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A Very Special Offer For You ,!!


", My Friends Laughed At Me When I Said I Could Increase Their Online Income By Up To 3886% With No Effort From Their Part... You Had To See Their Faces When I Proved It!"

Read On To Discover How You Can Get Your Hands On A Unique Software That Could Literally Multiply Your Current Website Income By Many Folds Without You Lifting A Finger!

From: Anand Iyer & S. Kumar

Tuesday, 11:33 AM
RE: 3886% increase in income

Start Using ClickAdsPro Today!

Dear Fellow Marketer ,

If I told you I have a software that could increase your online income by up to an astounding 3886%, would you believe me?

Honestly , I would not - unless I have some solid proof, I'd be skeptical about such statements. That is exactly what my friends did - when I told them I have a software to multiply their current online income in the correct way and without any hard work from their part, they simply laughed at me!

So, allow me to show you something you really wanna see...

Proof That My Software Actually Works!

I want you to take a good look at one of my spare ClickBank® accounts:

Proof that my software actually works!
(Click To Enlarge)

You'll notice that I went from making $17.47 for the second quarter of September to $696.39 for the second quarter of November...

...That's A Staggering 3886% Increase!

Not only that, I am consistently averaging over $400 every quarter without ANY extra effort!

Imagine what this kind of increase could do for you!

I showed the same proof to my skeptical friends. This time, it was me who was laughing - you really had to see their faces!

What An Increase In Income Can Do For You...

Tell me honestly - haven't you ever wished you could lead a life you always wanted - where you achieve all your goals and enjoy the lifestyle of your choice?

A simple doubling of your current income could do wonders for you - it could bring in more happiness in your life, it could serve to pay an extra bill or two, or it could even add up to your investment to buy that dream house!

But Isn't $696.39 A Measly Amount?

Yes, I agree. $696.39 is a real small amount. But what you should notice here is the jump in the income. And the fact that there was nothing extra done to promote the site - no PPCs, no ezine ads, nothing. In short...

... I Had The Same Flow Of Visitors As I Had Earlier!

Isn't that something interesting?

Now it's for you to decide - do you want to multiply your current online income?

If you answered yes, read on!

How I Did It, And How You Too Can!

It was really simple. When I say simple, I mean it .

How simple is it for you to copy and paste a few lines of auto generated code on your web pages? Frankly, that is the only thing I did!

Wait, I know what's in your mind...

Are You Joking? You Increased Your Income By Multi-Folds Just By Pasting A Few Lines Of Code?

No my friend, I am not joking at all. All I did to get this astonishing result of 3886% increase was to paste a few lines of code on my pages. And I want to specifically mention that the code was generated automatically by my software.

Here's The Full Story...

A few months ago, I too was struggling to make money online. After spending a lot of time and effort on studying the different kinds of ways to make money, I stumbled upon a real unique idea.

We all agree that promoting quality affiliate programs is a good way to make nice income. But promoting them could be a real pain - every Dick and Harry would be promoting them! That is where my software could help you...

What If You Could Promote Affiliate Programs In A Truly Unique Way -- What If You Could Monetize Your Lost Traffic?

You see, not all of your visitors would buy from you. Most of them are there simply to "see" what you offer. Of course there are some people who take out their credit cards immediately and buy what you offer, but most won't.

Majority of your visitors just leave your website without buying anything!

I call these people lost traffic. That is because I have tried hard to get these people to my site, but I have not really benefited from them.

What if I could monetize on this lost traffic?

What if I could take them to another highly profitable affiliate program in a truly unique way? That is exactly what my software does!


ClickAdsPro - Make OUTRAGEOUS Amounts Of Cash!

The Super Software That Monetizes Your Lost Traffic

ClickAdsPro lets you monetize the large part of visitors who don't buy from you. So you can multiply your current income by folds without actually doing anything extra!

"Bigger dollars with ClickAdsPro..."

"ClickAdsPro is a revenue generator promising bigger checks through ClickBank than using adsense or other contextual click-through schemes. If you are creating any type of website that draws traffic consider ClickAdsPro. It will work for you 24/7 and the install is simple even for newbies plus Anand is there to help you if needed. Put these effective ClickBank Ads on all your pages for 60 days and compare the commissions earned thru ClickBank versus adsense. Your CTR or Click-through rates might be exactly the same, but with specifically targeted Ads using ClickAds Pro... the actual conversion to more dollars can go way. way up. Same traffic, same clicks, but bigger dollars with ClickAds Pro. It's that simple.

I can say without hesitation that Anand stands behind all of his software products. Don't be put off thinking this is a sales pitch for just another 'ho-hum marketing tool'. Quite unlike most sales pages promising the moon, Anand delivers... because he is a very professional programmer who also understands your goals for internet marketing tools. His technical support is effective and timely... and Anand actually responds personally.

