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Never stare at a blank screen again! The Smart Author Collection of software gives you the power to write texts worthy of publication, quickly, easily and painlessly.

Smart Author leads you, step by step through the entire writing process. It’s like having an expert on hand, all the time. Put your keyboards on steroids today!


 "Discover the Quickest And Easiest Way To Save Time, Save Money And Make Your Writing Easier Than Ever Before -- ALL with the Click of a Button!"

This powerful writing package has something for everyone, from creative kids to college professors writing abstracts. Even professional writers can benefit from these unique tools to get their creativity flowing. With Smart Author, creativity comes free.


Every module in the package has years of valuable experience distilled into it. All the insider secrets of writing articles, essays, reports, resumes – virtually any writing task - are built right into the software. These modules are truly the Cruise missiles of the literary world. There’s a Smart Author module just waiting to nuke your writer’s block now.


The best part of having Smart Author is the speed with which you can produce really great copy, regardless of your experience level. Good writing is literally a few clicks away. Remember, there is a profitable market out there for good writing. Smart Author is your key to breaking into this lucrative field.


Smart Author produces polished, original work that can stand up to the scrutiny of experts. Originality is guaranteed…just read the testimonials from some of our clients. No other product comes even close to the professionalism of Smart Author. Whatever your writing need, Smart Author will lead you, step by step, to a polished solution of higher quality than you could possibly produce on your own.

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22 Programs
PLUS Bonus Gifts!

SmartAuthor™ Instant-Writer Software Can Instantly Generate:
  • Articles
  • Children's Stories
  • Resumes
  • Synopses
  • Press Releases
  • Advertising Plans
  • Grant Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Speeches
  • Reviews
  • Abstracts
  • Essays
  • Business Plans
  • Query Letters for Articles
  • Lesson Plans
  • Book Proposals
  • Marketing Plans
  • Business Memos
  • Query Letters for Books
  • Short Stories
  • Research Reports
  • Sale-Pulling Websites

Dear Friend,

As you read every word of this intriguing letter, you'll learn about a little-known software suite that has already helped tons of regular, everyday people (like you and me) to finally experience ultimate writing success, regardless of skill or experience.

But first, imagine what it would be like to have a magic writing device that could instantly materialize almost any type of professional document you could think of... for any assignment, task or project... at the click of a button.

As a writer, wouldn't you find that magic writing device extremely valuable?

Just think of the ability to instantly generate professional documents of almost any kind - at will. For example, let's say you wanted to attract some notoriety for yourself. You could simply activate the magic writing device and say...

"I want an article that I can use to become known as an expert in my field..."

And just like magic, the article appears - right before your very eyes.

You may be wondering, "but what could I do with the article?"

You could simply use the device again to materialize a query letter that gives you the ability to get your article published in multiple magazines, newsletters and websites... again, at the click of a button.

There are no rules.

You can use your magic writing device however you like.

You could use your magic writing device to generate:

  • Money
  • Power
  • Authority
  • Respect / Notoriety
  • Trust
  • Fame
  • Fortune
  • The possibilities are limitless!

    For the First Time Ever, You Can Now Have Your Very Own Magic Writing Device That'll Make Your Writing Wishes Come True -- Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

If you've ever wanted to create:

  • Articles
  • Stories (for kids by kids)
  • Book Proposals
  • Resumes
  • Synopses
  • Press Releases
  • Essays
  • Business Plans
  • Query Letters
  • Marketing Plans
  • Advertising Plans
  • Contracts
  • Memos
  • Grant Proposals
  • Lesson Plans
  • Reviews
  • Short Stories
  • Speeches
  • Research Reports
  • Abstracts

...within minutes -- at the click of a button... this powerful software suite was created just for you!

Let's take a look into each killer writing application and discover how they work together to create the ultimate magic writing device...

