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A Very Special Offer For You , *Brand New*


 Internet marketing tips that works


For the serious marketer only: this is unlike anything you've ever heard of, read about or seen before...

"At Last... A Marketing Wizard Dares To Separate The Truth From The Countless Lies You've Been Force-Fed And Not Only Reveals What Really Pumps Hard Solid Cash Into Your Bank Account - But Spells Out Exactly How YOU Can Benefit From These Money Making Profit-Boosting Strategies Starting Today!"

Sure , no doubt you've heard that one many times before, right? But keep reading, because every claim I make is backed by rock-solid proof!...

Every Single Tip, Tactic and Technique I Am Going To Share With You Has Been Ruthlessly TESTED and PROVEN to Work for Hundreds of People - Just Like You and Me!

Pay Close Attention Now Because By Taking A Few
Minutes To Read This Entire Page You Will Find
Answers To Your Burning Questions... Such as:
  • What Is The #1 All-Important Internet Marketing Strategy For Creating And Maintaining A Guaranteed Online Income? (Without Knowing This, You Might As Well Throw In The Towel!)
  • Why After All The eBooks You Own, Lists You’ve Joined, And Courses You've Signed Up To… You STILL Don’t Follow This Fundamental Principle Of Marketing Online?
  • Why Do People With Mailing Lists Boast Such Incredible Results Yet When You Attempt To Do The Same, It Goes Belly Up In No Time?
  • What Is BIGGEST Mistake You Make When Wasting Money On Ads? - And How Can This Simple Little Tactic, Which Takes Mere Seconds To Apply, Can Slash Your Advertising Costs In Half?
  • Why When Someone Shows You Proof That They've Earned $30,000, You'll NEVER Be Able To Replicate Such Results Unless You Know This Obvious Technique?
  • How Can You Immediately Increase Your Business Sales By Doing Something SO Embarrassingly Simple, That You'll Practically Eliminate All Your Advertising Costs And Eliminate Any Competition?
  • What Is The Easiest And Fastest Approach To Creating Authority Using Articles? (Read The Full "Behind-The-Curtains" Story)
  • How On Earth Is It Possible To Create High Ticket Items That Sell For Literally Hundreds Of Dollars, By Leveraging Other People's Expertise?

...and that's just the tip of the iceberg compared to some of the other mind-boggling secrets I will share with you today, but first...


Hang on to your seat, because as you may have already heard, what I'm about to share with you in just a moment is SO powerful... that whoever possesses this knowledge, holds the power to accomplish anything online.

Whether you're an 'online virgin' or an 'online veteran" - and whether your goal is to increase your sales, your leads or your commissions... it's all easily possible if you know HOW - the CORRECT way!

You see, the reality is, most online marketers think they know what they're talking about. They think they can whip up a short crappy eBook and trick people into buying it with some bone-breaking sales letter.

The Difference With Me Is,
I Know What WORKS, What Doesn't -- And WHY!
And I've Got A Ton Of References To Back That Up...

PLUS, Because I have your success in mind, I'll do something any marketing expert will rarely ever do - I'll let you take a quiet peek at two of my most treasured advertising resources that have consistently given me an astonishing ROI time after time!

So with your permission, and for the very first time ever, I'm going to let you in on some BIG valuable secrets that have pumped literally THOUSANDS into my bank account, as well as the pockets of countless people just like you who have already put these inspirational strategies and money-making tactics to the test.

And what's more you can instantly focus on just the real strategies that are proven to generate bucket-loads of cash without having your brain cluttered with any hype or fluff or having to waste your valuable time and energy on activities that DON'T produce results!


"Complete Step-By-Step Blueprint
For Creating Wealth..."

Chris Freeman

If you don't understand how to become a successful online marketer after reading this book, then perhaps you should consider plucking chickens for a living!

Dreams NOT For Sale is based on sound business principles and offers a complete step-by-step blueprint for creating wealth - no matter what niche you're in.

Read the book, follow the steps, make the money. I KNOW this works - I do it myself ...

Good job Tahir!

Chris Freeman (another EX-Dinglebert!)



"Solid Information.. Practical Strategies.."

Hi Tahir,

I found your eBook, "Dreams Not For Sale" to be right on the money. It contains solid information that every Internet marketing business needs to know and practical strategies they can implement immediately.

