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From: Ewen Chia and Fabio Marciano

Re: Fame And Fortune In 30 Days Or Less!

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Dear Friend ,

  f you have a home-based business, a consulting practice or an internet-based business, then you simply cannot afford to leave this site without finding out how you can dramatically improve your income-earning potential…overnight!

  There are numerous ways to increase your sales and get more clients. And… because there are so many different ways of doing this, new business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself are totally lost and overwhelmed with the vast amount of information out there...

So Much So That You End Up Feeling Frustrated And Downright Confused About What Really Works To
Get You More Clients and Make You More Money!

  We understand this completely, in fact we faced the exact same situation as you're probably facing now when we first started out...until we 'discovered' a powerfully simple formula to skyrocket our success.

  This easy to understand formula has finally helped us to cut through the maze and turned our past failures around. So if you want to stop the pain, then you need to learn from our past mistakes and get started on a proven plan instead!

  In fact we can go on to say that - if you follow our simple instructions, we *guarantee* you will become an expert in your niche within just 30 short days!

   We reveal the secrets no one else is telling you , and you'll learn time-tested proven strategies you can use right now to instantly raise your status in your niche and make more money - all with little effort on your part.

Ordinary people are building massively profitable 

businesses and fortunes virtually overnight - why 

shouldn't YOU be among this elite group??

  You see, it all comes down to a formula - the same formula we're going to unleash upon you in this breakthrough, no-nonsense, no-holds-barred training that will completely revolutionize how you sell yourself and your products…regardless of where you are now and whichever market you’re in.

  Once you apply this stunningly powerful formula , you will magically turn into...

An "Instant Expert" In Virtually Any Niche And Enjoy The Fame And Fortune That Practically Fall Into Your Lap!

  So if you'd like to become an expert in your chosen niche and enjoy the recognition, fame and fortune that automatically comes with it - without having to struggle for months or years...then believe you me, this might be the most important letter you'll ever read...

  Because for the first time, you'll discover the lowdown on building an information empire that surges you to expert status online OR offline. You'll finally gain the massive recognition you long for.

  You'll learn how to create products and services that will give you "real" passive income 24/7 all from the comfort of your home (instead of slaving away in a grey-walled cubicle somewhere)!

Well the truth is...

  We'll reveal the exact formula we use to breakthrough all the clutter on the Internet and the media to create truly autopilot businesses with a sales force numbering in the thousands. 

  You get the same strategies we’ve used to instantly create products, advertise for free and get other people to do the selling for us! 

You’ll Also Discover The Real Secrets Of Turning “Tire Tickers” And One-Time Buyers Into Lifetime Customers!

  You read that right! We'll show YOU exactly how to create a raging sales system so simple even a child could do it. One that you can run from the comforts of your home in step-by-step simplicity to make profits forever.

  You’ll learn the steps to turn casual prospects and one-time buyers into lifelong repeat customers. What can this system do for your business and financial freedom? Imagine the checks that keep rolling in 24/7, without you ever having to lift a finger again.

  Now, these are pretty bold claims and I’m sure you’re wondering how all this is possible. Let us explain...

Uncover This “No-Brainer” Step-By-Step System That
EXPOSES The Most Jealously Guarded Secrets of
Internet Gurus and Experts In Your Niche… And
Leverage It To Your Own Advantage - Instantly!

 You might not know us from a hole in the wall unless you’re interested in our specific niches of Internet marketing and financial planning, but we’ve been “silently” making a killing in our underwears from home using the same system you'll be learning soon.

 Would you like to take the time necessary to make thousands of dollars or more a month by using hidden expert techniques for marketing your own products quickly and easily like crazy?

 Would you like to discover the closely held secrets (and even some embarrassingly simple tricks) that will show you exactly how to get more money (lots more) selling your products, regardless of how many other people might be selling these exact same product - while doing it all on autopilot?

 You'd be a 'fool' not to want that right? In fact your reply would be an ecstatic ‘give-it-to-me-now!’ if you want a fast, effective and inexpensive system to generate fame and fortune in your own niche!

 And there’s never been a simpler way to learn exactly how experts became experts in the first place…until now…


We’ll Reveal To YOU Every Single Strategy, Technique
And Dirty Tricks Of The Trade We’ve Personally
Applied To Generate Thousands Of Dollars A Month In
Passive Income… So That You Can Easily Duplicate It Too!

  Regardless of what you are marketing on the internet or selling to the public at large, the strategies, tactics and shortcuts you find in our manual will help you quickly reach your goals.