Module #1 -- Instant Article Creator: $37.00

Release the genius within! Good writers don’t just happen: they are created. Enhance your creativity with the Instant Article Creator. You will be standing on the shoulders of giants when you feed your thought and ideas into this program and watch it transform them into a unique, sophisticated article that will captivate publishers and readers.

"Kristi Sayles has created a step-by-step article writing masterpiece! The Instant Article Creator leaves her competition in the dust. It is so easy to use that even a beginner like myself can write with ease.

I was writing like a pro in just minutes. I've tried other article writing software at many times the cost of this one, but The Instant Article Creator is the only one with such clear instructions and examples it just doesn't make any sense to spend hundreds of dollars for software that won't perform as well. Thank you Kristi."

Anthony Smith

Module #2 -- Instant Essay Creator: $39.97

"Why spend valuable time crafting the perfect essay? Just answer a few simple questions, and click a button... out pops a fully-customized, highly professional essay that has the ability to get you the grade or acceptance letter of your dreams!"

The teacher’s on your case, the paper’s overdue and you have a great party lined up for tonight. You can do both with the Instant Essay Creator. Just answer a few simple questions, click and you’ll have a professional essay in no time!

"Kristi-I have just used the Essay Creator. I must say that it’s incredible to read the final product. When I read the essay I was shocked-totally shocked that I had completed such a thorough piece of work so simply.

I promise to share my experiences with your software with all that I speak with in writing groups and such. I can’t wait to try your other programs!"

Donna Dufour
Author - “Crawling Up a Mountain” and “They Said His Name”

Module #3 -- Instant Query Letters: $47.00

Two separate programs- one for Articles and another for Books

"Query Letters are like a knock on an editor's door. Your letter must be good enough to get her to WANT to open it -- Instant Query Letters creates professional letters that will have her begging to see the rest of your manuscript!"

Have you ever checked the dumpster out back of a publishing house. It’s full…full of rejected query letters. Editors look for certain, specific elements and if these are not present…dumpster time. With Instant Query Letters you will get the formula right, every time.

Dear Kristi,

Your "Instant Query Letter Software" does exactly what it says. Concise, effective query letters in an instant. Structured, yet personal - just what every writer needs. So quick to use that there's less time spent selling, and more time for writing."

Jon Wilson
Internet Consultant and Author -

Module #4 -- Instant Press Release Creator: $19.97

"Instant Press Release Creator is an absolutely fool-proof way to create attention getting press releases for any product. In less than a minute, you can create professional looking press releases, formatted exactly the way editors want them!"


"Kristi Sayles has developed a piece of software that is incredible! The software is self explanatory and easy to use. The system works great and is great for people who need to do Press Releases. It’s a great way for people to get the right information out when it's important."

John Harte
Manchester CT

Module #5 -- Instant Business Plans: $47.00

"As a new or experienced business owner, "Instant Business Plans" is the kind of easy-to-use software you want when you need to be assured of having a complete, highly professional and deadly effective action plan for your business..."

The only thing standing between you and a bank loan is a good business plan. You may have it all worked out on scraps of paper but now you have to communicate it to the bank manager clearly, precisely and neatly. How? You need Instant Business Plans for the type of writing that persuades instantly. It all adds up!

Module #6 -- Instant Synopsis Creator: $19.97

Some writing goes nowhere. You read and read and…get lost. Use the Instant Synopsis Creator to eliminate the debris, effortlessly and painlessly. Guaranteed not to be boring. The media are waiting…

Module #7 -- Instant Resume Creator: $19.97

Before you get the interview, someone is going to read you resume. A mediocre resume won’t get you through the front door. Don’t let your resume stop you from getting the job, click you way to the top with the Instant Resume Creator. Writing a great resume could not be easier…click, click…job, job.

Module #8 -- Instant Story Creator (for Kids): $19.97

Writing skills are the foundation upon which careers are built. Moms, teach your children to love writing with the Instant Story Creator. Budding authors are catered for with eye-catching graphic action to keep the ideas flowing, the characters interesting and the plot twisting. Just don’t let dad try the program…he won’t give the kids a turn.