Your book should be required reading for all who want to make money online.

Abbie Drew
Clinton, CT




From: Tahir Shah

Strongly Recommended

Thursday, 12.00 pm


eBooks with resale rights, resell rights, resale rights, ebook packages, free to sell, resale-rights, resell-rights, reprint rights,

 Dear Internet Marketer ,

For so long now you may have been wondering what you were missing from your business; why your sales were so poor and how you could improve your profits. The answer is not difficult. Let me start by asking you a couple of questions ...

  • How many times have you fallen for the online money making dream - only to find yourself faced with yet ANOTHER crap book or whatever else those sneaky "GURU's" try to force feed you?

No doubt it's probably more than once, right?

  • How many times has the material been worth less than a pair of sunglasses to a blind man?

Again, I bet it happens often, correct?

  • How many times have you bought an eBook or marketing course and realized that you were no better off than before learning all the new "killer techniques" and "secret methods" it promised to teach you?

Are you sick and tired of it all?

I know I was.

Don't you wish - once and for all - that someone would just take away all of the fluff, avoid the hype and simply give you the low-down on what really generates cash online and which precise time-tested proven strategies you should focus on to create your own mountain of wealth?

Then this is the most important page for you on the web today...

I'm not going to tell you that making money on the Internet is easy. It's not. What I will tell you is that if you know the strategies that work, and are willing to put in some time and effort, you will succeed in making a fortune on the Internet.

You see, unless you're making all the money in the world and spending most of your days with your friends and family - then you REALLY need to keep paying attention as I reveal not only how these proven strategies work, but also why people can't stop raving about them:

First, Let's Just Get One Thing Straight Off The Bat ...

I'm not here to waste your time, or mine, by trying to seduce your senses - I'm sure both of us are busy people and smarter than that. What I AM going to do is guide you through the exact steps of creating a profitable Internet business, either in your spare time, or as a full-time profession.

The good news starts with my own personal bad news. See, I was like you , struggling to try to make money from marketing online. I'm a hard grafter who's been through what you're probably experiencing right now. I know what it's like with sleepless nights trying to get things to work...

I was just a regular guy in the past, who like many people online, fell for the same B.S. dreams - promising to deliver the earth and the skies, but resulting in diddly-squat! Sound familiar? I'm not surprised.

If you are trying to make an online income, whether it be increase your income or create a new one, I can relate to you and your current situation.

So Why Are You Still Not Making a Decent Income Online?

It's not because you don't know what to do ...

It's because you have too many people telling you to do too many different things - all at once! And they all claim THEIR stuff is what works.

Confusion causes chaos.

And when you are trying to be a jack of all trades, you really do end up a master of none.

bullet I'm not going to teach you about niche marketing.
bullet I'm not going to tell you how wonderfully rich you can become with viral marketing.
bullet I'm not going to tell you how to create an adsense fortune.
bullet I'm not going to teach you the secrets of adwords.
bullet I'm not going to make you a master affiliate marketer.
bullet I'm not going to baffle you with butterflies.
bullet I'm not going to teach you about co-opt-in registration leads.

You've already been confused too much!

So right HERE, right NOW - I'd like to call for a STOP to it all - and I'm sure this is probably music to your ears (and heck, I don't blame you!)

I know where you are. Been there, done that. That's why the information I am revealing to you is bang on the button. I've already made all the mistakes, and poured tens of thousands of dollars into funding my learning - so you don't have to - and I've come out smiling, knowing precisely what works and what doesn't.

Take your time and read the rest of this page line-by-line. The writing is crisp, clear and easy to understand.

I'm going to help focus your mind on a couple of key strategies that are the REAL SECRET behind the success of almost EVERY internet guru online today.

Not only their success, mine too - and like you - I'm not some stuck-up guru.

Speaking of guru's, that brings me to my next question:

"Have You Ever Thought You Were Buying Your Ticket To Internet Fortunes But Ended Up Realizing You Were Just Sold The Dream?!"

Remember those pictures of fancy cars and happy families, pictures of people taking vacations?... You've probably seen it a million times already and no doubt you'll see it a million times more in the future.

Yet we fall for it again and again don't we? Only to realize that we had been sold the sizzle without the steak, we find ourselves no better off 6 months down the line, than we were before we forked over our hard earned cash!

