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There are literally hundreds of article submission directories on the Internet and each has its own set of instructions for preparing articles for submission. It matters not if the submission directories are free or fee, writers must pay close attention to the basic guidelines for submission to ensure articles are accepted.

1. Make sure to properly check the guidelines of various article directories and observe minimum or maximum article length, general structure and style. Some directories will remove HTML so know the rules.

2. Type the article in accordance to the guidelines provided e.g. in MS Word or in plain text. Avoid using fancy fonts, underlining and other bells and whistles. Keep it simple.

3. Write a short synopsis of your article. This will save you from having to do it when you submit your article. Not all directories will ask for it, but when they do, have it ready to cut and paste.

4. Avoid writing articles that promote your website, products or services. You can however, use your keywords and phrases in your article when and if appropriate.

5. Reread your article after completion. This is the most effective way to avoid grammar errors.

6. Spell check your article, then reread the article and spell check it again.

7. Submit articles to directories that are industry specific.

8. Avoid including affiliate links in the body of your article, many publishers frowned upon this practice.

9. Offer your reader helpful information, resources and solutions to issues related to the industry or topic you are addressing. Give readers meat and potatoes and avoid the fluff.

10. Do not publish your email address when submitting your articles since that is considered 'spamming.? You may submit you website address however.

Submitting articles on a consistent basis is essential to keeping your name, website and area of expertise forefront on the mind of your readers. Define your target market and write for your customers. Who do you really want to reach? Think about their age, sex, educational background, income, as well as their lifestyle and interest. If you cannot cover specific issues in your article, consider addressing those concerns in your blog. Your customers want to know what you have to say about the nuts and bolts of your industry and you want to hone in on how you can provide them with products and services to keep their business thriving.

Website Usability Analyst and Lead Writer - Detra D. Davis, The Site Therapist http://www.thesitetherapist.com. Detra Davis is a Website Usability Analyst and Lead Writer for The Site Therapist and strongly believes in helping clients succeed and prosper by addressing website usability concerns; a graduate of the University of Maryland, and a United States Navy Veteran, Davis insist ?writing is my passion. The goal of The Site Therapist is to help ecommerce and lead generation site owners create functional and prosperous websites. The writing staff of The Site Therapist also specializes in writing articles, manual article directory submissions and ghost blog writing services.




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