Jan Manzer
Internet Technology Group

Here's How ClickAdsPro Works

ClickAdsPro empowers you to show targeted ads on your web pages that are relevant to the content of your page directly retrieved from clickbank database.

And clickbank database is automatically updated directly from clickbank.

When your visitor sees an ad that is significant to their interest, they will gladly checkout what it has to offer. This is called contextual advertising. Contextual advertising is nothing new to the internet...

...you have heard about Google® Adsense, right? Adsense is the grand daddy of contextual advertising. ClickAdsPro uses the same principle as Adsense, but with one difference - instead of Google® choosing your ads, you handpick them! Every ad shown on your pages takes your lost traffic to a killer sales letter of an affiliate program. Any purchase thereafter - the money is in your pocket! In short...

...Instead Of Getting A Few Cents, You Have The Chance To Earn $100s Per Click!

The simple formula that works out here is: AM+C = Huge Profits

(A)ffiliate (M)arketing + (C)lickbank = Huge Profits

See how powerful ClickAdsPro is? Within minutes from now, you could have a system that will bring in money for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

"ClickAdsPro is the best..."

"ClickAdsPro is the best among similar products in its slots"

Yes, this is a simple statement, but this is my opinion as I use it!"

S. Kumar

!- Here is a Live Demo Displayed At Learnhomebusiness.com -!


Click Here To Monetize Your Lost Traffic Now!

Here's How You Can Benefit From ClickAdsPro Today...

Display laser-targeted, high-quality affiliate program ads on any kind of webpage that lures your visitors, and fills your pocket with massive amounts of cash.

Promote any affiliate program you like by monetizing traffic that very few marketers online ever monetize... The people that were not planning on buying your product on the spot.

Personally select the affiliate ads that you want to be displayed based on a number of criteria including the theme, the minimum ranking of the product and/or the minimum commission of the product displayed.


Control every aspect of the ad displayed including the background color, border color, title color and text color at run time. Now, that is something we really call "fully flexible"!


Use your creativity to develop unlimited number of display styles for your ads to perfectly blend with every possible theme or layout of your web sites.


Generate code for javascript ads on your static webpages or search engine friendly ads on your dynamic pages in less than 7 seconds using the newly designed Adcode Generator.


Find out which ad works for you and which does not using the extensive tracking and reporting functionality. You can view the total clicks, impressions and clickthrus in a neat graphical format.


Control the complete functioning of ClickAdsPro from the intuitively designed Administration Panel.


Start a full fledged ClickBank® Search Engine which lists ALL the products in ClickBank® Marketplace embedded with your affiliate ID.


Select ads to display from thousands of products in the 3 databases - the ClickBank®, the custom or the elite (we will talk about this in detail a moment later).


Automatically find out & transfer your best performing affiliate programs to a covert database.

... plus tons of features that make it natural for you to make more money!

Here's A Set Of Picks From Some Of The Mind Blowing Feature Of ClickAdsPro...

An Installation Process So Easy That Makes Forest Gump Feel Like Albert Einstein!
ClickAdsPro Installation - Easy & Simple
One of the 3 easy steps in ClickAdsPro installation
ClickAdsPro is notoriously known for its easy 3 step installation. I created an easy-to-follow manual to guide you through all the way.

If you know how to upload files to your server, and change the permissions on them, then you can have the ads running on your sites and generating you money in minutes!

Rotate Targeted Ads On Any Kind Of Web Pages
No matter what technology your web page uses, ClickAdsPro can display laser-targeted ads on those pages. It doesn't matter whether the page uses HTML, PHP, CGI, ASP or ColdFusion - ClickAdsPro will handle it all. The only requirement is that your visitor's browser must support javascript. ClickAdsPro can even display search engine friendly ads on your dynamic pages!
Unlimited Adstyles To Match Every Layout Of Your Page
Create, personalize & use
unlimited adstyles

ClickAdsPro allows you to create and personalize your own ad styles. There are no limits whatsoever, from long rectangles to squares in any sizes.... you get to choose from whatever makes the most money for your site.

11 ad styles are built into ClickAdsPro as defaults - so you can start using them right away! These 11 styles resemble those given by Google®, and include banner, button, half banner, skyscrapper, vertical banner, square, leaderboard, small rectangle, wide skyscrapper, medium rectangle & large rectangle.

Hassle Free AdCode Generator
Adcode Generator
Generate adcodes in a jiffy!
You don't have to worry about writing codes to display ads on your web pages.

ClickAdsPro's Adcode Generator generates the code that you need to paste in your web pages based on the criteria you decide - in less than 7 seconds.

It's so easy and hassle free that even a 5 year old could do it.

Complete Control Over The Ads Shown
The ads displayed by ClickAdsPro always under your control. You can customize every aspect of the ad starting from the theme of the ad to the layout. You can change the border color, the background color, the title color, the text color, the minimum rank of the products shown, the minimum commission of the product shown - all of these could be controlled at runtime!