It's like when you go to the roulette table...

And you lose!

That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, grabs hold of you, when you consider how hard you had to work, for the cash you just lost - in a matter of seconds - on one spin of the wheel.

That's when the reality hits you. Hard.

It's exactly the same on the Internet - except you ALWAYS seem to lose.

And with Internet Marketing you can waste months and months of time, money and energy before that reality hits home...

I sympathize fully, because I've been there too.

If you've been in the Internet Marketing game for a while now, and still not earned a bean... you really need someone for ONCE in your life to show you exactly where you are going wrong, and precisely what you need to be focusing on to ENSURE you genuinely start making money online from today onwards.

You simply cannot afford to waste even more time, energy and money on the wrong things. You need No Fluff - No Hype - Solid Proven Strategies that you can put into practice right away. After all, isn't that what you've been searching for all this time? Isn't that exactly what you deserve?

And most importantly...

Isn't that exactly what you wish someone had shown you when you first started instead of repeatedly selling you the age old pipe dream of instant online riches again and again (and again)?


I Started Out Just Like You ... Really!

When I first started trying to make money on the Internet, I knew nothing about Internet Marketing. I mean NOTHING. I had never even heard of an autoresponder and I didn't know a single thing about earning an online income.

In fact, the only thing I did know was that people made money online on way or another - and I wanted to do it too!

I had just completed an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) course. In a nutshell, NLP is a modern day type of psychology used and taught by Top Trainers like Tony Robbins.

One thing that seriously caught my attention was the importance of modeling.

No, not "doing the catwalk"...

I mean modeling what other successful people do.

Not only discovering what they are doing, but also the thought processes behind their actions, so that others can re-create their success.

You model their process.

Now that is all well and fine if you have someone in front of you who you can SEE doing the things that creates wealth online.

Then logic states, that if you copy EXACTLY what they are doing in the same order, with all of the same ingredients... then you will achieve the same or similar results.

Only this way, you'll achieve them a hell of a lot faster!

Why? Because you don't have to go through the same learning curve as them.

By leveraging the time and money that these guys have already invested, you can save years of your life, and tens of thousands of dollars that would otherwise have been wasted.

Following everything to the letter, you will emulate their success formula and experience almost supernatural profits!

Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone sat there in front of me to copy. So many years later, tens of thousands of dollars poorer (before I started to earn REAL money online), here I am writing to you.

Here's How I Discovered
What REALLY Works And What Doesn't

I started studying the successful marketers to find common threads between what they did and how they did it.

There were a lot of contradicting ideas out there. As well as the gazillion methods, opportunities, plans and programs that people were teaching or inviting me to join.

So I tried program after program -  strategy after strategy but without much success. I was getting so lost in the maze of Internet Marketing, that I had no idea how to become and stay profitable online!

Quitting was NOT an option as I'd already invested too much time, energy, money and resources. And I could feel that I was only a stones throw away from cracking the secret code. I could smell success... It was already mine. It had my name on it. All I had left to do was figure out precisely where it really was...

Maybe that's exactly where you are at today, but one thing is for certain - Success comes to those that seek it, not to those that shy away from it. And it's the natural conclusion of applying practical working strategies that get results.


I Was So Hungry For Success
That I Didn't Just Want The Strategies
-- I Wanted The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg!

I wanted to find out exactly where the money was, and how I was going to get it from "OUT THERE" and transfer it into my own bank account.

So instead of learning even more "killer tactics" and "secret strategies" I just started implementing all the things I already knew.

Trying everything I'd learned to see what works - discarding what didn't, and keeping what did.

I wanted to get to a point where I knew for certain that...

If I Lost Every Single Penny To My Name
And Had To Start All Over Again From Scratch
-- I'd Do It In A Fraction Of The Time

... Because this time around I would ONLY be focusing on what was going to bring HARD SOLID CASH into my bank account - and fast!

Not wasting my time jumping from one thing to another. Not trying to find the next money making program that MIGHT give me some kind of return.

Something that I could start again if need be, with next to no money at all and build myself an online business that paid me thousands of dollars a month - Guaranteed!

And guess what...

I Squeezed Out All The Pure Juice Of Internet Marketing Strategies & Then Squeezed Some More, Leaving Out All The Additives... I Wanted 100% PURE Strategies... And After Years Of Trial And Error I Found The Exact Recipe!