 In fact after completing this manual, you’ll possess the power to instantly dominate your niche…and get rich in the process!

 We’ll personally help you to create an information-based business empire practically overnight starting from SCRATCH

 Our own goal is to help you by revealing *everything* we know about becoming an expert that you could possibly absorb. This information is pure, uncensored and totally hype-free.  We'll hand you a lethal step-by-step system that simply cannot fail to turn you into a celebrated expert in your niche in 30 days or less!

YOU will finally turbo-charge your business and set your
own income ablaze even with our simple proven system!

You Will Transform Yourself From A Complete ‘Nobody’ To
Wealthy Celebrity
In Just 30 Days…Or Less!


FINALLY REVEALED: Learn How to Transform Your Passionate Knowledge into
Massive Amounts of Money Instantly!

"Discover The Secrets To Becoming An Expert In Your Niche And Creating A Business Empire That Will Bring You The Fortune, Fame And ‘Hollywood Lifestyle’ You’ve Always Wanted!”


PLUS: Find Out How to Earn A Full-Time Income Part-Time!



Who Was This Complete Course Designed For?


  "How to Become an Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days…or less!” is exclusively

  created for all online entrepreneurs and small business owners of any level who 

  want to generate quick fortune and fame by following a simple to duplicate and

  easy to use plan!

Please "check" all that apply to YOU :

I am new to Internet and Affiliate marketing and I desperately want to learn how to make thousands of dollars a month in commissions.

I have a business that’s barely making ends meet and I want more clients to come to me instead of cold-calling!

I have a product or service already but I’m not making any sales.  I want to drive an endless stream of FREE traffic to my web-site.

I am a fairly experienced Internet marketer who is tired of working so hard to build my business.  I want to raise my status within my niche and dominate it to finally start making some BIG MONEY!


  This course was created by BEST-SELLING EBOOK AUTHORS and

  MARKETERS for soon-to-be experts in their own niches (that’s YOU).  If you

  checked just one of the boxes above, then our simple system is right for you.


  Not only will we show you how to write your own book fast, get your web-site up

  and  running in minimal time, advertise your business for pennies on the dollar and

  show you how to get the media to call YOU, we’re also going to show you how

  to make a lot of money doing what you love.


  To learn more about this amazing, one-of-a-kind resource, read on….



While Anyone Has The Potential To Become an Expert…
The Question Is: Do You Want to Become An Expert
Fast Or Wait A Couple Of Years - And Still Fail?

 It’s sad but true…

  While the reality is that anyone and everyone is an expert at something, be it a skill you learned on the job or a passion and hobby, 99% of them do not know how to transform this expertise into a money-making empire quickly!

  You probably wish your business and hourly fees could be among the tops in your industry.  Are we right?  Of course you want more money, more prestige and more RESPECT from your colleagues. 

  Well now you can have everything you want and MORE!

  You could go it alone and stumble your way through it all, and still fail without a proven plan...

  Or you can start making serious money in a few short weeks from your knowledge!  In “How to Become an Expert in Your Niche 30 Days…or less!” we show you exactly HOW to do it in the shortest amount of time possible.

  If you desire, YOU can instantly become one of the lucky few to profit wildly from your passion and knowledge.

  The good news is, you don’t even have to work that hard to make it a reality. You can simply follow our proven 10-step system to become a famous expert in your niche fast!

You'll Be Amazed, When You Put The ‘Become an Expert System’ to Work For Yourself –

This Is Perhaps The ONLY "System" EVER Devised
To Teach You, Hold You By The Hand And Help You
In Implementing REAL WORLD Strategies…So That
You WILL Become An Expert Within Your Own Niche!

  "How to Become an Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days…Or Less!" is a complete system on promoting your business and raising your status for instant recognition and fortune.

  In short, we’ll teach you how to turn your passion into a full-blown information-based business empire you can retire from!

