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A Very Special Offer For You , *Brand New*


sure fire success system header

"A Super Simple but Deadly Effective & Laser Sharp Powerful System that Creates Fast Cash and Residual Income Streams at the Same Time in the NEW Easy Web 2.0 Environment !"

Here's the Surefire Success System for the First-Time That is Perfect for Everyone Who Wants to Build up Massive and Passive Income, but Still has Bills to Pay in the Meantime!

...And It Never Gets Outdated!

sure fire success system cover

From the desk of:
Luke W Parker & S. Kumar

Greetings ,

For years now I've been making my living with AdSense revenue, owning a large network of hundreds of domains filled with content that I wrote by hand. This is what we in the Internet Marketing circles refer to as either an "Adsense Farm," or a "Virtual Real Estate Empire."

Unfortunately for me, I'm here to report that VREs no longer pay as well as they once did.

In fact, Google's AdSense program has a computation of what they feel your keywords are worth in general called the "ECPM." Ever since I began my AdSense Empire in 2004, I've watched that ECPM go steadily down to it's all time low today, with no reason to think it will ever stop.

VREs, at least the old ways of doing them, are no longer effective and worth anyone's time.

But there is some Great Good News too...

What if I were to tell you that I've COMPLETELY overhauled and innovated the OLD Virtual Real Estate system using TODAY's hottest & easiest WEB 2.0 Technology?

Imagine having your own NEW Version VRE income system that:

  • No longer Relies on AdSense ECPMs!
  • Brings in MORE streams of Residual income!
  • Causes you much less work! --and meanwhile:
  • PAYS YOU UP FRONT for all of the content you produce!

Well you can! And it gets even better!

It's a clear and plain truth that the monstrous spread of Web 2.0 is killing AdSense's ECPMs... More and more people are spending their money online after reading recommendations from each other instead of purely trusting advertisements on Adsense and PPC campaigns.

It makes perfect sense move into Web 2.0 marketing. Web 2.0 basically means that people are able to interact and share their recommendations online much more often and openly. Naturally, Google's going to suffer because they are the largest Advertising source on the planet! Of course their ECPMs will continue to drop!

After this realization I began searching for the best ways to take advantage of the emerging web 2.0 technologies, and I made an incredible discovery! I have figured out the Secret of how I can NOW do less work and make MORE PROFIT with these user friendly web 2.0 technologies!

I have found ways that you can get PAID UP FRONT for any content you create, be it:

    A recipe
    A news item
    An article
    A short video
    A product review
    A tip
    A home movie
    A joke

      And whatever other forms of Content you see out there on "Web 2.0."

Once you learn this hidden secret of where to go and what to do,
you can get paid up front for all of your content. Plus, you will
also get paid more in residuals, forever, from everyone who
views your content anywhere on the web!

My first reaction to these up-front payment sizes was it would be small, like a few cents or something not worth my time. And I also thought that there would be nothing else to it, meaning that once I've submitted my content I could forget it ever existed...

Boy was I wrong! After getting paid immediately to submit my various forms of content to various places, the options started to open up to me... New ways of promoting, new ways of tying them together, new ways of making more money!

In the few short months since I've figured out this system, I've already SURPASSED my existing AdSense income by TWO TIMES! That's right, I'm making twice as much with this new VRE system on a very few domains than I am with my old 200+ domain VRE that has been paying my bills for years!

Below is an example of just three days worth of work I did recently. These are actual, un-doctored screenshots I have taken of my Paypal account after slapping together a lot of very, extremely-simple-to-produce content over the course of a week: (Only the top section of each day is shown here for time's sake.)

As you can see , I did all the work during just three days, and I withdrew over $1,500 when I was done. Enough to pay my mortgage bill!

The best part is, ALL of that content will keep working for me over the years producing residual income as people run across each of those submissions online!

I won't have to keep cranking out content for the rest of my life- Perhaps a year, maybe less, depending on how much work I want to put into it. After that, I'll be living off Residuals for a lifetime! -Residuals that are NOT subject to ECPM fluctuation!