Dreams Not For Sale

I'll never forget the first time I woke up and saw my inbox full of orders coming in (and I'll show you that screenshot in just a sec.) What a feeling!

Let me tell you - once you start seeing orders coming in on a regular basis, it becomes almost impossible not to get addicted to it.

Let me give you an example...

A lot of people might think that the period between Christmas and the New Year is a slow period to do business - and for most people it is.

Why? Well it obvious. Disposable amounts of money plummets as the desire for parties, presents and possibly vacations takes over.

But NOT with the strategies I learned and am willing to teach you.

You see, I found that they work at absolutely any time of the year!

Even when other programs or schemes are struggling to make sales, these strategies that Top Internet Marketers employ work all year round.

Below is a screenshot of my email inbox on the 30th of December 2005 - That's 5 days after Christmas and 1 day before New Years Eve!

You Can Easily Wake Up To An Inbox Like This When You Apply The Strategies I'm Seconds Away From Revealing :

These very same strategies have earned me over $800 a day and that's what I considered a bad day (oh and by the way, the screenshots that I'll show you in a moment will verify everything I'm telling you now.)

Now that might not sound like much compared to some of the bigger players online, but believe me - I'm not complaining! Would you?

Have you any idea what that feels like?

Just For One Moment Imagine Earning $823.55 In ONE Day!

Now I'm not promising you that kind of money - How can I? I can't guarantee your results because I don't know you, I don't know if you have the drive to get up and take action.

What I do know is, you're standing right under a money tree. All you have to do is reach up and pluck the fruit.

And let me tell you something else ...

TODAY - using exactly the same strategies I am going to share with you, I earn far more than $800 a day. And next year almost guaranteed... I'll earn even more. Not by doing anything differently, but simply continuing to use EXACTLY these very same strategies that will soon be yours!

If I showed you HOW TO, leaving out NOTHING, what would earning R.E.A.L. money using 100% proven strategies that work mean to you?

Would it mean you use all this free time you would have, to concentrate on more important aspects in life… your family, your friends, your forgotten hobbies, or the improvement and further development of your business?

How about all that extra money? Look in your wallet, and imagine for a moment how many more dollar bills would be stacked up in there… to spend on yourself for whatever YOU please. No-one can take that away from you.

Would it be that car you've had your eye on? Or would you take that well-needed vacation to let off some steam from a hectic lifestyle? Or would you treat your friends... believe me, you'll be the center of attention.

You've probably heard people say money doesn't bring happiness. Well, money makes life a heck of a lot easier, more exciting and damn straight more entertaining - combine that with the tons of free time you'll spend with the people you love... and you've got the formula to happiness!

Look, As You'll See, This Is No Joke...


And that is without any affiliates selling for me, without any paid advertising, and without any search engine traffic!

It's different when you have all of the top affiliates in the world promoting a product for you on a major launch - then you can TURBO CHARGE these figures.

But that is NOT what I am talking about here.

Sure when you can add those into the mix... but I'm talking about earning that without any help other than YOUR own personal input. That's it! (Everything else is an added bonus).

Want to know how much you earn in a year with on average $800 a day?
Of course you do!





Now you'll agree that's not a bad income by anyone's standards, true?

I'll tell you one thing for sure ... it's an amazing feeling.

Knowing that comfortably sitting at home I can earn as much, if not MORE than those in the very top professions - Top Lawyers and Surgeons - without having to put in all the years of study that they do!

This year I will earn even more, but my focus will ONLY be on working the exact same strategies that I am going to teach you and focus your mind on.

I'm willing to share those strategies with you, because of 3 simple facts:

1. They work.
2. Anyone can apply them.
3. They are the real secrets to ANYONE'S online success. I promise you, without these strategies NO online guru would be where they are. Believe me, they get all shifty-eyed whenever you bring it up.

So now that you understand that, you can easily understand why those 3 simple facts enable me to benefit from releasing this kind of information.

First of all, it's good PR! You see, thanks to a massive popular launch on the 1st March, I'm now sought after by customers because I cut out all the B.S. and reveal what OTHER internet marketing "guru's" won't - or don't dare to!