 Here's a small sample of the amazing strategies you’ll soon uncover with our system:

The No-Brainer Secret For Building A High-Profit Email List Of Hungry Customers – The two of us have built our profitable lists into the thousands using a formula so simple, even a first grader can understand it.  Learn how you too can start building a list that you can market to and profit from over and over again! (Page 232)

 How To Easily Reproduce And Package Niche Products For BIG Profits - Here's the true secret to create multiple profitable products on demand…from one single source of information! (Page 167)

The Simplest Way To Turn Browsers into BUYERS – Using our simple follow-up system and zero-cost tool, you’ll be able to quickly turn those “freebie seekers” into buyers and into COLD HARD CASH in your hands! (Page 229)

How To Get Loads Of Targeted "Ready-To-Buy" Traffic – If you’re too *lazy* (aren’t we all) to “work” at getting browsers into buyers, we’ll show you a shortcut way to send only qualified buyers to your web-site! (Page 69)

The Amazing Power Of The "Presell" -- And how you can use it to increase your sales dramatically! (Page 253)

Profit from Your Voice – From Fabio’s best-selling Teleseminar Magic e-book, we’ll provide you with an in-depth look at how you can quickly and easily profit from holding teleseminars (just a fancy word for conference calls) from the comfort of your own home! (Page 186)

Secret Of Being a Media Darling -- Find out, and use it to your unfair advantage.  We’ll tell you what the media looks for in a guest and how you can become their “go to” expert in your niche! (Page 207) 

How To Create Profitable Joint Ventures With The Top Guns and Other Businesses in Your Niche – Stop leaving money on the table ... there’s a term called *co-opetition* and you’ll see why you need to start networking and working with other businesses and gurus to skyrocket your income!  (Page 148)

How To Get A Truckload of Affiliates Selling Your Products For You -- And best of all, should you create a product as the result of using our simple system, we’ll show you how you can get a virtual army of affiliates to sell your products by the boatload! (Page 63)

How To Use 'Guerilla Marketing Tactics' To Announce Your Products To Hundreds of Thousands -- And make them eager buyers! (Page 147)

PLUS too many insider tips and techniques to ever reveal here…you cannot afford to miss a single one of them!

 Seen enough?  CLICK HERE to Become an Overnight Expert!

“Simply Shocking!”

  That’s what a well-known internet marketer and big-time “expert” in his niche told us when he previewed our e-book.  “You’ve made it stupid simple for people to raise their status in their niches.”  He quickly added that we’re giving away too many secrets, too many strategies and not charging enough.

  I guess you can say he liked what he saw.  The reality for you is that you just can’t sit there and let your business lose out on the endless cash machine that will come your way when you BECOME A CELEBRITY IN YOUR NICHE! 

ANYONE (If You’ve Got a Heartbeat and You’re Reading This) Can Become an Expert in Their Niche and Get Rich Following Our Simple Steps Program


“How to Become an Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days…or less!” is perfect for…

      Internet marketers looking to breakthrough all the clutter and noise to start making SERIOUS MONEY...

      Small business owners who want to bring in tons more business...

      Authors and writers looking to promote their books and articles like crazy...

      Newcomers to the internet looking to strike it rich...

      Really ANYONE looking to make extra cash by raising their status in their niche!

  Guess what we’re saying is that it’s perfect for *YOU*

  We know some of you might be thinking we’re nuts to say that “ANYONE” can do it, but it’s the truth.  Sure there’s some work involved, but it’s not like you’re going to break a sweat or break the bank.  You just got to start at step #1 and follow-through all the way to the end.

  Don’t worry.  We’ve made the steps as easy to follow and as “mistake proof” as possible.  We’ll give you dozens of examples of people who have used the specific steps and how they’ve put it into action to work for them. 

  So are you ready to step up to the plate and get rich in your niche?

Here's EVERYTHING You Need to Know In Order to Go From Nobody to Big-Time Somebody in a Heartbeat!

Step #1: Basic Business Tools

  Yes, we start right at the beginning.  We’re SHOCKED to learn how many business owners and would-be experts don’t even have the basic tools necessary to promote, position and power-sell their themselves and their products!

Step #2: Your Web-Site

  Not only do we churn out information products like hot cakes, but the two of us NEVER waste our time learning the nitty gritty inside secrets of web design.  Yet each of us has created profitable web-sites for peanuts compared to what programmers and designers charge.  We’ll show you how we do it.

  Plus, we’ll tell you what to focus your time and attention on and give you the *must have* list of web pages and tell you what to forget about.  The sad fact is that there are thousands, if not millions of people out there WASTING their money on poor performing web-sites. 

Step #3: Writing Articles & Publishing Your Newsletter

  Yuck!  Who wants to write articles and publish newsletters (you just want to cash checks, right).  Well, the reality is that you should write articles and publish at minimum, your own e-zine.  We’ll show you how to quickly and efficiently write articles that will help spread the word about what you know and get people to want to do business with you.

