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The power of the best search engines in on the planet - all in a single, intuitive, rockin' interface. See for yourself (click for a larger image)!

Hi , my name is Derek Franklin.

For the past 6 years, I've been deeply involved with technology and how to maximize its use to the absolute fullest.

I've written 5 best-selling books for Macromedia Press on the subject of Macromedia Flash.

Here are some of my books on Amazon.com.

These books have sold over 250,000 copies worldwide (a computer book is considered 'successful' if it sells just 10,000 copies), and have been translated in more languages than I can remember, including Chinese, Russian, French, German, Greek, Korean, Spanish, and even Farsi, to name just a few.

I'm very proud of these accomplishments, and I'm sharing them simply to impress upon you that my experience in the information industry has played a huge role in the rest of what you're about to read below.

"Now this is a product I can say something about...

You talk about some power...I don't think I've seen anything that matches the research abilities this has all in one place, this easy. Want to know all the links to a domain? Click a button. Want to get all pdfs about a certain topic you search on? Click a button...

So far I'm finding a button for everything...all on one screen, using one browser. Looking for a product? Click on a small button and see it on ebay, click another and see it on amazon, click another and get images of it!"

Allen Says
Instant Guru Blog

My Revelation - The Birth Of Search Automator

Last year, I had the following revelation, which eventually led to the creation of Search Automator:

"In all my years online, doing research, looking for answers, creating information-based products, I realized that I had acquired, unintentionally, a high degree of skill for finding all sorts of content online - I was a professional information-master, if you will.

I had discovered the resources and acquired the skills to find practically anything online I could want. And as you probably know, there's a lot of great stuff out there waiting to be discovered. More than just Websites, there are articles, tips, ebooks, maps, videos, how-to's, guides, blogs, news stories, books, audio clips, songs, and so much more!

I had experienced all the frustrations, dead-ends, wasted hours, and worthless results that sometime comes with looking for information online, and had developed a system for eliminating the disappointments that typically come with looking for information and content online.

Soon after my initial revelation of the extent of my search skills, I had another revelation (yeah, 2 revelations is more than my fair share), and that is, in this information-crazy society, there are a number of people and businesses whose success largely depends on information - finding it, consuming it, packaging it, and/or selling it.

After all, information is the gold of the 21st century

Information or content of various kinds is essentially what drives the Web and what drives people to it!

I figured there could be a lot of people and businesses who could benefit from the skills I had acquired if I could find a way to package them.

At first, I thought I'd simply write an ebook how-to, but after giving it some thought, I realized that becoming a master of finding high quality information/content online requires more than knowledge, to do it right it also requires some sweat. In other words, it requires not only mental skills but a considerable amount of time.

Fortunately, I had spent the last 10 years transforming into a geek, which included learning how to create software.

It was then that I realized the complete vision of Search Automator -

A software-based tool that gave the user all the tools they they could imagine to find the gold of the 21st century, in an easy-to-use, automated interface.

"...the Swiss Army Knife of finding what you need fast online! "
"If you want a real *control panel* for finding good stuff FAST online, then Derek Franklin's Search Automator is exactly what you've been looking for.

It takes search so far beyond Google it's scary and if you wanted to find out everything about everything on a certain topic, this tool will help you do it, step by step and without missing a single nook or cranny online.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you already know how to find everything online, because this tool is definitely the Swiss Army Knife of finding what you need fast online!"

Jim Edwards
Co-author Turn Words Into Traffic

Search Automator Allows You 
To Dominate In The Information-Age

If you are eager to see what Search Automator is all about, then pay very close attention, because this is where you begin to understand why Search Automator is such a breakthrough tool for anyone in the information business.

Want a audio/visual taste of what Search Automator is all about?
"FREE Video: See Search Automator In Action!"
If you're looking for the quickest way to learn about Search Automator, check out this FREE video - right now!

Clicking here to begin viewing the video now.

Note: This will open a new window, so disable any pop-up blockers if the window does not appear.

Search Automator packs all these powerful features into a single interface:

"Search Automator is Fantastic ! "
"Just finished a marathon workout with your "Search Automator". Simply saying "discover everything about anything" doesn't come close to describing what Search Automator does.

You have a killer application here that kept me glued to my computer for over 3 hours straight researching just one word.

Search Automator found information I never knew existed on the web. Search Automator is Fantastic!

Thanks for letting me test drive it, I'll be back for more tomorrow."

Rod Purnell
NicheMe All Niche Web Directory
Where Niches Get Noticed.
"...your software is incredible! "
"I must say your software is incredible!

I spend a tremendous amount of time locating information and resources for my members. Your software would easily save me 10 hours a week, if not more.

I love the ability to search for PDF files and the ability to do a related search. It will definitely assist me with targeting various niches related to my product or services.

You definitely put a lot of work into this product and it shows.

Ok, one more thing...being able to search different search engines at the click of a button is really cool."