Secondly, my traffic is rocketing! Look at it this way - if after reading my book, you stop losing money on plans, programs, schemes and other useless strategies that will eat away at your time and profits... And for the first time start earning really substantial amounts of income online with a clear strategy of how to grow and expand your business from grass roots - using nothing but 100% tried, tested and proven strategies that work - you'd tell all your friends and colleagues wouldn't you? That's another good reason!

Thirdly, my references are piling up. It seems like almost every day I'm receiving excellent feedback about the trade-secret tactics and techniques revealed in my book - and that puts a smile on my face for many reasons.

So why is everyone raving about it?

You know what? I'll let you be the judge of that:

As I explained earlier on, after years of ruthless testing and tens of thousands of dollars of investment, I released this mind-blogging material to the public on the 1st of March 2007 - and the response has been unbelievable!

In such a short space of time, hundreds of people have requested access to this information. And I've been getting stacks of feedback back from them.


"Tahir, You've Outdone Yourself This Time!"

Ryan Bessling

I have to tell you, I think this is one of the best eBooks I have read in the past 6 months! Once I started reading the book I just couldn't put it down. It has motivated me to complete a project that I have started but never got around to finishing. I will recommend this eBook to everyone on my list.

I think that this eBook should be in every Internet marketers library. I don't know how many times I could have used the information that you provide me in this book to just push forward to get things done to start making money.

You make it easy for anyone to be successful. You get right to the point without all the fluff that is in a lot of eBooks that I have bought in the past. I have to say this eBook is very hearty. I don't like to plug things that I haven't had a chance to check out. I am very funny with what I put my name on. After reviewing your eBook I would gladly plug this product. I think that I would be doing someone a favor by letting them know about your latest work.

I look at this eBook as a gift of your knowledge! 

Thank you for sharing your insights,

Ryan Bessling



"People Online Not Only Need To Read
This eBook, But Some Need To Be
Hit Over The Head With it!"

Tahir's book is down-to-earth and a breath of fresh air. He doesn't pull any punches in his no nonsense analysis of life, people and the internet.

I particularly like the Strategy Points and the quotes that he's used to emphasize and illustrate specific points.

It all makes good sense to me and many people online not only need to read this eBook, but some need to be hit over the head with it. ;-)

Read it. You'll enjoy it as much as I did... IF you can face the truth! It's also full of very informative business marketing strategies.

To your success,

Eva Brown-Paterson

Eva Browne-Paterson    
www.EvieB.com |www.Ezines-R-Us.com    



"Now I Know You're The Real Deal..."

Todd Doyle
Tahir, I just finished reading "Dreams Not For Sale" and I am completely blown away! I review material frequently and your book was like a breath of fresh air!

Your knowledge about the inner workings of internet marketing are detailed and powerfully motivating thru your excellent writing style.

You care about your reader and it shows!

This book is 100% unique and actually has real merit in the info-publishing world. I look forward to any future products you create because now I know you're the real deal.

Thanks for putting this information into the hands of The People.

I salute you.

Todd Doyle - "America's First Internet Whizkid!" http://whizkids.fastspace.biz



"The Information You Provide
Is First Class."

Hi Tahir,

'Dreams Not For Sale' is a true eye opener for all those" Internet Marketing Wannabes" who WRONGLY dream of reaching the top instantly, automatically and with the speed of light!

What struck me most was the methods you adopted to guide people who really want to

make money online but go astray along the way.

The information you provide is first class and every successful internet marketer adopts these proven strategies everyday!

Let 2007 celebrate YOU because you created something very special this year for the rest of us!

Courteously -- S. Kumar    


"Avoid Getting 'Dingleberted'..."

Jane Mark
Hi Tahir,

Find out how to avoid getting "Dingleberted"...

Dreams NOT for Sale is a must read for any up and coming marketer who wants the straight skinny on what building a business on the net is all about.

Everything I tell my own lists about how to forge a road to success is in this e-book laid out in a clear and thoughtful way.

Don't dingle dangle around. Get your hands on Dream Not for Sale right now.

Jane Mark



"Do Yourself A Favor Your Future
Generations Will Thank You For."

Hi Tahir,

I purchased "Dreams Not For Sale" and before I knew it 3 hours had passed and I was on my 3rd reading.

