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"How to Build Your Professional, Response-Driven Website in Just 27 Minutes -- Without Hassle, Without Error, and Without ANY Skills Whatsoever!"
For Complete Internet Beginners to Experienced Web Wizards

Jason, Skye & Aaron Amadeus Mangrum

From the desk of: Jason Mangrum,
CEO - &

I'm fed up and I've had it!

I cannot believe the number of emails I get on a daily basis, from people all over the world (kindhearted, hardworking, smart individuals) who after almost going broke trying everything on the market, STILL have no clue how to build a website to run their business. Well, I'm putting a permanent stop to that right now, once and for all...

You'll Not Only See (with your own eyes) How to Build A Website for Your Business -- I'll Even Hold Your Hand and Step You Through the Entire Process of Building it Yourself, Starting from Scratch!

"I was totally blown away with this outstanding work by Jason and Skye Mangrum. I pounced all over this.

Its the best presentation, cutting-edge, up-to-date how-to information I have seen in a long time.

I love it so much, I immediately called Jason and made several deals with him. I'll be using this resource as a branded opportunity for my new search engine, and I've asked Jason to be a guest speaker (paid by me) at my new MikeGTelecoach site (it's coming real soon).

This guy knows his stuff and he teaches it through "interactive video". If you're as sick and tired of ebooks as I am, this technology is the way to go and is the way to learn.

I can't say enough about what Jason and Skye have put together. You've just got to see it for yourself."

Michael T. Glaspie, ("Mike G") - Founder / Director:,,,,,

Did you know you could easily save $1,000-$10,000 or more in just 27 minutes?

It's true. I own a direct-response web design business, and clients who need a website for their business have paid me thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to build it for them...

Why in the world would someone pay that much money just to get a website, you ask? Because that website is purely designed to make money. My clients know and trust they'll get a website that continues to make them money, long after it's released out into the world wide web...

That being said, I have a confession to make.

I can't stand doing web design!!!

Yes, I know that's a bold statement to make out in public like this, but I just don't care anymore! I'm sick and tired of seeing these good, honest, business-minded people come to me with every pre-conceived notion you can imagine, telling me to "remove that headline", "I want a red background with black text", "I don't want the order link so bold like that", etc. etc. etc...

It's driving me crazy!

They'll pay thousands of dollars to have a professional build their website, but they don't have a clue how to run it once it's built! They don't know what makes money. They don't understand already proven principles that make a website sell, and continue to sell while other websites struggle to make a dime...

Enough venting. I've created the solution.

It's based on a brand-new type of video technology that allows me to interact with you, as you build a website.


Downloaded the software and watched a couple of the videos and immediately downloaded Dreamweaver. Looks very well developed and distinctively educational.

This will definitely be a must have for the do it yourselfer, like me. Now I really have a big toy to play with!"

Rod Smith


These aren't your everyday "training videos." With this software, you literally cannot fail. You won't just watch me build a website from scratch -- you'll get to build it yourself as I guide you through each and every step!

  • If you attempt to make an error, the software will gently remind you of the correct solution, and it will be highlighted for you, making your entire learning experience fun and enjoyable.

  • Every program used to create your website can be easily downloaded for free over the internet, safely and 100% legally.

  • You'll learn about a 100% free stock-photos resource you can use for your website's graphics.
    (And never have to worry about paying any royalty fees!)

  • You'll learn how to use CSS or "Cascading Style Sheets" to give your website the appearance of professionalism and simplistic beauty.

  • You'll learn the best colors to use for your website. Get this wrong, and you could lose thousands of dollars or more in potential customers!

  • The easiest way to create tables for your website. Hint: Tables are used when making testimonial boxes, subscription forms, designs & layouts -- if you want a truly professional website, you must know these techniques!

  • Discover a little-known secret about fonts (and how to install them) that will turn you into a graphical wizard overnight!

  • Become able to build any website you can imagine in just 27 minutes or less... regardless of your skills or online experience!

