hours . You'll see the whole case study so you can copy it word for word.
An underutilized tool that gets your site featured on the majority of top news sites to increase credibility, buyers and profits.
A cunning trick that'll add a 'zero' to your bottom line each time you use it. It takes 30 seconds to implement... and then sit back and watch your conversions soar.
A drop dead easy to use formula that allowed us to cut our Ad costs by 50% and forced our profits into overdrive literally over night.
  ...read on to discover the rest!!

Think we're done..? Not by a long way...

Even if that was all we were offering, the "Commission Blueprint" would still be hands down the most understandable and easy-to-follow affiliate roadmap on the planet with proven and time-tested tactics you simply won't get elsewhere.

We would have already armed you with the most comprehensive formula for getting you on the 'fast-track' to successfully siphoning off as much money out of Clickbank and Google as humanly possible.

However, there's more. A lot more...

The Commission Blueprint Limited Edition BONUS:

(Only A Few Remaining - Usually $2000 - $3000)


Whether you realize it or not, one of the reasons why people fail to make decent cash online, not only with Affiliate marketing but with any type of internet marketing, is because they don't have the skill or knowledge to create web pages that convert...

(and if you can't afford to outsource it, and get it done properly, then frankly you're stuffed before you've even started.)

In fact, we're willing to bet that this is 90% of the reason why you've failed up until now. Seriously...

Understand: It's doesn't matter how much traffic your site is getting or how brilliant the product you're promoting is...

...If you don't have a pre-sell landing page that gets people to visit the sales page AND THEN BUY, you're not going to make any money. That's the bottom line.

...and that's why we are going to hand you 4 proven and fully adjustable templates that could generate massive commissions for you from the off.

You can see just two examples of the templates on the left which are EXACT replicas of the pages we used to rake in over $1 million in the past 12 months!

Whether you're generating visitors from Adwords, Web 2.0 or any other Traffic medium, these pages will skyrocket your profits to another level. Period.

You'll receive...

One 'Pre-sell Page' that generates sales conversions of up to 5%. You just slightly alter the content.

One 'Review Page' which rakes in 200% profits consistently on Google Adwords.

One 'Opt-in Page' that has been tweaked and tested to generate lead conversions of up to 60%.

Another Opt in page that incorporates video media that'll drive your campaign performance through the roof..

As we just said, these are the exact pages we've used to generate huge commission checks though Clickbank and now YOU can swipe them, use them and hopefully do the same thing too!

OK... So hopefully by this stage you'll realize just how powerful the "Commission Blueprint" series is, how much you'll benefit and the insane level of commissions that you'll create... 

But the question you'll most likely asking yourself now is...

 "How Much Will It Set Me Back..?"

Well, the real question you should be asking is how much is it worth to you to have two guys already generating millions of dollars with Clickbank and Google taking you by the hand and literally forcing you to do the same??

It's a simple answer..  "Priceless"

Not only so, but if you were to hire either of us for a personal one-on-one consultation, you'd end up paying $450 for one hour of our time over the phone.

Listen, we battled with this decision for weeks. Originally we 'toyed' with the idea that $297 would be a fair price to ask. After all we are giving away the exact techniques that allow us to generate as much as $6000 per day in commissions. Literally every last secret.

However,  after seeking the thoughts of a number of esteemed internet marketers, the consensus was that we were being utterly reckless...

Some suggested $497, others said $750... hell, one super affiliate (who you would definitely know) said we'd be lunatics to release this information for any less than $1000 bucks... and that was after begging us not to sell it all...! (he's knows the scale of competition that'll inevitably be created!)

Truth is though, if we were to charge $497 or even $1000 for this amazing system you'd still be getting a major unfair advantage guaranteed to accelerate you from struggling affiliate to super affiliate and it would be frankly astonishing if you didn't make back that level of investment back within a week or two

But you're not going to have to pay nowhere near that amount. 

Listen, we got thinking, and remembered the time when we were in the same position as you... desperate to make a profit but not knowing which way to turn...

It suddenly dawned on us what this information would have meant to us back then. How much faster we would have got to where we are today if we'd known this stuff...

How it would have saved us from throwing away tens of thousands of dollars on misleading products, courses and mentoring... not to mention the blood, sweat and tears and a hell'uva lot of frustration and heart ache.

Point being, we genuinely want to make it a full proof certainty that you avoid this situation.... and quickly realized that if we were to charge $1000 bucks, then it would be out of the reach of the masses. The people who need it most.

So here's what we decided...

We would virtually give away a very limited number of copies... and after that revert the price back to what we originally decided. In other words $297.

So to make sure that you get your hands on this information, no matter what your situation, we are practically committing "online suicide" by handing you the whole package for just $97. After that, you'll have to pay the full cost. No if's no but's...

Look, don't be deceived by the price...

...With the 5 hours of video tutorials and the blueprints showing you how to copy the exact strategies we used to rake in a million bucks in the past 12 months.... not to mention the proven templates that you can replicate to bank thousands starting today as well as a few surprises we've got lined up, we are sure you'll agree that...

...This Is *Incalculable* Value


"I've Seen It All When It Comes To Affiliate Marketing But The Commission Blueprint Just Blew Me Away!"


'Commission Blueprint has everything one wants to know about affiliate marketing and making those big fat commission checks. I thought I've seen it all when it comes to affiliate marketing but Commission Blueprint simply blew me away!

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Tim and Steven,

Awesome! You two guys are the Dynamic Duo of Affiliate Marketers who "pave the way" for struggling affiliates. Anyone can make money, and lots of it, by following your lead.
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Your Commission Blueprint is a MUST HAVE for anyone wanting to get out of the "struggling affiliate marketing" status and jump into higher commissions. In my opinion, you not only give us the right "information" to succeed, but just as important, you hit a home-run by giving to us the tools and resources to make it happen.

I highly recommend Commission Blueprint

Mark Dulisse


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YES YOU CAN and we have week after week of proof to back up our claims.

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If you think you're gonna' turn on your computer, press a button and see 100 dollar bills come flying through your screen then please do not download this. Please.

Sure, if you act upon the strategies that we'll reveal, you could be banking 5-figure Clickbank checks faster than you ever imagined was possible... just don't expect to make a million bucks in your first few days or weeks.

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In fact, we're so confident in your results that we flat-out challenge you to use the Commission Blueprint formula, go through the complete set of step-by-step video tutorials, connect the dots with a few simple actions and if you aren't seeing massive Clickbank checks within 60 days, we don't want your money.

In fact, we're so sure of it, we're giving you our…

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In fact, once you discover the simple formula we use, nothing or no-one will be able to keep you from all the success and wealth you deserve. 

Truthfully, not everyone will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. It's only for the person who is ready to take their rightful place as a Clickbank super affiliate and is willing to do whatever it takes to finally make it happen...

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Steve & Tim




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