This is simply the most Surefire way there is to make money online, period.

So , what exactly am I offering to you here?

I can teach any American Citizen with a PayPal account exactly how to duplicate my success (not just make a few bucks) in my 60+ page instruction manual along with the tools in the membership area, and they'll have the instant ability to use the Surefire Success System to start paying their bills with THIS MONTH, meanwhile building up a residual income that will allow them to retire in luxury within a few years!

I didn't just want this to be another internet fad product where there is a lot of hype and then in a month no one hears from it again. I want to help more people than those do! So I started thinking about how else can I improve the longevity of the system.

So I came up with a way for us to keep on top of the technology, so that it never gets outdated!

You have an excellent Membership website for you to do just that with. Not only will it have lots of free training downloads, tools, and applications to assist you in your learning curve and development, but it is also a complete Web 2.0 environment where you can all collaborate with each other, keep up with the latest trends and industry news, and even help speed up your content's popularity and growth!

The more your content is viewed online, the more money you'll make in residuals. With this fun & exciting group collaboration element automated for you online, you'll be able to make even the "stinkiest" content out there get massive page views the same day you upload it! Viva la Web 2.0!

The membership site allows you to collaborate in real 
time with other SSS members to build your Traffic and your Web 2.0 VRE Empire!

Furthermore, I also didn't want to leave anyone out who wants to work at home but is held back by the learning curve of new technology, so I put together all the Training videos you could ever need to do every part of the system! Simply watch me guiding you through whatever you have a question about, and before you know it, your Paypal account is full!

So what is everyone saying about the Surefire Success System?

"...anyone who gets this IS going to make money if they just follow the easy steps..."

Hey Luke,

When you first approached with this product I almost turned you down without looking it. I didn't know who you were so I was a bit put off with promoting for you. Once I read your product and saw what you were offering, I had to test it out.

In 24 hours with VERY little work I made over $18. That was only implementing about 1/10th of what you taught and the tools you gave.

Your system hands down works and anyone who gets this IS going to make money if they just follow the easy steps you give.

Awesome job, and with a product like this, I know I'll be seeing more of you in the future!

Liz Tomey


"...recommend your Surefire Success System to anyone, especially those who've never made a dime of profit before..."

Hello Luke,

It's not often that one finds an info-product that is all it claims to be and more, but you have definitely delivered this time.

I highly recommend your Surefire Success System to anyone, especially those who've never made a dime of profit before, because now they can profit immediately just by reading and doing what you tell them!

If only everything in the Internet Marketing world were this simple....

Keep up the good work!

Ken Reno


"...I can tell you from first hand experience that your method works."

Hi Luke,

Your Surefire Success System is the "Real Deal"! You did a great job putting all of these details into one easy to understand package.

I truly believe that the only people who will NOT make money using this system will be the ones who don't do anything with it. I know we can't "guarantee" someone's success, but I can tell you from first hand experience that your method works.

Your member's only tool to use with DIGG to produce HEAPS of FREE Traffic is nothing short of brilliant! I only wish that I had thought of it first :) .

Thanks for all of your hard work!

Rob Richards


"...a breath of fresh air and has my highest recommendation."

Luke you have a surefire winner on your hands!

It is clear, concise and packed with details. You have made it so even the newbie can be a winner. You have done a great job in the backend member area as well.

Surefire Success is a breath of fresh air and has my highest recommendation.

Suz Bell


"...a perfect combination of some of the most powerful promotional tools and sites from web 2.0..."


I don't need too much words to say: Great job and congratulations.

Surefire Success System is a perfect combination of some of the most powerful promotional tools and sites from web 2.0 in order to make money online: article marketing, social bookmarking and video marketing.

The SSS Manual is the key to obtaining a way for all of these tools work successfully together. Also, even if you are not familiar with the Web 2.0 terms and functioning, the Manual is a magnificent and enlightening guide to learn it's most powerful secrets!

