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From: Melanie Mendelson

Tuesday, 11:33 AM
RE: 30 Minute Article System

Start Writing Articles Today!


Dear Fellow Marketer ,

Writing articles is a great promotional technique for your business. You can write an article and submit it to various websites for publication.

Maybe you're a gifted natural writer. Or, maybe you have to struggle with it so far.

In any case, it simply doesn't really matter!

What matters is,

...GETTING YOUR NAME OUT THERE!  And getting it out there often.

Your articles will spring up like mushrooms all over the web on 1000's of sites with your author bio and a link to your website.

People will read your article, regard YOU as an expert and click on your link ready to buy your product or service. How's that for a free publicity and free qualified prospects?

It all sounds good. Except one nagging problem - writing that pesky article.

It is so hard to force yourself to write.

You procrastinate and find a bunch of other "more important" things to do in order to avoid this dreaded task. And when you finally get yourself together and try to write an article, here's what happens:

It just doesn't flow. There is not much to say. Things are awkward. You don't know how to begin and how to end.

You decide to go "research" on the Internet, and start surfing away.

You will "finish it later"...

And you again procrastinate!

Sometimes you actually do. Sometimes you don't. But even if you do, it will be quite a while before you start another article. The memories of article writing pain are just too fresh and take a while to fade away. A long while.

Sounds familiar?

I thought so. And how do I know?

I've Been There, Done That

I've been marketing full-time on the Internet for the past 3 years, since October 2002, selling various niche products. I make a living on the Internet.

Here's proof (the screenshot from Clickbank, my payment processor). The "paycheck" column shows the checks that I get every 2 weeks from the sales of just one of my products:

As you can see, I'm not a millionaire "guru", but I do make the equivalent of a full-time job by working from home on my Internet business.

I use article writing as one of the Top Promotional Methods for my business.

If you search Google for my name, Melanie Mendelson, there are over 11,000 search results at the time of this writing. And 99% of them are me (not some other Melanie Mendelson - my name is not very common). These are my articles with the links to my websites. And they bring me a nice profit consistently.

There are many different ways I make money with articles, in addition to the one I described above. Do you want to know what they are?

I'm far away from one of those "natural born writers", so I experienced procrastination, dread and dragging when it came to writing the articles. I knew it and I expected it every time.

Until one time when I wrote an article and it came unusually easy.

I was like "Whoa! That's weird. That was just too easy!"

Then I thought about WHY. And I figured it out.

After Years Of Writing Articles The Hard Way, I Had Finally Cracked The Code To Fast, Easy and Painless Article Writing!

I was able to re-create the process of writing that one easy article over and over again, and by doing so, I developed it into an easy-to-follow system.

In fact, writing articles is now so easy, it's almost effortless. And if you want to join me in churning out quality articles in record speed, you now can.

The 30 Minute Article Writing System...

How To Write Profit-Pulling Articles
In Exactly 30 Minutes - Guaranteed!

With This New Step-By-Step System, You Will Be Churning Out Quality Articles In 30 Minutes Flat (Even If You Hate Writing)

My new system leads you through a series of easy steps – you don’t even have to time yourself – it does it all for you. The system tells you what to do, and when to move on using easy to understand audio prompts.

Using my system is the next best thing to having me stand there personally and guide you through writing your next profit pulling article.

You simply follow it and create an article in 30 minutes - period.

I will tell you exactly what to do.

This system is for people who want a structured step-by-step guide that they can follow and get an article written in 30 minutes.

My system is NOT information-based,
it's ACTION-based!

It tells you: "Step 1: do this, it will take 5 minutes. Step 2: do this, it will take 7 minutes", etc. You simply follow it - no guesswork.

You follow the action guide step by step - and 30 minutes later, you have your article. Set your stop watch. 30 minutes.

The problem with many books is that they talk about lots of "smart" things, but don't give you a good plan to follow. You read them and think "OK, that's nice", and nothing changes - you are left exactly where you started.

So I took a different approach. I created a true system - no fluff, just a simple step-by-step process you will duplicate and get the results you want - guaranteed!

Here's What Others Had To Say About The 30 Minute Article Writing System:


Your system is OUTRAGEOUS and UNFAIR.

Unfair to all of us who struggled for years doing it the "hard way."

But seriously Melanie, you've taken a very powerful concept and cleverly presented it so even a novice can produce profitable, quality articles in 30 minutes or less. Honestly, if I hadn't experienced it myself - I'd have never believed you.

Following your system allowed me to produce nearly 3 times as much content as I did before...and when you get paid to produce this is a VERY GOOD (and profitable) THING!