With ClickAdsPro you have the freedom to choose the topics for the ads on your site. For example, if you have a music site, you can choose to display ads for movies. It can become the perfect complement to monetizing your site.

For demonstration purposes, here are some Golf ads:

How else could you market other alternatives to the same visitors? And how else could you do it so easily?
Three Databases To Choose Your Ads From
Your copy of ClickAdsPro comes with 3 databases for storing your ads.
Choose ads from 3 databases
Three databases ready to serve you every kind of ad!

One contains ALL the products in ClickBank® marketplace. That accounts to over 11000 products! A simple mouse click is all it takes to update this database with the latest products from ClickBank® marketplace! What's more - you can even schedule ClickAdsPro to update your ClickBank® database at intervals you define!

The second database consists of ads of your choice - you can add, edit or delete ads to this database at any time.

The third database contains your best performing ads from the other two databases - ClickAdsPro uses an algorithm to determine which are your "best performers", and silently copies them to your third database named the elite database.
Intuitive Administration Panel
ClickAdsPro Admin Panel
Admin Panel Makes Controlling ClickAdsPro Easy As Pie!
ClickAdsPro gives you full power with it's must-see administration panel. You have full control with ClickAdsPro extensive functionalities.

The administration panel also contains a built in Report Center that acts as a Cockpit view of how your ads are performing and how you can improve them.

Completely Customizable ClickBank® Search Engine
ClickAdsPro ClickBank Mall
Inbuilt ClickBank Search Engine
ClickAdsPro comes with an integrated ClickBank® search engine builder. Your visitors can search through Clickbank's database with your ID embeded on every result. Every link is cloaked with your Affiliate ID so are sure you never loose any commissions.

The search engine is completely flexible - you can decide the minimum commission and/or rank of the products being displayed. You can ven decide the sort criteria - whether you want the results to be sorted based on commissions or rank or the title of the product!

This search engine is completely template based, hence you can blend it with your existing website in a jiffy! Now tell me , how many times have you seen ClickBank ® malls with much lesser features being sold for $97 or more?

Image Ads

ClickAdsPro lets you create image ads that could multiply your click thru rates! Research have shown that showing images with ads literally grab the attention of your visitors instantly. Now you can take advantage of it with ClickAdsPro's image ads.

Contextual Ad Matching

The contextual matching feature of ClickAdsPro gives you the freedom of changing your website content at will. You no longer have to provide a keyword to match your ads with - ClickAdsPro will automatically scan your pages for keywords, and then select ads those are relevant to your contents.

Plus Lots More!

With all these mind features , it's impossible not to multiply your current online income many folds!

"ClickAdsPro was so easy to set up I was done in 15 minutes..."

"ClickAdsPro was so easy for me to set up I was done in less than 15 minutes. Adsense is nice but clickadspro is so much better. No more getting just pennies, now I have a chance of getting dollars per click. This is GREAT!!!"

Richard Wing

What It Could Cost You By NOT Having ClickAdsPro...

Since you are still reading, I am sure that you are seriously interested in making more money from your website. You have seen how ClickAdsPro works, and how you can put it to your benefit today. You have also seen tons of it's mind blowing features.

You are probably wondering how much your investment for this unique software is.

Before I tell you how much it costs, let us do a little calculation:

How Much Money Are You Losing Per Month Without ClickAdsPro?

This calculator will show you how much money you are losing per month by not monetizing your lost traffic. Just fill up the form, and click the Show Me button. Note that this is the minimum amount you are losing!

Visitors Per Month:
Conversion Rate:

Your Lost Traffic Is Visitors

You Are Losing Atleast $ Per Month

That Accounts To $ Per Year!

The above calculation is based on the assumption that only 1% of your lost traffic buys an affiliate product you promote with ClickAdsPro. In reality, this rate could be much higher.

Stunned by the amount of money you are leaving on the table?

Then you ought to get this software right now!

Just think about it - even if you are doing just 1000 visitors to your site per month (if you are doing anything less than that, then you don't qualify to be called an internet marketer!) with a conversion rate of 1%, ClickAdsPro will save you $495 per month - that's $5940 per year!

Even if I sell ClickAdsPro for just 10% of that, I could easily charge $500+ for this powerful software. Compare $500 to the savings you could make per year!

But I'm going to make it accessible to the average internet marketer. ClickAdsPro and all it's future upgrades for life are yours today for a one-time payment of $147.

Yes, I'm Practically Giving This Software Away At $147!

Well, think about it this way - just a couple of sales from the use of ClickAdsPro would account for your investment. After that, every penny you make is pure profit!

Download Your Copy Of ClickAdsPro Now!

