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Information Entrepreneurs, Authors and Coaches...

If you're not making as much money as you want

selling information products online, I guarantee it's

because you're trying to sell with a "bookstore book"

mentality. Change your focus,and make more money.


"Who Said You Have To Be Some
Big-Name Guru To Make Thousands
Of Dollars A month Selling Information Products Online!!"


You can be as lazy as you wanna be, as long as
you know how to sell to the right audience
at the right time


(And I've got the $200-$700 a day sales records to prove it.)




January 12, 2006 - January 19, 2006

$1,794 (That averages out to $256 a day in profits.)


June 18, 2005 - June 22, 2005

$820.87 (That averages out to $205 a day in profits.)


February 1, 2005 - February 5, 2005

$860.32 (Averages out to $215 A DAY in profits.)


February 6, 2005 - February 12, 2005

$892.05 (Averages out to $148 a day in profits.)


February 13, 2005 - February 19, 2005

$4,681.84 from ONE SITE (That averages out to $780 a day in profits.)




From: Alexis Dawes

Tuesday, 11:33 AM
RE: Create E-books For Desperate Buyers

Start Writing Your eBook Today!



Dear Writer Extraordinaire ,

I've been writing and selling information products online for 5+ years now. I've made some grand slams, and I've failed miserably.

Through out it all I've probably remained the biggest ANTI-case study for online marketing success. I don't do most of the things that other online marketing experts claim you should do to be successful.

I DON'T send out newsletters or try to stay in constant contact with my
prospects for my eBook sales;

I DON'T blog on a consistent basis (Just when I'm in the mood.);

I DON'T participate in a lot of discussion forums to make myself more
visible among my peers and prospects;

I DON'T spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month advertising on
Google Adwords. On average I spend less than $20 a month on Adwords.

I DON'T send out articles every week to promote my sites.

I DON'T seek out affiliates, joint ventures, or testimonials. (Though I get
them all the time.)

I DON'T pile on 50 different bonus items to my offerings. (It's a miracle
if I even offer one bonus item.)

Sometimes my sites are ugly - (this one surely ain't winning any design awards). Sometimes my grammar is bad. I only use the spellcheck when I remember.

And if at all possible, I try to write as little as possible and still get paid top dollar. My most profitable reports fall well UNDER the 12 page range, and can cost as much as $97.


Why "The Information Publishers Rules" are 100% necessary for most - and yet unnecessary for a complete nobody like me

The reason why most infoproduct creators need that stuff - (newsletters, blogs, etc) - to be successful is because they're trying to sell scrapbooking e-books to people who want to learn how to scrapbook. Or e-books on how to take great pictures to people with digital cameras.

In other words, they're trying to sell basic how-to information.

When you're trying to sell basic how-to information, you often gotta jump through a bunch of fiery hoops - (with gasoline underwear no less) - in order to get prospects in the door.

And there's a distinct reason why this is the case...

  1. The average consumer doesn't sweat over taking great pictures just because they recently purchased a digital camera.

  2. Sandi the stay-at-home mom isn't nervously gnawing on her nails at 3am wondering where to put the Eiffel Tower sticker in her scrapbook.

The type of people who buy basic how-to information are just strolling along the information superhighway casually seeking whatever. Sometimes they're looking for an infoproduct. Sometimes they want info for free.

But you can bet your last dollar that they're not losing any sleep over that digital camera or starting a scrapbook. And that's what makes selling information products to these types of customers a little harder.

So I don't target these types of buyers.


Besides, there's more than one way to skin a cat in the information sales business.



The great big infoproduct creation secret for attracting intensely rabid customers, that's not really a great big secret.

A few years ago, a friend of mine had a wisdom tooth that was on the verge of exploding in his mouth. Needless to say, he needed a dentist - stat.

I began thumbing through the telephone book looking for a dentist in our area. Have you ever done this? Looked in the yellow pages for a dentist? If you're in a big city, there are like a million of them in there.

However in my search I quickly discovered there were only a handful of dentists who specialized in emergency cases. And only 1 that had a location within a 20-minute drive.

So guess who got my friends business? The closest emergency dentist we could find. My friend didn't care about the cost. There was no time to comparison shop. We just found the dentist, and jumped in the car.

The moral of the story... pain is one heck of a motivator.

And that brings me to the really big infoproduct creation secret for attracting intensely rabid customers, that's not really a secret.

Desperate people - people with throbbing problems, pressing issues, and insane drives - buy on impulse. Desperate people buy on impulse because they're in an emotionally charged state-of-mind or state-of-being and they want to get out of it.

So when you create information products for desperate people, you change the dynamics from being the person who's doing the chasing - (as you have to do when selling a typical how-to product) - to becoming the person who's constantly being chased.

That's basically why I can sell 10-12 copies of six page report for $24.95 on a daily basis, with minimal marketing bells and whistles.

My customers are desperate. And I know how to push their buttons so they want to buy from me.

And if that logic sounds easy to follow, that's because IT IS.