Nicely done!"

James Burchill

"Hi Melanie,

Many thanks for letting me try out this package for you. The great thing about your system is that it gave me focus and clear direction while I was writing. There's no room or time for distraction, I just had to get the job done.

And the bottom line is that it works. I got an article finished in 27 minutes and I was sitting back with the proverbial cigar waiting for the timer to end. It's called "8 Online Poker Danger Signals" and you can take a look in Google/Yahoo in a couple of days once it filters through the article sites.

This is a great little resource that I will use again and again!"

All the best,

Ian McIntosh

"Hi Melanie,

You've got a very nice system. I was able to write a 425 word article in 14 minutes. I'll be applying your techniques on a lot of the future articles I write. Thank you so much!"

Reed Floren

Click here to learn how to get your own copy of the 30 Minute Article Writing System today, or continue reading...

"I loved it Melanie! I think this will absolutely benefit anyone and everyone who has ever struggled to write an article.

Writing articles just got 10 times easier! Your "30 Minute Article System" will have anyone cranking out one quality article after another as if they had done it all their life."

John Rowe

"Now where was Melanie during my stint in Journalism school? I would have had every article in ahead of time instead of at the wire!

Your tips on writing snappy "how to" articles are easy to understand and even easier to implement with the help of a great program tool. Thanks Melanie, you've just made my article writing goal for 2006 more simple!"

Natasha Vincent

"Your guide is excellent and to the point (no fluff). Your way of putting it makes it so simple and easy to follow.

I like the program because it "pushes" you with the timer to get things done. This is something I (and many others) need to prevent, "thinking" instead of doing.

We all know articles are key to increased traffic and website profits. But many of us spend hours researching and thinking instead of getting our articles written.

30 Minute Article Writing System is a no fluff, step by step solution to getting your article written in 30 minutes or less. With this program we will finally be on our way to increasing our income by writing and publishing articles".

Jim Zdrazil

Click here to learn how to get your own copy of the 30 Minute Article Writing System today, or continue reading...


You’ve really done a wonderful thing here. I was freed from agonizing, torturous times that occurred every time I even THOUGHT about the fact that I needed to write an article for my blog.

I got your program because I needed to write an article that weekend. It usually takes me several hours at least and I agonize over it for several hours before getting started.

So I downloaded your material, saw that there was a guide and a program and ran the program first without reading the guide. 30 minutes later I had my first article produced with your system.

I couldn’t believe it… I told my wife, my daughter and my son… My daughter’s in 10th grade and has to write lots of little article-like papers for school. My son loves to write anyway. My wife is responsible for the ‘Kingwood Garden Club’ newsletter. I could see how they could each benefit from understanding the process.

If you decide to let others sell your system also, I’d certainly like to help.

I have absolutely NOTHING NEGATIVE to say. I can only offer WOW! What a great product.

Thanks again,

Greg White

"The "30 Minute Article Writing System" is the answer to the writer's curse of perfectionism. No more putting it off until it sounds just right.

Melanie's system guides you clearly and concisely through a simple ten-step process. The accompanying audio program prompts are invaluable. It's just the right amount of pressure to get the job done but not so much that you run screaming from your keyboard!

I'm looking forward to pumping out some great articles with my newfound guide."

Jenny Dunham

"Hello Melanie,

I just wanted to let you know I got your new product, "30 Minute Article Writing System," and am really impressed.

I have written a few articles in the past, and to tell you the truth, I just found it more of a task than I was willing to commit to at the time.

"30 Minute Article Writing System" takes the drudgery out of writing articles, and actually makes it fun and interesting.

I was pretty skeptical when hearing about your product, but once I received it and started trying it, my skepticism turned to excitement.

Your program (and the great guide that comes with it) definitely speeds up the process and really turns on the creative juices.

I would encourage anyone wanting to be able to turn out a plethora of articles to increase hits to their web site, not to mention increased click-thru rates of Adsense ads on those pages, to give "30 Minute Article Writing System" a try. I know I'll be using it every chance I get."

Best of success to you,

Mike Dixon

Click here to learn how to get your own copy of the 30 Minute Article Writing System today, or continue reading...

"Hi Melanie,

I was a little skeptical about your 30 minute Article Writer before I tried. I discovered it's a very easy to follow system and your system made article writing very painless for me.

I'll definitely use it for writing some of the articles I've got planned. I'd recommend this
product to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to write your own articles.

All the best,

Michael Humphreys

"Melanie, you have done a great job! I really like your new product.