I believe that it will be my bedside book for a long time. Thank you.

Alex Perez-Prat

"...I highly recommend this book to anyone starting out and looking to make an honest income online..."


As somebody who is very heavily into the subject that your 'SSS Manual' is about, I waited with baited breath to read it. I can honestly say that I was quite impressed with the in depth reporting on so many topics such as article writing, web 2.0 and social bookmarking.

There is a lot of information in here, unlike so many books that have tons of filler. For somebody new, this may even be overwhelming at first, but your step by step way of explaining things should shorten the learning curve greatly.

I highly recommend this book to anyone starting out and looking to make an honest income online without having to beat your brains against a stone wall to get it.

Great job!

Steven Wagenheim

"Luke Parker has put together a system and method for getting paid while you're building your Virtual Real-Estate Empire!!"

I have been interested in VRE and Adsense "farming" for some time, but having had a need for more immediate income and because the "time-to-getting-paid" in setting up VRE sites is slow, I had not acted upon that interest.

So Luke's Surefire Success System is a true find!

Getting paid for the articles and videos you author both up-front and through-time! Truly priceless!

But ... Get This:

Beyond just the system, Luke is creating a community of co-learners to share thoughts and techniques on how best to implement his system as the market changes. [And yes ... markets change - very fast on the Internet.]

If you want to increase your profits from your Internet marketing - by setting up your own VRE empire and putting those profits on autopilot - get his Surefire Success System.

It's affordable ... and priceless!

Get it. You need it.

John MacConnell

"...maximizing income online while minimizing the cost and Virtual Real Estate..."

Luke Parker has developed a system for maximizing income online while minimizing the cost and Virtual Real Estate (VRE) for doing so.

After experimenting with many other systems, it was a revelation to find a program that is not only designed to help generate eCash, but also provides the necessary software tools for those who do not already have them--and there is more...

Luke has provided a member's web site for comprehensive support, including a dynamic and helpful forum. All of this is included with the "Surefire Success System" eBook. Even without the other resources Luke provides, the eBook is well worth the small price.

Elizabeth Adams and Royce Tivel

"I know that ANYONE who puts in place the techniques and methods you teach in your system can be what you say, a SureFire Success."


I don't give many testimonials as in the Internet Marketing world there are few products that live up to all the advance hype. It's not often that something comes along as exciting as your new system.

There's no hype, just concrete information on how to get results from a system that works. I found more useful information in your Surefire Success System, information that can be put to use immediately, than in any other Internet Marketing product in recent memory.

You put the individual pieces together into a workable system that will work for anyone who follows the system and puts it together like you show them.

I know that ANYONE who puts in place the techniques and methods you teach in your system can be what you say, a SureFire Success. It's a definite 5 Star No Brainer!

Color me impressed. I look forward to both using and promoting your system, and also joining in the ongoing SureFire Success community.

Yours truly,
Lowell Rieger


So, what exactly is this system all about? First of all, the Surefire Success System is not just about creating more profit. It certainly accomplishes that, but it is also a whole money-making mindset change, addressing many issues and problems with the increasingly ineffective system of AdSense Publishing.

SSS doesn't just increase profits
but it cuts costs and saves a lot of time as well!


See it this way, if you owned 500 websites and domains that averaged a few bucks each per year, you'd go out of business at the end of the first year because the cost of operating costs like server hosting plus the cost of renewing all of those domains will add up to more than $10 per domain per year. That's a minimum of $5,000 operating cost, which is, in fact, more than many people who own 500 domains make in a year.

If you don't own a lot of domains right now, you're probably asking yourself how that could be. Well, AdSense's rates (ECPMs) are coming down like a wooden plane with a bad case of termites !

To make 500 websites' worth of content in 365 days, you've got to simply forget all about the word "quality." There's no time for it. 30 pages on average times 500 sites is 15,000 pages of unique content, and I simply can't write that much in under a year... And even if I did I wouldn't enjoy a high quality of life. So in the end, Google and its' comrades will forget all about the majority of your 500 domains, because nothing on this planet detects quality content like Google. There's just no escaping it.