  • Get the best of both worlds -- see my actions recorded on video, follow my notes, and gain the ability to quickly master each lesson within an interactive learning environment!

    "I am blown away by your interactive videos!

    I thought for sure it would be too complicated for me, but I was wrong! The way I was able to click along through the steps of building the professional site was just exactly what I needed to really learn. I'm confident that I can take this new knowledge and build myself a website to be proud of! I'll never pay another professional website builder again-now I am one!"

    Thanks so much,
    Kristi Sayles

This is the ultimate interactive learning experience. I guarantee it . In fact, I'll back up my claim with a "Love-It-Or-Shove-It" Money Back Guarantee...

I am so extremely confident that the "How to Build Your Website" Interactive Home Learning Software will help you build your very own website - from scratch, with the same direct-response, high-quality techniques my web clients pay thousands of dollars for, that I offer you a full 90 days to prove it to yourself and put it to the test...

If the Interactive Home Learning Software doesn't do absolutely everything I say it does and more, just let me know and you'll get an immediate refund.

I want this to work for you. I built this to work for you . Otherwise, I'm going to be stuck in my web design business, still flooded with clients who want me to do all these things I'm openly revealing to you, right here in this software!

Actual screen-shot of the main menu interface

Want an audio/visual taste of what 'How To Build Your Web Site' is all about?

"FREE Interactive Video: See A Brand New Interactive Home Learning Video In Action!"

If you're looking for the quickest way to learn about our new interactive videos, check out this FREE video - right now!

Click here to begin viewing the video now.
(This is just one of the many lessons we cover in the full version!)

Note: This will open a new window, so disable any pop-up blockers if the window does not appear.

Why You Won't Have to Pay $1,000-$10,000 to Learn the Exact Same Secrets that Were Revealed to My High-Paying Web Design Clients!

If you were to request me to build your website, you'd pay a bare minimum of $1,500. And this includes a one page, direct-response website designed to make you money for life...

But my time is growing scarce, and I just cannot bare to deal with another client who's been previously brainwashed, and given all the pie-in-the-sky hopes and dreams, only to be disheartened and dissapointed after it's already too late... (and then they come crying to me for help!)

This is why I'm going to let you download this Interactive Home Learning Software right now, for just $197. $97! Think about it. Would you rather pay $1,500 to $10,000 or more, just to learn the exact same secrets and techniques you're about to learn for a mere $97? (That's like getting an immediate $1,403 discount!)

Why would I cut you a full $1,403 discount?

Because I truly want to make this software affordable for everyone. I want to make the price low enough that you'll give it a try, but modest enough to prove to you it has real value. Once I see a high enough demand for this software, I will raise the price accordingly. As of right now, it's brand new, never-before-seen technology, you absolutely must see to believe...

Never Before Has it Been Easier to Create Your Very
Own Website
to Sell Anything You Want & Get Results!

How to Build Your Website™
New Interactive Home Learning Software
Only $197 $97 If You Act Now!

Take a Risk-Free Trial Today!
Try Now - Decide Later
One Time Refundable Fee

You'll be downloading your videos within 5 minutes.

"The best part is you don't leave any details out. The reference to the fonts and the public domain graphics is PRICELESS. SO many Guru's say buy from a "header maker" (I think their headers look amateur, myself).

Anyway, I'd spend all day learning how to do a gradient on a header and with your video it was 3 minutes. I've just got my header and footer done and will keep in touch. I've been fumbling around for weeks on creating the actual pages. When I saw your sales page I JUMPED at it! Whipped out that ol' credit card, as we say.

Gotta spend it (in the right places) to make it." - Chuck Masterson


To Your Online Success!

-Jason Mangrum, CEO &

952 Norman Drive
Clarksville, TN 37040

PS. Remember , you have a full 90 days to take "How to Build Your Website" for a test drive. Give it an honest try, and I guarantee you'll absolutely love it or you get every cent of your money back. Click Here and take it for a test drive!
952 Norman Drive
Clarksville, TN 37040

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