I opened the manual, read it and then started the audio program. Within 30 minutes I had written a brilliant article ready for submission to directories.

Your concept is very helpful. I often have writers block but with your article program I won't anymore! You outline everything in detail so I will be using it for many times over again! Thanks for a great product."

Chris Geldof

"The 30 Minutes Article System addresses the subject of "Article Writing" with such ease that it makes you think that "Article Writing" is for the dummies. It clearly illustrates how and where to start, how and where to end and how and what to do in-between.

The system tickles the brain-cells in the right places, at the right time and in the right sequence and the by-product is a well written article which can drive your business to greater heights.

The 30 minute article system comes as a whiff of fresh air and very different from the ebooks floating around which give you a lot of information but at the end of it all...you are left where you started. Not so...with the 30 Minute Article Writing System. The system takes you by hand and shows how to create an article in record time - 30 minutes flat.

Jayadeep Rath

Click here to learn how to get your own copy of the 30 Minute Article Writing System today, or continue reading...

"Dear Melanie,

Congratulations! You are Internet Marketing's answer to Nike's "Just Do It!" In one fell swoop, you've managed to zero in on the single most challenging task facing aspiring publishers and you've done it in style!

In a sea of look-alikes, your product stands out above the rest for it's refreshing and innovate approach. It is basically the "procrastinator's answer" to writing articles. Newbies and professionals alike will warm to your methods because it draws from the basics of solid writing practices and encourages the author to think outside of the proverbial "box."

When the audio program starts, it steps you through the writing process, complete with a timer! What an excellent idea. The "30 Minute Article Writing System" not only takes a pro-active approach to task completion, but the accompanying guide also enables the writer to efficiently organize and prepare for the writing task at hand. In addition to insuring the writing process is executed concisely, your material also provides invaluable tips on formatting, distribution and promotion - these resources alone are worth the price of the entire program!

As an Internet Coach who continually motivates entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and carve out a niche based upon their own special talents, it is refreshing to see someone who has taken this methodology to heart and utilized technology to its fullest in a unique and inviting way!"

Best Wishes,

Stephanie Mulac

"Hi Melanie,

This product is a necessity for someone like me who doesn't like to write articles. It gives you step by step information and tools to help you work faster.

Now, my articles look professional, I get them done in less than 30 minutes, and I don't have to rack my brain over what to write next.

This product is amazing and I will definitely use it over and over again.

Good Success!"

Vondre' T. Whaley

"This course makes writing articles extremely easy and efficient. It also includes a great audio that guides you through like a "coach" when writing articles. I was able to bang out solid articles in a short amount of time.

I went into this with only one criteria:

- Does it help me write solid articles quickly?

The answer is Yes, and therefore it gets my full endorsement. "

Adrian Calvin

"As the Queen of Dawdle, this was great because it made me stay focused and do something in such a short period of time that I have never been able to do. To me, the hardest part is getting started and getting the ideas out of my head onto the screen.

It helped me get the same amount of stuff written in 30 minutes that would normally take me 2 or 3 hours. I think it's a great product and one I look forward to using again.

Thanks so much and best of luck!"

Cindy Evans

You just can't go wrong with this system. Follow the easy steps, and have your article finished in exactly 30 minutes.

If you are a complete novice, you will be churning out articles like you've been doing it all your life. And if you've already written a few articles to drive traffic to your website, my system will help you increase production.

If you've already written 5 lead generating articles… now you can write 15 in the same amount of time. If you've got 25 articles linked back to your sales site… why not focus on it and make it 125?

Here's What You Will Get:

  • no-nonsense guide available in the industry’s leading universal digital document format (Adobe PDF). Your guide clearly explains the entire system and the steps required to write your next profit pulling article.

  • Which leads you through the system and paces you through each step. Use your personal coaching program every time you write an article and ensure you stay on track to finish your articles in 30 minutes.

  • A personal audio coaching program

Bonus: In addition to all this, I include bonus instructions showing you how to get your articles published on as many other websites as possible (PRICELESS!).

Get Started Right Away

Get you very own copy of the 30 Minute Article System for just $37.
The 30 Minute Article System is in electronic format - you will download it instantly to your computer and will write your article today. The system works on both PC and Mac.

Digital delivery is instant and secure, and you even get a 60 Days Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, simply let me know, and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

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Best Regards,

Melanie Mendelson

P.S. - , You can do nothing and continue writing articles the hard way. Or get the 30 Minute Article Writing System and start churning out article after article with ease and watch your traffic grow. What do YOU choose?

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