"Kristi, WOW!!! I have to say that I'm so impressed. The graphics are wonderful.(Story Creator for KIDS) And the set-up is great. Tabytha loves it, and I have to admit, I'm about to go back to school. And the essay writer is going to help me. Thanks so much. Your product is going to help in our house!"

Bernice Beardsley
Camden, TN

Module #9 -- Instant Lesson Plans: $19.97

"Revolutionary New Teaching Tool, 'Instant Lesson Plans' will help you automatically generate any type of lesson plan for your needs. This one tool will save you countless hours of searching for lesson plans online!"

If there’s one thing more difficult than learning it’s teaching. A great way to get your message across is to write effective lesson plans. Instant Lesson Plans lets you do more than just get through the curriculum, it lets you create original and interesting lesson plans for all subjects, quickly and easily. It includes the most sought-after links to the best sites for teachers as well!

Module #10 -- Instant Book Proposal Creator $37.00

Ever felt like you were stuck in the mud not able to go anywhere?

 That is where I was when I had no idea how to make a book proposal.    The book proposal software got me out of the mud and I am on the road to success with my book. THX for making it so easy.

Bill DePace-Author of The Coming Epiphany

Avoid the wastebasket with our Instant Book Proposal Creator. If you can’t write it, editors won’t read it. To write book proposals that sell you need to know the inside secrets of publishing, secrets that are revealed in this program. Everyone has a book inside them but don’t leave yours there…get it published.


Introducing NEW programs for Serious Business Professionals...

Module #11 -- Instant Grant Proposal Creator: $47.00

No grant…no research. There is a lot of grant-money available to academics, small businesses, minorities, and many others. Every semester, millions of dollars are made available. So, how do you get your share? It all starts with a carefully motivated grant proposal. The Instant Grant Proposal Creator is the secret behind many successful careers. Craft your proposal today with this persuasive package.


Module #12 -- Instant Advertising Plans: $19.97

If you can’t say it, you can’t sell it. Killer copy starts here! With Instant Advertising Plans your ads will stand out…instantly. This program distills all the advertising experience of the pro’s into one powerful package. True bang for bucks!

Module #13 -- Instant Contract Creator: $19.97

Save thousands on your next standard contract. The Instant Contract Creator contains compelling clauses that have been tried and tested in the courts. (Not to be considered as giving legal advice.)

Module #14 -- Instant Business Memo Creator: $19.97

“Yo boss-man” doesn’t hack it; you need to be more precise. Instant Business Memo Creator sends out the message that you mean business. If you want a leg-up on the corporate ladder, you won’t consider writing your memos any other way.

Module #15 -- Instant Marketing Plans: $19.97

Tired? Overworked? Creative juices dried up? One dose of Instant Marketing Plans will give you the decisive edge in a competitive market. Customers and competitors will feel the fireworks in your campaign when you use the built-in techniques of this potent product.

Module #16 -- Instant Short Story Creator: $37.00

Trying to capture the essence of the short story is like trying to capture the ever-elusive muse: even experiences novelist shy away from this genre. Writing short stories is no longer a fearsome task. Instant Short Stories artfully guides you through the plot to a stunning ending.

Module #17 -- Instant Review Creator: $19.97

See it…say it. How many times have you tried to express the essence of a good book, site,  or movie only to find yourself floundering? Well, no more! Instant Review Creator will sharpen your review pencil and guide you to a succinct and precise conclusion. Rave reviews are a click away!

Module #18 -- Instant Speech Creator: $47.00

The microphone is in your face and you say…? From speechless to speeches is what Instant Speech Creator will do for you. “Putting words in your mouth” takes on a whole new meaning with this software. Never be speechless again.

Module #19 -- Instant Research Report Creator: $47.00

Eureka! Running naked through he streets like Archimedes won’t get you the right type of attention in today’s world of research. Instant Research Report Creator will. Once you discover the power of this report creator, you’ll feel like shouting “Eureka!”

