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A Very Special Offer For You ,!!


This is the true story of...

"How A Work Shy Innocent College Dropout Discovered The Secret Code To Become A Super Affiliate Earning To The Tune Of $516.53 Per Day On Autopilot Using just Free Blogs!"

"Now Its Your Turn - To Access The Exact Step-By-Step Blueprint To Become A Blogging Super Affiliate In Just 30 Days...Even If You've Never Earned A Single Cent Online!"

(And I've got the $194.44-$516.33 a day sales records to prove it!)




Here's what blogging to the bank is about to reveal...

How You Can Earn Hundreds of Dollars Every Day  From Fun Blogging Without Your Own Product or Website
How to Grab #1 Rankings in the Search Engines For Free Without Paying a Dime
Just Set it up Once and Leave it to Make Money on Autopilot
The Little Known Secret exposed to Making Big Money From Blogs
How to Flood Your Blog With Free Targeted Traffic continually

Just read on to find out more...



 From: Rob Benwell

 Monday, 3.26 PM
 RE: Blog Your Way To The Bank

Make Money From Your Blogs Today!



Dear Casual Blogger ,

f you're sick of all the other get rich quick hype, desperately wishing for targeted traffic or you simply want a proven step-by-step road map to a simple online success strategy,  then take five minutes and read every last word on this web page with undivided attention right now!

My name is Rob Benwell and just a while a back I have been right where you are. I am a college drop out, was deep into debts and was angry at all the hype of making money online. I desperately tried out countless ebooks and courses but was sadly disappointed again and again.

The brutal truth is that most of the get rich hype that you see around is either a bogus scam or it is just plain old and doesn't work anymore!

You need something new, easy to implement, free and that is working today !

It was two months ago I accidentally stumbled upon a discovery that excited me so much that I lost sleep for a couple of days. It was a weekend and I stayed up for hours going over my new found discovery in excruciating detail.

The result is, I managed to reverse engineer my discovery and I developed a step-by-step blueprint of how to get there.

In the weeks that followed, I used this new method in my spare time after work. I just devoted a couple of hours per week to test it and see if it would work.

Well! The good news is that it did work and I started seeing astounding results and...


I Went From Zero to $1,018.15 in Two Short Weeks !

I know it's not much but I had only touched the surface! Over the next 30 days I refined and fine tuned my system and tested as much as I could in the little spare time I had.

In this 30 days I then exploded my earnings online, earning what I had last month in just a couple of days. Here's a screenshot of my Clickbank account that shows my income going through the roof...



I know it will carry on increasing but I have now got a proven system that can take anyone from zero up to $500 per day in just 30 days. The best thing about this system is that I've made it is automated as much as possible. Once you have set it up you leave it and move one to the next, building your cash generating empire.


NEWSFLASH - Earnings Update

On 31st July I had a record day from blogging earning $1860.11 in a single day

Now this proves my blogging methods are long term and they can work for months and years to come.

How would you like to start earning hundreds of dollars every day like me and been able to work from home. I have now quit my job and get to stay at home just putting a couple of hours in at the computer before having the rest of the day to myself. Just imagine...

You could take holidays when you want
No more daily commute to work or the boss on your back
Spend more time with your family and friends enjoying life
Being financially secure and been able to splash out when you feel like it


There's a ton more benefits but let me get on with telling you all about this amazing system.



Blogging to the Bank



'Blogging to the Bank' is my excellent new ebook  which details the exact blueprint I now use to create wealth online using free blogs to generate a ton of traffic to my affiliate sites making me up to $516.53 per day and...





It's A Totally Different Book You've Ever Read On Making Money Online

Like you I'm also tired of all the crap out there. Ebooks full of fluff and theory. Talking about strategies that aren't proven and tested. That's why I've made sure 'Blogging to the Bank' is concise and is fluff free. I detail the method and include many screenshots to make it dead simple for you to follow and achieve success.

No need  to read 300+ pages or remember complex codes. I wanted you to be able to put into practice what you discover as soon as possible. Keeping this in mind,  I've organized all the strategies and techniques I use in to just 40 pages so you can read it and get started today.

Here's Just Some Of The Exciting Information You'll Discover Inside 'Blogging to the Bank'


The Hidden Techniques to ensure your blog is a massive success that gets massive traffic

The little known secret about choosing between Blogger and Wordpress…No one else is telling you this!

REVEALED: The free piece of software you absolutely have to get if you're serious about making money online

Find out why 20 Million is the Magic Number…If you go against this rule you will fail. Be sure of that.