Shawn Nelson, MSA

How To Channel Search Automator's Power

Now that you've seen just some of the things that Search Automator can do, its time to look at how you can harness this power in various scenarios:

Want a audio/visual taste of what Search Automator is all about?
"FREE Video: See Search Automator In Action!"
If you're looking for the quickest way to learn about Search Automator, check out this FREE video - right now!

Clicking here to begin viewing the video now.

Note: This will open a new window, so disable any pop-up blockers if the window does not appear.

What will you do with Search Automator?

"I'm totally blown away...! "
"I'm totally blown away with what you've created with Search Automator...

This breakthrough tool sets a *new standard* in research and information marketing, allowing anyone to find out just about everything on anything almost immediately...all with complete ease and in just a few clicks.

Whether you're a writer, marketer or just someone who desires INSTANT information and resources (like pdfs, videos, audio clips, news etc.) at your fingertips whenever you need it, Search Automator will astound you with what it can do...

This gets my two thumbs up for sure! "

Ewen Chia

A Priceless Asset For Anyone In The Information Business

Search AutomatorIt's true, in the 21st century, information is one of the most valuable and sought-after commodities around.

Maybe you're someone who makes a lot of money in an information business, or has a goal to.

If you are, then you understand that one of the best skills you can have to dominate in the information-age is the ability to find the information you want - quality information.

Using Search Automator will not only save you a considerable time in mastering the skill of finding high-quality content online, but if maximized to its full potential, Search Automator will open new doors of inspiration to you.

In an effort to get the word out on this groundbreaking software, I'm offering it at a very special, very low introductory price:

Get Search Automator for an introductory price of only $47.00!

"...all I can say is WOW! "
"...just spent the last 2 hours going through Search Automator and all I can say is WOW!

Itís incredible the amount of things to do (search for) and the best thing about it was its so simple to use, even a 2 year old could do it.

All I can say is you have a real winner on your hand and this will be the only search program I use from now on. I have found more stuff using this program than any of the searches out there put together.

Some of the features inside the program are so good that I was already using them for my own sites, but you have everything I need inside, so now I can check out my websites stats & lots of other stuff within seconds using your awesome Search Automator."

Andy Eaton

Now, I don't have a boat-load of bonuses to offer to you as you might expect, because I sincerely believe that the countless benefits that Search Automator can bring to your information business are worth well-more than the measly $47.00 you'll invest.

If you want, think of your bonuses as being more time, and more money, oh, and maybe the free updates and money-back guarantee! :)

FREE Updates & Money-back Guarantee!

Search Automator taps into some of the most powerful search technologies in the world, and those technologies are constantly improving and growing in abilities and functionalities - powerful new search technologies are constantly being launched, and previous technologies enhanced.

This means that with an occasionally few minor tweaks here and there, Search Automator can begin to incorporate these advances for your benefit, making Search Automator an even more powerful tool than before!

As a customer of Search Automator, you'll be given access to updates, at no extra cost.

Also, here's my unconditional, money-back guarantee:

Take Search Automator for a good test drive.

I'm so sure you'll love it that I'll give you my 100% unconditional, 90-day guarantee!

I mean, if you're not absolutely amazed by Search Automator, and the way it will literally transform your information business, then simply return it for a full refund.

I'll give you all your money back and we'll still be friends.

You've got nothing to lose!

Order Securely Anytime Day Or Night

Within minutes , you can be harnessing the incredible power of Search Automator.

After you place your order, you'll be taken to a download page where you can download your copy of Search Automator so you can begin using and benefiting from it immediately.

Search Automator is Windows compatible software (There currently is not a Mac version - sorry!).

System Requirements Include (most computers fit these requirements):

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Minimum 500 mhz processor
Minimum of 1024 x 768 screen resolution

Get Search Automator For The Special Introductory Price Of $47.00
Search Automator - Order Now!

PayPal Accepted!

I hope you thoroughly maximize the power of Search Automator in your information business! If you ever have and questions, comments, or feedback, please share them with me either by emailing me, or by sharing your thoughts on the Search Automator forum.

Best Of Success!

Derek Franklin
[email protected]
Simply Brilliant, Inc.
4626 Donington Drive
Bloomington, Indiana 47401

P.S. This is a no-hype reminder. I will be raising the price of Search Automator to $67.00 soon. The current price of $47.00 extremely low for all that Search Automator does, and it's just an introductory price!
P.S.S. You can't really appreciate the power of Search Automator without taking it for a 'spin'. If your business revolves around information, I urge you to at least give Search Automator a try. The great thing is, you can without any risk. Just ask for a refund within 90 days if you're not 100% satisfied.

Don't miss out on Search Automator - THE Search And Discovery Powerhouse!

"...adds a level of sophistication and specificity that I've not seen before! "
"Search Automator is an exceptional tool.

I too am an information junkie and Search Automator both extends the range of what can be searched for but adds a level of sophistication and specificity that I haven't seen before.

I am amazed at how powerful Search Automator is. Not only does it provide an easy to use, feature rich interface that allows me to search multiple engines but it also allow me to refine my searches by selecting specific file types from .doc, images, Power Point and more.

Not only will this tool save me valuable time but the quality of the search results is exceptional."

Noel Springer

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