Put The Entire Risk On Me

I'm so sure about the power of my incredible software that I am willing to carry the entire risk on your behalf. You can purchase ClickAdsPro today with confidence - in case you are not satisfied with it, you will get your money back. You have my word on that. Here is my no nonsense guarantee:

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Buy ClickAdsPro At No Risk!

Order ClickAdsPro Today And Get $500+ In Free Bonus!

ClickAdsPro is worth every cent I am selling it for. But in order to sweeten the deal, I am offering you bonuses worth more than $500. Try out ClickAdsPro today, and get all these absolutely FREE!

Bonus #1: ClickAdsPro-Lite with Master Resell Rights (Value: $199)

ClickAdsPro Lite is the lite version of ClickAdsPro. Although not as powerful as ClickAdsPro, ClickAdsPro-Lite has loads of features. As a bonus for purchasing ClickAdsPro today, you get ClickAdsPro-Lite with Master Resell Rights.

Sell it as a separate product, and make money. Sell resell rights, make even more money. You can add it as a bonus to your main product, you can add it to your membership site, you can add it to your existing package - the choice is yours. The only limitation is that you cannot give away this script for FREE.

Bonus #2: Lifetime FREE Upgrades To ClickAdsPro (Value: $99+)

We are constantly improving ClickAdsPro by adding more and more features to it. We understand that it is currently one of the best in the slot of similar products, but we want to make it better!

When you purchase ClickAdsPro today, you get unlimited FREE upgrades to it. This means every time a new version is out, you can download it FREE of cost! Now compare it with others who charge you for every new version!

Bonus #3: ClickBank Download Protector with Master Resell Rights (Value: $49.97)

ClickBank Dowload ProtectorThe Download Protector Script is a Fully Automated "Thank-You Page Generator" which is much powerful than a Static HTML Page.

  • This System will verify whether your buyer is forwarded from ClickBank after payment.
  • Order Details including the ClickBank Receipt # will be displayed on your Thank-You page.
  • This System will collect Name & Email address of your buyer. A Sales Report will be sent to you Instantly.
  • A Thank-You message to your buyer without any delay.
  • Adds the buyer to your AutoResponder System, so that follow-up emails will be sent to promote your other products.

The whole system is fully Automated.

Bonus #4: 306 Website Templates with Master Resell Rights (Value: $57)

306 Website TemplatesA massive collection of 306 instant website templates. All you will need to do is add text to the graphic buttons and add text to the layout and you are ready to go. Use these templates to give a brand new look to your ClickBank portal generated by ClickAdsPro, create web sites for your own products or services, or use them to create web sites for others!

Did I mention that you have master resell rights to this templates pack? Sell it as a whole and keep every red cent you make. Offer resell rights and make even more money. You can even start a template store and sell these 306 templates individually!

Bonus #5: Link Check Generator with Master Resell Rights (Value: $47)

Link Check GeneratorSecret Software Tool Let's Any Average Joe Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Competition! Start using it in the next 5 minutes and you will be undeniably HOOKED FOR LIFE!

Link Check Generator comes with a complete sales page that you can use to sell it.

Bonus #6: Mystery Bonus (Value: $97)

This mystery bonus is going to blow you away. This is the same product that everyone, including the top internet gurus were raving about. This is the same product which is considered the best product in it's category so far. This is the same product that has helped thousands earn money online. Some even went ahead and called it the bible of internet marketing! And it is your today when you order ClickAdsPro!

Warning: You may want to hurry, because I cannot offer the bonuses to everyone, especially the last one - the mystery bonus. You might lose out if you procrastinate.

Get Ready To Multiply Your
Online Income...

With a few mouse clicks, you could be running an incredibly easy to use software that will work for you round the clock monetizing the large part of your visitors that you have not benefited from till now - the lost traffic.

Imagine, in a few minutes from now, your current online income could easily DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE or MULTIPLY many folds -- without doing any search engine optimization, without driving in more traffic or without promoting it any further.

So do yourself a favor, download ClickAdsPro now, put it to work, and start living the way you wanted to -- with the extra money that ClickAdsPro brings in for you!

System Requirements

Please note that for ClickAdsPro to work properly on your server, your server must:

  • Run Apache HTTP server
  • Support PHP version 4.3.1 or higher
  • Have MySQL database version 4.0.25 or higher

Get Your Copy Of ClickAdsPro Right Now

Anand P Iyer

Anand Iyer

P.S. For a measly one time investment , you are getting your hands on the incredible software that will multiply your current income by many folds by monetizing people leaving your web site. You have read about it's features, and seen how you can benefit from it today. This could probably be the best investment you'll ever make!

P.P.S. Remember you are getting this powerful software with unlimited updates for life , and bonuses worth over $500. On top of all, you get my 60 day, unconditional warranty. I will take out this software from the market, and I want you to benefit from it while it's still there!

© 2006 ClickAdsPro. All Rights Reserved.

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