Google wants, as do it's advertisers, to see sites that are owned by people who really know what they're talking about. We call them "authority sites." It's the job of a search engine to hook surfers up with real content, like that found on authority sites, not just something slapped together in hopes it will grab some attention for a particular keyword. So unless you're building a real authority site right now, there is no longer any point in using AdSense as a primary source of income.

 , make sure you get this point here before we move on; to put it as simply as I know how; Owning more websites than you can steadily add Quality content to will never work again. Ever. 'Google and Co' are just too smart for that now. To be able to trick them finally means doing more work than doing it the right way. The black hat era is over.

AdSense Publishing/Farming, or Virtual Real Estate ownership
is finally dead in the old way!

Even with my 200 websites that I still have running today, I find myself deciding which ones to cut free every month at renewal time. This is because I know that most of them won't pay me back for the price of the domain renewal over the next year.

And I made each and every one of those sites by hand, with original, useful content, too! These are not low-quality sites! The fact is that I only have a few 'stars' left out of them that will still perform well over the next few years, (assuming I keep updating their content monthly) so over the next year I'll be down to just those websites left in my once-glorious "Empire."

I didn't tell you all of this to bring your spirits down, however. In fact, I'm quite Ok with this outcome!

Not only are my costs going to go way down this year, but my traffic has already started to go way up dramatically, with profits edging higher every day!


With my new system in place I'm able to send tons of constant, qualified, daily traffic to a small number of websites of my choosing, and my income has reached a whole new level already.

And now I'm going to teach you exactly how to do the same
I'll even throw in free tools and a membership community to help get you
started making money THIS WEEK.

So, why, you ask, don't I keep such a system to myself?

It's simple. There is simply no need to keep this technique a secret because there's plenty of room on Web 2.0 for us all to play. Also, since there is the requirement of a US PayPal account, this technique is already limited to the United States anyway. There is Zero chance that this system is going to get 'too full!'

Plus, there are no 'victims' of this system... Everyone involved gets something for their effort! In fact, every last man, woman, and child in America can use this system, all at the same time, and we'd ALL be better off for it! (Tell me of another system that can claim that!)

But don't forget! There are just a couple of limitations on who can use the Surefire Success System:

  1. You must have a US PayPal account to receive your money with!!!
  2. Which assumes you must be a US resident. (Green card ok)
  3. You must be willing to do some ongoing work! This is not "Get-Rich-Quick!" Nor is it difficult, but the amount of money you make from this is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to the amount of work you put into it for some time... After which it's ongoing residuals for life!

And that's it. If you don't meet these three criteria, then please reconsider your purchase decision. It may save us both a lot of headaches.

But for those that do meet these Criteria, here's one of the best Guarantees you could ever find:

Our Unbreakable, 56 Day,
100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Your satisfaction with the Surefire Success System is paramount to me and to the other members of the community. If at any time in the first Fifty-six (56) days after your purchase you aren't completely satisfied, you can simply ask for a 100% refund. It will be granted immediately by Clickbank with no further questions asked whatsoever. You won't have to return anything; your membership will be deleted automatically from our end with nothing else to do on your part.

So, have you heard enough yet? Then you are probably waiting with baited breath for the price tag.

I could go on all day about how systems that do much less sell for huge amounts like $395 or even $997... But you don't want to hear that tired old argument again!


"In fact , you are obviously someone who is no longer fooled by all of the lies about how you don't need to do any work to make lots of money. If you did still believe that rubbish then there is no way you'd be reading this! You're smarter than that. But you're also not stinking rich yet, either"

Most likely, you're a millionaire who hasn't deposited your check yet. :)

I'd give it away if I could, but it's not as cheap as one might think to run this kind of a community. There are constant costs involved, such as advertising, programming, and bandwidth.