Inspirational, and informative - a no-nonsense ebook, written in plain simple language that anyone can understand.
Linda Forsythe

It's good to see an author who really cares about his audience and for once isn't shouting "Show me the money!" but rather whispering in the ears of his purchasers "Hey.. let me show you where the real money is..." - and then over-delivering on that promise.

My advice to anyone who hasn't got hold of a copy yet is: "Do yourself a favor your future generations will thank you for - get your copy NOW and learn the real secrets to making money online!"

Thank you for an excellent product, and I think you'll have glowing references not just from me, but from anyone who reads your ebook.

Well done Tahir - You've done the world of internet marketing proud! Glad I purchased it and let me know when you write your next one!

Hugs to you and Congratulations!!!
To your success,

Linda Forsythe    



Here's A Reminder Of What You Can Learn Today...

bullet What Is The #1 All-Important Strategy For Creating And Maintaining A Guaranteed Online Income? (Without Knowing This, You Might As Well Throw In The Towel!)
bullet Why After All The eBooks You Own, Lists You’ve Joined, And Courses You've Signed Up To… You STILL Don’t Follow This Fundamental Principle?
bullet Why Do People With Mailing Lists Boast Such Incredible Results Yet When You Attempt To Do The Same, It Goes Belly Up In No Time?
bullet What Is BIGGEST Mistake You Make When Wasting Money On Ads? - And How Can This Simple Little Tactic, Which Takes Mere Seconds To Apply, Can Slash Your Advertising Costs In Half?
bullet Why When Someone Shows You Proof That They've Earned $30,000, You'll NEVER Be Able To Replicate Such Results Unless You Know This Obvious Technique?
bullet How Can You Immediately Increase Your Business Sales By Doing Something SO Embarrassingly Simple, That You'll Practically Eliminate All Your Advertising Costs And Eliminate Any Competition?
bullet What Is The Easiest And Fastest Approach To Creating Authority Using Articles? (Read The Full "Behind-The-Curtains" Story)
bullet How On Earth Is It Possible To Create High Ticket Items That Sell For Literally Hundreds Of Dollars, By Leveraging Other People's Expertise?

Please know one thing:

If You Are Seeking A Million New Strategies...
Go To The "Get Rich Quick" Boys
Because You Won't Find Them Here!

"Dreams Not For Sale" is like nothing you've ever heard of, read about or seen before... the strategies exposed in this book are so potent and so powerful, that I don't want to dilute them with 1001 things that an Internet Marketer might do. I'd rather concentrate your efforts on just a handful of the pure money making strategies that Really Work...

This is so important that I must stress it one more time... Please listen closely... I want to CONCENTRATE YOUR ENERGIES only on result producing strategies... not dilute them - Can you feel the difference already and understand why people are raving about it?

Would You Rather Have
New "Secret Strategies" or 100% Proven Profit Magnets?

The choice is yours. I'm NOT out to impress you. I want to help you with proven strategies that work. I'll let others confuse you with new "secret" strategies... you can read about them by the dozen in the forums alongside the thousands of stories from those that have been burnt by "new and different.

NEW Secret Strategies = UNPROVEN
(And usually only make real money for the person selling them.)

Seriously, I mean it...

Go to the forums and you will see people moaning at how they spent hundreds, sometimes thousands and got burned with the latest "Secret" strategy to hit their email inbox. You'll find new stories every day about some NEW Secret Strategy that promised the earth and skies but delivered diddly squat.

That's what most people do. But remember, most people are NOT making money!

Here's a real little "secret" for you! - Those who are SELLING new "secret" strategies - concentrate on ESTABLISHED and PROVEN strategies themselves.

So whilst they are making money from you with their new unproven secrets they are merrily building their own business with tried and tested 100% proven strategies. The same strategies I am going to share with you!

Making sense yet?

In fact, I can confidently say that the majority of online marketers, sellers and promoters are so far removed from these money making strategies because they are too busy getting caught up in the thousand and one new fads that come along and are hammered into your inbox on a daily basis by every JV partner looking to earn a quick buck.

That is why the vast majority of online marketers are making CRAP, unsteady incomes. That is why they're only seeing a trickle here, a trickle there. And most probably a few months down the line, like many before them, will fail miserably.

That's not something you want, is it? The possibility of losing everything in an instant on something new and different? Of course it isn't, otherwise you wouldn't still be here reading this letter, would you?