Module #20 -- Instant Abstract Creator: $47.00

Put the abs back into your abstract…instant abs. No more, spare-tire-around-the-middle writing. With the abstract module you won’t blab on, and on, and on. Even hardened writers struggle with abstracts. Be succinct, clear and precise – the Instant Abstract Creator is good enough to tense up your abs while writing abstracts!

Module #21 -- Sale-Pulling Site Creator: $97.00 NEW!

Create Sale-Pulling Websites with this Amazingly Easy Program. It's a step-by-step guide to creating direct response sales letters that will make you one wealthy product owner! This product formats and creates your sites for you. All you do is fill in a few blanks and push a button. It's really that simple!

That's a GRAND Total of $780.73 Worth of Professional Writing

Software Products for LESS than $200!

(And that's not counting the Bonus Gift Package! You can add Big Bucks for that Alone!)


"How Much is Your Very Own
Magic Writing Device Worth to You?"

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Since this software is brand-new and previously unreleased, I'm going to make you an offer you simply can't refuse. When you order your copy of the "Smart Author Collection" right now, you're going to get an incredible discount worth hundreds off the regular price of the software.

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The Instant-Writer Software Suite normally sells for $297 and up and it's an absolute steal at that price... BUT... get this package right now and your one-time investment is...

Only $197 for ALL 22
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Seven Reasons to Try Smart Author™
Instant-Writer Software Today:

1. Create full documents within minutes - Instead of slaving over an ezine article for hours trying to get "direction" on how to proceed, wondering if you've added everything busy editors want, trying to remember all the components to an essay or article... simply follow-along the series of questions inside the
Instant-Writer Software's powerful interface. It's foolproof!

2. Increase publicity, promotion, prospects and profits - When other publishers begin reproducing your articles in their newsletters, you'll automatically increase your publicity, promotion, prospects and profits... without spending a dime! Ezine article distribution is the ultimate "free advertising" tool. The Instant Article Creator teaches you how to create a "sales-pulling" article.

3. Easy to follow "fill-in-the-blanks" templates - If you can answer questions, then you can create professional documents. There isn't anything complicated at all when you use Smart Author™ Instant-Writer Software. Answer the first question (example answers provided), then move on to the next question. In a matter of minutes you can have your own document ready to publish ... even if you have zero writing experience!

4. Export documents to your hard drive instantly -You can easily SAVE your completed documents to your choice of folders or on a disk. Pull them up whenever you want!

5. Easily make any changes you want - Of course, you'll be able to make any changes you desire to the completed documents. Anytime you want to update your work, you'll be able to open the file you saved to your computer and edit as needed.

6. Create an unlimited number of documents - Unlike some other tools, you are never required to pay additional fees as you create additional writings.

7. One time payment-no more monthly fees to worry about. The software downloads to your computer and can be used offline when necessary.

8. Saves to CD easily-Worried about losing your download in case of a crash? You have permission to burn a back-up copy of the software for your own use. (But of course you can ALWAYS email me for a replacement. I'm here for you at [email protected])


Hi Kristi, Listen my friend I want you to know that I have downloaded many a product claiming to do a phenomenal concept to find out it was junk. Your program is absolutely the real deal. Type in a few lines, fill in the body and out comes a finished product that is the envy of any article writer.

Instant Article Creator is destined to become industry standard. Thank you Kristi. I highly recommend Instant Article Creator.

Hodges Hines

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"You can be creating professional writing materials within minutes!"

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To Your Ultimate Writing Success!
Kristi Sayles, Creator - Smart Author-Smart Author Software

Kristi Sayles is a published author of numerous
publications - both online and offline. She is also
the creator of Instant-Writer Software™ and remains
a well-respected authority in the field of writing.

Kristi Sayles - CEO,
125 McKelvy RD -- Camden, TN 38320

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