How I stumbled across the secret discovery of the "backdoor" to Quick Search Engine Traffic 

Discover how the 10K rule must be followed in order to have affiliate success

An ingeniously simple formula to create cash on demand   without a product or website of your own

The truth about selecting order pulling affiliate products and the Secret Stats you need to know to find out if it’s a winner

The untold secret the guru’s have kept hidden about affiliate marketing


Listen To This Exciting Message From
Michael Green
, Owner Of The Biggest Internet Marketing Forum Online!

"Hi Rob, Michael Green here and I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your 'Blogging to the Bank' e-book. The problem with blogging is that everyone knows it's a great idea but very few people know how to actually go about doing it.

 What you've provided in this new book is a step by step guide which includes everything right down to the detail of going about setting up a blogging account and running the whole thing. It's a terrific winner and I'm very enthusiastic. I'm going to be using it myself and I'd recommend it to anyone."




Finally Revealed: The truth about which template you should be using and how 97% of people get this wrong

The shocking truth about where your Adsense ads should be placed…Most people get this wrong

The 7 Advanced SEO Techniques I use to shoot up to the top of the search engine rankings

How to create a Stampede of Targeted Traffic to your blog in less than 10 days

The 5 Most Important Traffic Generation techniques you’ll ever need to know

The tiny adjustment that increased my rankings overnight

How to generate thousands of back links to your blogs and websites without any hard work

The 2 best resources I use to have original content created quickly and cheaply

EXPOSED: The most important, cash producing space on your blog…This one change can add thousands of dollars to your bank balance

5 Advanced testing ideas for you to try right away

How I combined 2 Secret Pieces of Software to create an instant flood of traffic and how you can get your hands on this amazing software

Plus much more


Now you've got a taste of what you're getting.  I'm sure you'll want to listen to some more proof this all works and some success stories from people you've already got their hands on this amazing method. Here's just a small selection of the huge amounts of great reviews I'm receiving...


"I'm Recommending All My 
Internet Success System Members 
Get a Copy as Quick as They Can"

Hi Rob,
All I can say is "You really knocked a home run out of the
park with this one!"
Finally, somebody has put together *THE* guide to really
setting up blogs to not only get traffic to them, but to
make affiliate product sales AND Adsense income too.
Your seven step process is easy enough for anybody to follow
and the secrets you reveal on how to setup your pages with
titles and keywords are right on target to get the search
engines excited about sending traffic your way.
And then you make it so easy to place affiliate links and
Adsense code into the blog page template, that really helps
getting pages set up right.
But I think the coolest thing you did is revealed on pages
22-26 -- simply brilliant stuff!
And the advice you give on page 37 is right on the money.
I'm recommending all my Internet Success System members 
get a copy as quick as they can and build their blog empires 
Great job!
 Mark Hendricks
 Author, Publisher, Success Coach
 Software Developer, and JV Expert


"Optimize Your Blog For Higher 
Search Engine Rankings"
Hey Rob,
I just got done reading your ebook "Blogging to The
Bank" and I must say, I was very impressed!
I've purchased quite a few ebooks about blogging, and
enjoyed yours most because it teaches effective ways to
drive targeted traffic to your blog.
The section I enjoyed most was the chapter which explained
how to optimize your blog for higher search engine rankings.
I look forward to using your valuable information and ideas
on using on my upcoming blog.
 Michael Rasmussen


"Your Unique Information is Going to Shake Some Foundations"

Hi Rob,

I just read your book "Blogging To The Bank" and see you have your own blog recipe brewing here. I feel the release of your unique information is going to shake some foundations in the blog world while offering many people a good shot at making online income.

Your 7 step plan makes blogging easy to understand from set up to marketing blogs.  This manual really comes at a good time when the 1st wave of blogging has caught on but many of it's known techniques are now losing steam… Your concepts on the other hand present new applications on proven ways to make blogs profitable and in no time flat.

I think you hit the nail right on the head for what the next generation of marketing bloggers are looking for.


Michael Nicholas


"This Guide is the Perfect Answer"

"Rob -

Very well done.
This is a solid overview of how to use Blogs to increase your online visibility and drive qualified traffic to your sales pages or affiliate offers.
I think that people will really appreciate all the graphics and screen shots you use in your Guide to illustrate the step-by-step process you outline.
If anyone is wondering where to begin with Blogs, then this Guide is the perfect Answer."


 Bob Firestone


Look , I've proven to you with screenshots that this method works. I've given you reviews from successful marketers using this exact blueprint. There's nothing more I can do to convince you this works. You're either biting my hand off eagerly waiting to try this system for yourself or your wasting your time as well as mine. If you're the latter then please stop reading this page right now because you'll never have a serious chance to make money on the internet.

I want serious people that want to give this system a

Because I'm so confident you'll have more success than any other program you've tried I'm going to let you try it risk free.


