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Here are the benefits of becoming a resale license holder

- Sell the product and keep 100% of the profits.

- No royalties. That means you can sell as many as you wish (unlimited) and keep all the profits.

- You are able to customize the ebook to your name, URL, contact info (optional).

- Customize the ebook to your affiliate links. If anyone purchases the resale license of this product from your affiliate link, you will earn 75% commissions (maximum of $100 commission from Clickbank)

- You will also able to earn 75% commissions from the sale of any of our products featured within the ebook itself.

The license agreement for resale license are as follows...

1. The minimum suggested selling price is $49.97. I cannot legally force you to comply with this price, but I would hope that you will respect my wishes in order to respect other resale license holders. When discounting and wholesaling occurs, it only devalues the product and hurts you in the long run. License holders will be expected, albeit not forced, to sell the product for at least $49.97. Please do not order a license if you have other plans.

2. The previleges of license holders who are found to be selling the product below the suggested selling price will be revoked. These previleges include the membership to our affiliate program, lifetime upgrades to the product, and any other special upgrades or benefits given to license holders.

3. You may change the website sales letter in any way that you want as long as the the product is not misrepresented in any way.

4. You MAY NOT change, edit or remove any parts of the testimonials in any way, including the first name of the product owner, Ameer.

5. You MAY NOT change the course itself in any way, nor may you sell the videos separately from the ebook. You must only send the pdf ebook file to your customers.

6. You MAY NOT authorize other people to sell the product. You cannot grant resale license to others. If your customers want to sell the manual, then they must purchase a license directly from me. You may sell the product, but not resale license.

7. You MAY include it in any other "package" deal, membership site, or as a bonus item. However, the price of the main product must be at least $147.

8. You MAY NOT market this product in any immoral or unethical manner, including sending UCE - unsolicited commercial email, also known as SPAM.

9. You are responsible to write your own website earning disclaimer, terms of service & privacy policy as required by the FTC.

10. You MUST setup this product for order processing on your own webpage. Please DO NOT send any of your customers to MY download location. The ebook download link, and the "thank-you" page must be hosted at your own website and orders processed from there. Only the videos will be hosted on our server. That means you only need to send your customers to the download location of your customized ebook.

11. Any violation of this agreement will be subject to a revoking of this license in which case all monies paid will be forfeited.

This constitutes the entire license agreement. Any disputes or terms not discussed in this agreement are at the sole discretion of Ameer A. Salim.

The reprint rights license fee is $247.00.

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The license gives you the product to sell, the ready-made webpage template to upload to your own site, the sales letter and use of all graphics.


The statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will be able to resell this product successfully. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, marketing background, product, effort and motivation to take action. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.


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