Step #4: Writing eBooks & Books

  Your e-book or book isn’t just an e-book or a book; it’s your 24/7 sales machine and personal brochure.  When you write a book, it’s like a walking advertisement for you and your business.  Once you’ve written a book, you immediately become an expert on your book’s topic, create an additional revenue stream for yourself and you get to raise the fees that you charge.

Step #5 - Networking, Creating Joint Ventures and Your Own Affiliate Program

  Lets be brutally honest...

  Most people would have stopped right there at teaching you networking and say they’ve taught you to become an expert…but not us. 

  We weren't satisfied with that!

  Remember, we set out to create a unique, one-of-a-kind program that you can instantly use to become an expert in your niche.

  So rather than sit there and give you only half the picture, we decided to go the extra mile and give you these critical steps that you must take in order to speed toward instant stardom within your niche!

As you’ll see - we hold nothing back.

Step #6: Coaching Clients

  The two of us market our services to distinctly different groups, but we’ve been able to skyrocket our coaching businesses because we focus on finding people who need our help and expertise the most.  We’ll show you the simple process you can use to go from zero clients to a six-figure income coaching people in your niche.  We cover how to create your program, develop your own unique system & lingo that you can use that’s uniquely identifiable to you (think Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad or Tony Robbins and NLP), how to market your practice, as well as put the whole thing on autopilot!

Step #7: Creating Additional Information Products

  There’s a reason you need to have many products to sell: to make more money. 

  Up to now you’ve probably been making some money selling e-books or books to your list of subscribers.  Perhaps you’ve had some success and made some money, but all this is about to change.  We’re going to teach you the secrets that all gurus know: the profit is in the back-end.  We’re going to be sharing with you what’s called an Infoproducts Funnel, and it’s going to be something that you’re going to want to print out and post prominently either in your bathroom or by your computer so you can see it every day and remind yourself to “fill out your funnel” to really make serious bucks.

Step #7(b): Creating Raving Fans

  The sad truth is that most authors and speakers never really go the extra mile to connect with their customers and clients.  They simply take their money to the bank and never reach out to their loyal customers in a personal way.  But doing that for every client on your list would be insanely tedious.  We show you how to put your customer contact on autopilot.  We teach you how to write viral articles and e-books that will have your customers and e-zine subscribers advertising your business for you for free.

Plus we’ll also reveal how to turn an average, one-time buying customer into a lifelong customer!

Step #8: Holding Seminars, Teleseminars & Bootcamps

Speak and Grow Rich!

  That’s what will happen in a nutshell when you become an expert in your niche.  When you do become a big-time expert, you’re going to want to pad that bank account of yours with cold, hard cash from speaking gigs. 

  We show you in painstaking details how to craft the perfect speech and sell your products from the platform. 

Step #9: Media & PR

  The media that we’re going to talk about in-depth is public relations or PR for short.  Why aren’t we going to be talking in-depth about TV, radio, magazines, and other forms of media?  Because not only are those other forms cost-prohibitive to the bootstrap marketing expert, they pale in comparison to the level of credibility you can gain through effective PR.

  You can either spend a ton of money on advertising through these other mediums or you can get that same level of exposure (or higher) through public relations.  Most people get the two confused.  So what’s the difference between advertising and publicity.  Well, as one well-known industry expert put it:

  Advertising is what you PAY for, publicity is what you PRAY for.  Publicity is a form of free advertising for your business and your service.  Someone in the media is giving you FREE coverage or visibility for your business without you having to pay for it. 

   We’ll give you everything you need to get the media to call YOU when they want to talk to an expert in your niche.

Step #10: Learning How to Sell and Promote Yourself!

  Sales and Marketing... 

  They are the two most important functions of major corporations and they’re the two main areas that you need to focus your efforts on.

  You need to focus on marketing to bring targeted leads into your business, and you need some selling skills to convert those leads into buyers. 

  Unfortunately, most people are lousy at selling themselves.  Our final step outlines the simple steps you need to follow in order to put the majority of your *selling* on autopilot.  We even show you how to create a virtual army of sales people, all selling your products and services!

  And over the course of these critical TEN STEPS ,
we’re going to cover
a whole lot more!

 We’re not bragging, but we’re extremely proud of this manual for the fact that it IS filled with useful resources, easy-to-follow steps and written in such an engaging manner, you’ll quickly and easily be able to implement our strategy and make yourself a celebrity in your own niche. 

  People are charging a lot of money for ebooks and bootcamps on just ONE of the steps we’re going to share with you.  