100% Risk Free Trial

Go ahead and order 'Blogging to the Bank' and give it a test run in the next 60 days. If your not 100% happy you can have a your money back in full. I only want happy customers and I'm sure that's all I'll get.

So you're saying to yourself now.

Why don't I just give you 'Blogging to the Bank' free and then you'll pay me once you've had success?

I know if I do this everyone will join up. Get the ebook for free and then let it gather digital dust not putting to use the valuable information I have revealed inside. Thinking about this just makes me sick. I want serious people that will put into action what they learn and the only way to guarantee this is if I make you pull your credit card out and pay a very reasonable investment.


So What's It Going To Cost Me?

Like I said ,  just invest a very small amount to prove to me that you're going to take action!

Just think about all the money you've spent in the past on junk that hasn't worked. I know I spent well over $1,000 before discovering this method. But I'd have paid $1,000 easy when I started to learn this then.

Think about the money this system could make you. In just two weeks in January I earned $2800. If you think about it, I'm sure you'd invest two weeks worth of profit to generate double this amount every month.

But before you get scared thinking I'm going to charge over $2000 for this information let me tell you that I know you don't want to send money because you've been burned before. That's why I'm going to charge just $99.95 for 'Blogging to the Bank'.

However because this site is still in the pre launch process I'm going to give you a 70% discount if you order by midnight . That means if you order today you'll only be paying $27.

After then I plan on rolling the word out to the public and will need to raise the price because I just simply won't be able to manage the flood of orders that will come in if kept at $27.

When you really think about it, $27 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you could be making using this knowledge and step-by-step blueprint. Just feel the success potential residing in you with these free blogging techniques...


"I Earned $424.02 In Just 15 Days Using Your Amazing Method"

"Thanks Rob. I'm very impressed with your methods and guidance. I was a complete newbie to making money online and after using your system I've gone from nothing to $477.57 in my first month and I earned another $424.02 in the last 15 days.

I can't thank you enough for this information. I have included a screenshot of my Clickbank account to share my success with you"

Melissa Baxter
Yorkshire, UK


Order Right Now And I'll Also Throw In  These Bonuses Worth $241  Absolutely FREE!

To make sure you succeed I'm going to throw in a few extras worth $241 but in order to receive these you must order right now because I'll be removing them once I release this to the public.


Bonus #1 - Top Secret Keyword Report ($49 Value)

I'll hand you the exact keywords that are making people thousands with Google Adsense. Some of these words are paying over $50 per click. Even up to $96 for one keyword. This will give you the head start to start creating blogs around high paying Adsense topics and earning a fortune in the process. I have seen less accurate, smaller keyword lists sell for any where up to $200 but you're going to get this totally free of charge.


Bonus #2 - Subscription To My Premium Newsletter ($97 Value)

You can't get access to my premium newsletter for free. You can't even get access for money. You must be one of my customers and normally I would only people I've talked to personally but I've going to give you the chance to subscribe to my behind close doors newsletter details new advances in blogging and affiliate marketing.


Bonus #3 - "Get Your Blog Crawled Quick" Videos ($95 Value)

In these three screen cam videos I quickly show you how to get your blogs crawled and indexed in the major search engines in as little as 48 hours. Watch me as I walk you through the simple process, leaving no option but success.


 "You're Selling It Too Cheap"

"I like your book. It's short, to-the-point, and covers the basics before leaping into the more advanced "down and dirty" techniques designed to suck in big traffic. But I think you're selling it too cheap. Those last few pages alone are more than worth the low price you're asking"


Phil Wiley


Now you know this all works and I'm even giving you some amazing bonuses and a huge 50% discount. All there is to do is whip out your card and place your order. You'll get instant access so you can start today.


No Risk Acceptance Form

Yes Rob, I want to become a blogging super affiliate and learn the secrets and techniques you uncover in 'Blogging to the Bank'.

I also want to guarantee that I get the three bonuses totally free by ordering today,

I realize that if I leave this offer the price may increase and the bonuses may get withdrawn so want to place my order right now through a secure server and receive instant instructions on how to download 'Blogging to the Bank' along with the bonuses.

As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be given instructions on how to download your guide , and the accompanying bonuses

Click Here To Download Now



Yours in success

Rob Benwell
Author of 'Blogging to the Bank'

P.S. Don't forget, you only get the 50% discount and amazing free bonuses if you order today. After that I can no longer guarantee them at the special discount price.

P.P.S. I'm giving you everything you need to become a super affiliate and earn massive commissions of up to $516.53 per day like me. This is the only system you need to make money online!  But you need to act now. So please click here to get instant access today.


Click Here To Download Now



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