This material will PERMANENTLY separate you from the failures!

And what's more, I am absolutely convinced that anybody can succeed once they absorb these easy-to-follow strategies. I'm positive that after reading my book, anyone will able to succeed and make a regular substantial income online.

Essentially… You're Getting The Very Core Strategies That Every Internet Marketing Guru Uses, And 100% Proven
Money-Making Strategies In One Jam-Packed eBook
That's Guaranteed To Make You A Killing Online!

To help build your new online business even faster, I have arranged for a few extra "Fast-Action" bonuses for you ...

Exclusive Fast-Action-Bonus #1

(By the way - all of these guys use exactly the same strategies I'm going to focus your mind, energy and attention on! Chance? Coincidence? I think not. Success leaves nothing to chance. Success is based on PROVEN strategies that work - You'll find them in "Dreams NOT For Sale")

15 Hours Of INTERNET MARKETING Training From

Mike Glaspie
Jack Humphrey
Shawn Casey
Chris Mriscin
Ken McArthur
Mike Glaspie
Jack Humphrey
Shawn Casey
Chris Mriscin
Ken McArthur

10 Of The Top Experts In The World

Shannon Denniston
Oliver Biglar
Mike Enos
Jim Fleck
Mark Joyner
Shannon Denniston
Oliver Biglar
Mike Enos
Jim Fleck
Mark Joyner

Listen, I'm totally committed to providing you with the very best value, and the best chance of succeeding online without having to fork out thousands of dollars, so I have teamed up with Michael T. Glaspie, and literally begged him on your behalf to open the doors to his SUPER training course for you.

That's the Equivalent Of Bringing A FULL 2 Day,
$4,000 A Seat Seminar RIGHT INTO YOUR HOME!

Please understand one important thing here - this is NOT a free course - It is a power packed course containing 15 hours of Internet Marketing training audios that sells (way too cheaply) at $189. (Go ahead and check that out afterwards - I'm serious!)

I've got Mike to agree to give every purchaser of "Dreams Not For Sale" the ENTIRE 15 CD COURSE at our expense. You won't pay a penny for this!

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Dreams Not For Sale by Tahir Shah


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Tahir Shah

You shouldn't really be wasting any time down here, but after checking my inbox moments ago, internet marketer Robben Salter had a few words he wanted to share with us...


"I Would Have Paid Twice
Your Normal Price"

Hey Tahir,

Not to sound like a hyped-up "block buster movie announcer" but, "Dreams Not For Sale" is a 45 minute thrill ride that keeps you glued to your PC's monitor!

I was planning on reading a few chapters, but stayed up to 4:00 am reading the whole thing!

What I really appreciated Tahir was that unlike other ebooks, it wasn't full of the generic crap you see so often, and I was delighted to find it jam packed with practical advice which I knew instantly on reading that I could put into practice and start making more money with.

I would have paid twice your normal price for DNFS just for the ONE awesome strategy you lay out on page #39 (The example karate product development idea, brilliant!)

More than anything I enjoyed reading a zero BS book - it was straight forward, "tell it like it is" and it's taught me everything I need to know to take me to the next level and much further... which is exactly what people really need!

Worth every penny and then some!

Robben Salter - Internet Marketer



P.S. - Remember you're getting all the No-Hype-No-Fluff strategies in the fast-selling "Dreams Not For Sale" that's been praised by many of the world's leading experts. PLUS when you place your order right now you will also receive ALL 3 fast-action bonuses.

P.P.S. - There is absolutely No Risk for you to try out "Dreams Not For Sale" right now. I accept all the risk. I'm the one who has to eat his hat if after 60 full days of ruthless testing, your website hasn't earned you a minimum of TEN TIMES what you pay today!

P.P.P S. - This is NOT some junk eBook that comes with resale rights nor available on eBay! This is pure exclusive information that is painfully researched and perfected. Grab It Now !

A Final Word:
You were exactly the type of person I was thinking of when I wrote this letter. I can tell you've already made the wise decision for your family, your friends, and of course, your business...

Success isn't chance. It's proven strategies that work for anyone who applies them. Make those strategies YOURS today - it's the very least you owe yourself!

I've done my bit, it's now down to you to act.

Don't delay...


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