A better reason not to give it away is that once it's free, by definition, it would have no value. And if no one values it, no one will want it. Word about it won't spread, affiliates won't want to promote it, and it can't help anyone. Surely you can relate to this fact; It can't do any good just sitting on my hard drive!

So, what DO I charge? It should be enough to cover my costs, make enough to feed my family and pay for the advertising, but not much more than that. $99 sounds like a fair number for all of the value I've added into this system, but I know that despite the 100% money-back guarantee, such a price would still restrict other people, the ones who need it the most.

People who can't scrape together $99 out of their bills this month are the ones who have the most to benefit from the Surefire Success System.

That's exactly why I've decided to let you have it today for HALF of that price, $47. Not a penny more. There will be no more expenses or upgrades or one-time-offers or anything like that once you pay this small price. That's it, & that's all. Everything you'll ever need to buy in order to receive a lifetime of income like I described above!

I don't mind telling you, my Affiliate partners aren't very happy with me selling it for so little. I have actually had a bunch of them tell me that there is simply no room for them to profit from such a small price tag. I certainly won't be able to sell as many at this price as I could at $99!

Regardless , I will do my best to keep the price down. I can't make any guarantees that it will stay at $47 for long. If I can't find enough Affiliate partners to spread the word at $47, then before you know it I'll have to charge $97 for it as originally planned. (Of course all that extra profit will go in their pocket, not mine!)

So, the rock-bottom, absolute lowest price that the SSS system will ever be is: $47

It's the very best chance you'll ever have
to make Meaningful money online! Why wait?
Secure your copy today!


All orders Secure through 
A $47 one-time charge, nothing more, ever. No one-time-offers, no upsells, no hidden charges!

You may be very sorry if you don't secure your copy in time!

P.S. Looking for a Bonus ? You can't be serious! How could any possible bonus make this offer any sweeter? Oh well, if you'd like lots of valuable downloads, I can easily say that you won't be disappointed. We have a large assortment of downloads which includes eBooks, software's and video tutorials inside that are very valuable and will be added to on an ongoing basis... So it's kind of like we have an unlimited supply of bonuses! Act Now!

P.P.S. , If you're one of the thousands of people needing some way of making actual, sure-fire cash in the near future, then this is clear and live opportunity that eluded you in the past. The techniques that are clearly spelled out for you in the Surefire Success System Manual and in the membership will have you earning within the week. Real money, like that in the Screen Shots above... Not a few cents a week like others are selling so often these days. Click Here To Claim It!

P.P.P.S. With all of the Web 2.0 and other new technology covered in the system , it's not uncommon to wonder how long this money-making system will be effective for... All too often a new system is launched just to be useless months later when technology changes or too many people have ruined it for the others.

Not Possible with Surefire Success! Once inside you'll be part of a membership-only community that is Very actively watching out for all the new opportunities and technologies to share with the community and keep us all on the cutting edge! You might even say that SSS is Future proof! Grab It All Now!

Join us Now!

Want more proof? Here's even more real user opinions...


"...a path off of the shrinking AdSense band wagon and on to the next generation of internet marketing!"

Greetings Luke,

I'm smiling for good reasons. You've really done it this time! Your in-depth SSS manual and all the other features and bonuses make this offering a slam dunk. Anyone who doesn't see the value here just doesn't "get it".

Seth Godin has been on the cusp of marketing for years, and I see what you've done by implementing his concepts and ideas on Web 2.0 in your SSS package. Brilliant! Finally, a path off of the shrinking AdSense band wagon and on to the next generation of internet marketing! Way to go!

Your Hyper VRE software, Squidoo and Expert help is right-on target, and nicely compliments the included video and blogger packages!

This community is going places, and doing it together via your forum rounds out this great package. Congratulations Luke!

Greg Crouch

"...I never had the success from these programs that I have had in the short amount of time that I have used your system."