Have you ever had a sinus infection that

kept you up at night, and wouldn't go away no matter what you did?

People with chronic sinus infections are desperate buyers. (And I know this first hand.)

You can't comfortably go on day-after-day with a nasal drip, a constant headache, achy gums, low grade fever, or that stuffed head feeling. You'd want to stick a vacuum up your nose and suck out everything except your brain and your eyeballs.

It's not an illness that kills you. But it will make you extremely desperate to find a solution. Especially if you've gone through rounds and rounds of antibiotics, and nothing seems to be working.

People who are losing their hair are desperate buyers too. So are teens and adults suffering from acne. And most definitely people with smelly feet.

Selling information to buyers who live with these types of problems is easy because the problem is clear, obviousbothersome and possibly embarrassing to the person who has the problem. It's a no brainer.

And this theory doesn't apply solely to people with health issues.

Desperate people come from all types of situations. And a good percentage of them have the same burning desire to clear up an issue in their lives.

That's why when I write... when I sit down to develop an information product... I write for desperate people 90% of the time. I'm able to make more money with far less work, compared to a typical how-to author.

Would you like to learn how to fatten your bank account by targeting people who are sweatin' bullets for your type of information?

Then check out...


Desperate Buyers Only: An Information Product Creators Guide To Writing and Marketing So That People With Problems Will Buy

First off, before you start thinking that this is a repeat of other "how to create an information product" e-books out there, let me clear the air.

It's not.

When I originally wrote Desperate Buyers Only some years ago, it was really just a handbook I was using in my own business. I began putting it together because I had read so many other e-books from other experts, and found that their techniques just didn't match my writing personality.

You see, I knew that I wanted to write e-books and reports for several different audience segments.

I also knew that in order to do this and be successful online, I would have to figure out how to streamline much of the writing and marketing processes.

Even though all the guru's were saying start your own free newsletter, do a blog, create a free promotional e-book, I knew it wouldn't be feasible for me to do these things for 10 different products, all related to different niches.

That's when I sat down and began writing my own infoproduct creation guidelines, based on how I wanted to run my business.

Over the years I've tested my ideas and theories with my products. What I have today is basically my final draft. After literally years of tweaking the formula, I've found something that works pretty consistently AND matches the way I want to run my publishing empire.

The best thing is, since I originally wrote Desperate Buyers Only for myself, it's  NOT some 10lb tome with 100 idea generating techniques, 20 CD's and 400 different ways to market your information product.

Everything contained within has worked for me, over the development of several different information products.

You won't learn how to create information products for photographers who want to enhance their macro photography skills, or for NYC visitors who want the low-down on all the hottest clubs.

As I've said before, "how to" without the desperation factor is a big no-no in my book.

But you will discover how to create infoproducts for people who are begging... screaming... crying... pacing the floor... pulling their hair out... lying awake because they're nervous about something, or they just plain want something with an extreme passion or drive.

You get 'em when they're emotional, you say the right combination of things on your web site, and you've got an information product that you can sell for life.

The hardest part is knowing who those buyers are, and being able to create a persuasive message when they're on that emotional rollercoaster. If you don't have all your ducks lined up in a row, the process just doesn't click.

And therein lies the power of Desperate Buyers Only.

This 90+ page manual is like a one-month boot camp workout session, concentrated into a single day.

I give you about a minute or two to warm up, then it's straight action until the end. I don't waste your time with "you can do this" or "you can try that."

This isn't fuzzy wuzzy Possibility Thinking 101. This is what works. What yields cash for me every single day.

You'll see...

The 3 main reasons why most infoproduct creators fail. It's an insane loop, and I guarantee you're probably riding the heck out of it.

  • A 7-step formula for choosing a topic. It took me half a year to tweak and test this process before I came up with the exact sequence. And trust me, it has nothing to do with "doing what you love."
  • 17 Sites where you can find problems and solutions GALORE. Use these sites to generate ideas for new information products. Best of all, there's always something new.
  • 11 Questions that will determine if your infoproduct idea is salable or trashable. I keep this page taped to my computer monitor at ALL times. Whenever you have an infoproduct idea, you'll instantly know if it's worth perusing.
  • Why you MUST use my Dealbreaker Technique before you write a single word. If you follow all of my advice, and leave this one out, you've got a pretty decent chance of failing.
  • 13 audience segments that have insatiable demands for information products. Take a drink, the well never runs dry here.
  • Actual Survival Marketing Plans that I've used to promote and sell my information products. I show you exactly what I've done to get sales. You'll be surprised at how zen like my process is.
  • How to take free information that you find online, and turn it into an information product that desperate buyers pay for. I've given an entirely new meaning to "buy low, sell high."
  • How to sell information even when you have a bunch of freebie competitors. Freebie content web sites don't stop my customers from buying my products. And there's a very good reason for that.
  • My basic writing formula that'll enable you to express facts without fluff. Use my outline, fill in the blanks, and be done with it.
  • The 5 Point Fish Hook that helps your sales letter differentiate your infoproduct from all the others out there. This is how I thrive selling information products to desperate people, even though I'm in a sea of free and fee-based competitors.