  Some of our earlier reviewers thought we were nuts to give away as much information as we’re giving to you.  “Break it up into 5 or 7 ebooks” they’d tell us or “Forget the manual, charge them $5,000 and hold a seminar.  It’s that amazing!”

  NOPE.  Sorry.  We’re big believers in over delivering and providing great, easy-to-use information that’s immediately actionable.  No hokey theories here. You get it straight because we want to see you succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

  Okay, enough about how great this program is, we're sure you know that yourself by now.  Let’s talk about…

Why You Should Trust Us In Revealing This Breakthrough Information To You...

 The two of us like to play it straight, which means that we tell it like it is. 

  We tell all our coaching clients up-front how we make money, we expose the jealously guarded secrets the pros use to drive traffic to their sites and we tell you who to believe online and who to grab the shovel when you talk to them. 

  The truth is anyone can put up a sales letter and tell you that they’re an expert in this niche or that niche - but as you'll soon see, we’re the real deal.

  We’ve both been there in the trenches, putting in our time and honing our marketing and promotion skills to expert levels in our respective niches.  We’ve studied how other pros have done it and we’ve applied all the theories and information in books and proven them in the real world... 

  In short, we’re both qualified experts who have proven themselves in the one place where it really matters: the marketplace

  If you’re looking to raise your own status and make more money with lesser effort, then you need qualified experts in your corner.

  Well, when you'll get your hands on "How to Become an Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days...or less!" you’ll have two of the best in your corner!

  Fabio Marciano

  Fabio “fabman” Marciano is the author of The Secrets of  Wealth and The Wealthy Pauper. He is also the president of The Wealthy Pauper, LLC a company whose mission is to help educate people about investing and personal development.  He has been called the #1 Personal and Financial Freedom Coach on the Internet.  He writes The Million Dollar Dream, an ezine on personal and financial wealth.

A master at churning out profitable e-books in record time, Fabio has recently published successful e-books such as “Instant Niche Products,” “Teleseminar Magic,” and “The One Minute eBook”, just to name just a few.  He’s also a writing coach, teaching people how they can create their own profitable e-books and books with minimal effort for maximum profit!

Ewen Chia

  Ewen Chia is a veteran and highly respected Internet marketer who has been marketing online since 1997. He is the CEO of Instant Marketing Secrets Inc and partner of Midas Touch Marketing.

 Ewen is an expert information and direct response marketer and a hugely successful power affiliate for all kinds of products and services. With a fiery passion for creating top-notch content and best selling products, his work has consistently amazed fellow marketers!

  Ewen has mastered the science of money-making online, regularly producing 5 figure profits in a matter of hours.  Head on to for more information on how you can do it yourself too.

  Widely known as a prolific info-product creator himself, Ewen has the winning knack for cranking out incredible million-dollar hot-selling products fast.  He’s also the guy who created “Resale Rights Secrets”, a breakthrough product on resale rights marketing that literally propelled his name through the Internet marketing world within days.

What Can These Well-Known Experts Teach You?

Now anyone can write glowing words of praise about who they are and what they do, but it’s another thing to have high-profile marketers and businesspeople do it.  We can’t possibly post all the testimonials and kind words we’ve received from clients and our peers, but here are just a few that we’ve recently received, just so that you know we're not 'tooting our own honks'!

"Fabio Marciano is one of the smartest financial investments anyone can make!"

  Fabio “fabman” Marciano is simply one of the best resources for telling you like it is when it comes to achieving Financial Freedom. 

  I’ve watched him climb up the ranks and market his business and products using his “Silent Sales Machine” and it’s amazing to get an insider’s peak at the results.

  In less than a month, he’s sent me close to 200 new paying customers. Fabio knows how to create expert status in minimal time for you so you can profit from your newfound celebrity status! 

  I’m so impressed with his knowledge, that I wrote the foreword to his book The Secrets of Wealth!”

Mike Litman
#1 Best-Selling Author
Conversations with Millionaires

  How did Fabio impressed Mike Litman so much?  How could he leapfrog the thousands of other financial coaches to build a loyal following of customers and subscribers…in just a few short months?  We tell you exactly how in the manual. 

  What about Ewen, does he know his stuff?

"The Number ONE guy by a long shot!"


  Earlier today, I was reviewing a 'top affiliate' mail out a major Online Marketing Guru sent to me a couple of months ago to see how I ranked against 'the big boys and girls' ... the super affiliates.

  I was happy I made the top 10. But the number ONE guy, by a long shot was Ewen Chia.

  "Great month for him" I thought to myself, and that was that. Until I found the previous month's affiliate report. AGAIN, number one - by a large margin.