Hi Luke,

It was a privilege to take your new Sure-fire Success System for a test drive. There is so much that I liked about the system that it is difficult to know where to begin. One of the major things I liked, and still like, is that this is definitely a complete system for success for anyone who wants to use the Internet for earning an income. If a person plugs into this system and the tools that are available they won't need anything else for a long time.

Once someone signs up for the system they are just not given items to download and PDF files to explain it all and sent on their way. This is what one might expect for so low of a cost. There is so much more. There are great videos that are easy to access, and there are easy to use tools that help make the system work that are available without an additional investment.

The one thing that sets Luke Parker apart from other people is that he seems to understand that many people want to find a way to succeed in earning either a little extra income, or maybe even a lot of income, on-line without having to have a lot of money to invest.

This system is great for any level of knowledge. A person who wants to use the Sure-fire Success System from the beginner to the more advanced will find something there for them. The System is not getting rich for doing nothing, but it is really an enjoyable way to add some extra income to your budget fast, and the more time you have (or the longer you use the system) the more you can make.

I hate to admit it, but I have paid a whole lot more for coaching, and other programs that were supposed to teach me how to earn income from websites. I never had the success from these programs that I have had in the short amount of time that I have used your system. Where was this 5 years ago when I was just beginning?

After reading the user manual I was anxious to start using the system. My full time job only allowed limited time to work the system, but it was enough time to see that the system does work and will continue to work. There is a lot to look forward to now.

Gayle Bowen


"...would benefit Internet Marketers at any level of expertise."

I'm a professional software developer who has taken an interest in Internet Marketing this year. I have looked at dozens of systems and am trying several of the PPC-based ones and planning longer-term endeavors.

I found your Surefire Success to be a breath of fresh air, full of practical, helpful information that would benefit Internet Marketers at any level of expertise. I am delighted to be associated with you.

Steve Steinitz

"This system is the Bomb! It ROCKS!"

I like it because it is not loaded with hype and confused by tons of unnecessary garbage. Yes for even the likes of me, a woodsman that has never done much with anything other than my chainsaw, definitely not such things as SEO and adsense type stuff, and what the heck is VRE?.

A few short weeks ago I didn't even know what they meant even though I've spent months trying other systems. I'm going to continue to try other systems but after reading Luke's stuff I almost feel like an expert, and the SSS is where I'll be spending lots of of my energy online in my own way, slow and steady.

The manual says it all in very simple and easy to understand terms. Luke's way of taking the immense mind boggling multitude of information and condensing it into less than 60 pages, so you can actually understand it and follow the simple steps, is pure genius.

There's A lot I could say about all his stuff but like Luke is, I try to be a man of few words. It takes more to say it in less and do a good job of getting all the bases covered and I think he does a great job.

I also like that this this is no instant, get rich hype. Even though it has the potential to make a bunch quickly if you are tech savvy enough and can write quickly or make short videos. Yes, It takes work and WILL be rewarding if you follow through and gradually build. I like that too, you don't just join and promote, not necessary to sell to all your friends and family!

I highly recommend it from the point that I have tried several systems and didn't know where to begin with any of them. Also they all want you to invest more money in their methods of training or advertising and Luke's system doesn't require any more than your initial price for the SSS and you are on your way.

Thanks Luke,

Philip (treeman) Kruse
Wa. State

"...in stark contrast to many other 'gurus' who just take the money and run..."


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help. Whenever I have a question, you ALWAYS get right back to me.

For a 'newbie' who has much to learn and the need for constant guidance in what to do (and how to do it), your 'hand-holding' is in stark contrast to many other 'gurus' who just take the money and run... Your ability to explain what I need to do is a breath of fresh air.

I am not up and running yet but I will be SOON. With your help, I can honestly predict that I will be replacing the income I told you about recently when I lost my job.

My wife does not know it yet but she will be thanking you as much as I. So, I'm going to stop here because I don't want you to get a 'big head' - just continue being the honest and sincere person you are who genuinely tries to help people.

The Internet NEEDS more people like you. Thank you very much.

Kevin Barry

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