    This technique isn't about getting rich quick... it's about getting paid daily

    In the past couple of years I can count on 2 hands the number of days I haven't had any orders.

    Every single day that I wake up, I expect to make money. I'm talking Christmas, New Years, and every holiday in between.

    Some days I expect to make thousands. Most days I expect at least $200. And as I add more products to my base, that number constantly goes up.

    • I don't have a bunch of affiliates selling products for me. (Literally no more than 5 affiliates for ALL of my products.)
    • I don't have a list of 10,000 newsletter subscribers who buy from me whenever I send out a new message.
    • And I don't consider myself a Pulitzer Prize winning author.

    In reality, I'm a nobody.

    Using my techniques you can be a nobody, with no affiliates or no newsletter, and still make money every single day.

    The plan works if you're prepared to sit down and work the plan.


    Desperate Buyers Only costs $77.

    The time you waste writing "traditional" how-to e-books that only sell a few copies, will cost you at least 20-30 times that much.

    I write for a living.

    So I know all about the time and effort it takes to get from Point A (idea stage) to Point Z (selling the product). It can be like a long, bone chilling blizzard that buries your car under 5 feet of snow.  Brutal.

    Now let me ask you a question... How many times have you ended up well past Point Z, still waiting for that small flood of buyers to come in?

    Isn't THAT even more frustrating?

    To spend hour after hour ticking away at the computer, thinking you're writing for some boiling hot niche.

    Then to wake up 6 months later and realize you've only made 12 sales. The information superhighway is littered with failed infoproduct sites from well intentioned how-to authors. Talk about a reality check.

    Yeah, I know not everything you write is going to be a winner. But there are ways you can significantly increase your chances at success.

    Carefully choosing your projects and writing for desperate people is definitely one of those ways.

    So before you start thinking that $77 is too much to spend on my time-tested advice, I want you to carefully consider the far greater costs it takes to write several crappy books that don't generate enough to even repay you for the time you spent writing them.

    $500... $1,000... $2,000? What about the web site design? E-book cover? Copywriting?

    If you're happy with your existing arrangement, I wish you nothing but luck.

    But if you want to write for buyers who are pulling out their credit cards in a rabid frenzy, then stick with me. I'll show you everything you need to know.

    And because I originally wrote Desperate Buyers Only as a game plan for improving my own infoproduct sales efforts, you'll find that you can get started with the techniques immediately.

    Each page is food for thought. This is a fluff-free zone.


    Desperate Buyers Only receives kudos from Allen Says,

    owner of the wildly popular Internet Warrior Forum...


    Hello Alexis,


    I stumbled across Desperate Buyers Only tonight and wanted to congratulate you. I know a 'lot' of people who need this book now.


    I was impressed how you had it all down to a complete 'system', easy to put into action again and again. I sent the book to kinko's and had it printed and bound. Great job!

    Allen Says

    The Internet Warriors




    Of course your purchase comes with

    a full money back guarantee.

    Remember those PayPal screenshots you saw above? Well those screenshots wouldn't exist if it weren't for my Desperate Buyers Only techniques.

    So I'm 1,000% sure they work. And I want to give you the same opportunity to experience the pleasure of steady sales on a regular basis.

    Get a copy of Desperate Buyers Only. Read it. Put my techniques to work.

    If you don't think it's going to work for you, return it within 60 days and you'll receive a full refund.

    No hassles, no arguments. No threatening e-mails.

    I'm a fair business person who simply wants you to be as amazed with this technique as I am. If you're not, then it's your full right to request and receive a refund.

    That's my promise to you.


    Are you ready to target buyers who will actually clamor to buy your products?

    Desperate Buyers Only is a PDF document, so you'll be able to download and read it the same day you order.

    When you receive it, print out page 93, and keep it visible in your immediate workspace.

    I keep a copy of this chart with me at all times in my Palm Pilot. This is my favorite tool for generating/judging ideas for desperate buyers. It will change your entire way of infoproduct creation.

    Now read the entire manual.

    You can begin putting the ideas to work immediately. It's a very straightforward process. And it's explained in a step-by-step fashion.

    Leave the typical "bookstore book" mentality to the writers who need to see their names in lights - (and eventually on the remainder shelf.)

    Learn the Desperate Buyers Only technique and create products that are in demand, for the price that YOU demand.


    Add To Cart

    100% Safe and Secure - I am PayPal verified


    You'll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the report.


    Here's to your profit filled days!

    Alexis Dawes


    P.S. - Do you have a desk full of unfulfilled ideas, because you're unsure if any of them are actually worth pursuing?

    Many writers have a difficult time functioning because of "analysis paralysis". That's why you'll receive a FREE 30-minute telephone consultation when you order Desperate Buyers Only here. 

    Don't get stuck... get results so you can get paid.



    Desperate Buyers Only

    P.O. Box 516

    Summerfield, FL 34492

    [email protected]

    Copyright Alexis Dawes  |  All rights reserved

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