  Of course, this had me frantically searching for the month before THAT ... surely, it COULDN'T be - but it was. Ewen Chia, numero uno, AGAIN!

  So that leaves me just one question my friend, isn't it about time you took a nice long vacation?!

Mike Merz
Internet Marketing For Newbies


"One of the most respected, genuine, honest, trustworthy and successful Internet Marketers on the net today..."


  ANYONE who wishes to learn how to make money online and work from the comfort of their own home, yet doesn't quite know how to begin, or what to sell and where and how to market ... needs to checkout what successful internet marketer Ewen Chia offers...

  Ewen is one of the most respected, genuine, honest, trustworthy and successful Internet Marketers on the net today and one whom I have had the great pleasure of dealing with and getting to know as a subscriber and customer of his.

  You truly can't go wrong when you follow what he teaches as he's always investing a lot of his own time and money to ensure you succeed and get nothing but the best support, advice, tools, resources and information available!

Mason Ramm

  So How does he do it?  How did Ewen make a name for himself in the overcrowded internet marketing realm…quickly, easily and with almost deadly certainty?

  We’ll show you exactly how to do the same in this hard-hitting manual, leaving nothing to chance.  You get to discover all our secrets in such specific details that you won't be left wondering “What do I do next?”

  Truth is, "How to Become an Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days...or less" is perhaps the most practical “learn it tonight and use it tomorrow” program on becoming an expert practically overnight ever devised. The two of us have joined forces on this resource-packed program and “spilled the beans” on how those gurus you admire achieved their own instant “celebrity status.” 

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Invest In “How to Become an Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days…or less!” TODAY…

This is the main manual in this easy-to-use package. It’s 271 pages of life-changing and hard-hitting how-to information that you can immediately put into action

We share EVERYTHING we know with you on how you can quickly and easily achieve instant fame and fortune in your niche… - Guaranteed!

You'll know exactly HOW and WHY you need to do the steps we’ve carefully outlined for you.

Nothing has been withheld. You're getting it straight -- every little secret to generate fame and fortune will be yours to use. And to prove the extreme value of this information to you and your business...


You'll Also Download FOUR Additional Power Bonuses To Skyrocket Your Success With - When You Invest In Our "One-Of-A-Kind" Hand-Holding Program Right Away!

  These are not 'freebie' stuff you can download everywhere. On the contrary, we doubt you'll have even seen them anywhere until now...

 ...Fact is, these power bonuses are only available when you invest in our breakthrough program "How to Become an Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days…or less!". Read on to see what they are ;-) 

You Simply Won't Find Another "Expert-Making" Program As COMPLETE As This...And This Is The God Honest Truth!

  This is exactly what you'll be devouring (in less than 5 minutes from now) when you download the "smartest investment of your life": 

"How to Become an Expert in Your Niche
      in 30 Days…or less!" ($197 value)

The 271 page manual revealing the exact 10-step system you can use immediately to turn yourself from a 'nobody' to an overnight celebrity in your own niche!

Your FOUR Power Bonuses:

"Resale Rights Secrets Revealed" ($27.00 value)

This 'never-before-released' special report by Ewen reveals the inner secrets of how he created and launched "Resale Rights Secrets" into the phenomenal success it is. A report he wasn't so sure of ever releasing - but it's yours today. You won't find this anywhere else

"How to Brand Yourself and Standout in a Crowded Marketplace”  ($19.00 value)

A hard-hitting interview where we pulled all of Fabio’s secrets about quickly skyrocketing your position in your niche. Learn how to raise your media value, network with the big names in your industry and start creating your own information empire. Every page is action packed with steps you IMMEDIATELY put to use and profit from.

"Practical Pr Workbook – An Easy-to-Use, practical guide to develop your own effective public relations plan" ($47.00 value)

Word of Mouth marketing is one of the most effective and cheapest forms of advertising out there. Think iPodTM, HotmailTM, or even books like The DaVinci CodeTM and you’ve got brands, products and services that shot to bestseller status due to word of mouth. PR is one of the most effective ways to start that word of mouth buzz. Learn how to “Do PR Right” with this in-depth workbook from PR expert Jill Lubin.

"Seven Ways to Lift Your Leverage-Ability and Make a Quantum Leap" ($29.00 value)

Mitch Axelrod’s seven ideas will help you explode your business and your life. Learn how to get others to help you become successful and wealthy just by reading and applying Mitch’s easy-to-use formula for leveraging other people’s resources.

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