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There is available writing software, which authors of articles can use which has pre-written complex sentences in them, and these programs can be used with a normal word processor. Thus making articles has never been so easy before; or has it?

Unfortunately some of this software has really great sentences and even whole paragraphs in them, which have been lifted from copyrighted works. That's right stolen and this means if you as an author use these sentences then you could be liable for copyright infringement without even knowing it. So be forewarned you had better know your source if you buy such software because what you think maybe making your writing a little easier could make your life rather tough as you explain that it all to the judge.

How does this software work; well you pick a subject and then press 'suggest? and it puts up all sorts of sentences and paragraphs related to your topic. In fact I am a writer and whereas I have never used such software and really do not feel I need it, I did once have someone had approached me who designed such programs. It seems they wanted to take all my 4000 articles apart and put the sentences based on subject, along with paragraphs into a program they were creating.

They then would sell all my writing in chopped up form to other writers on a CD ROM, whereby a writer could pick a topic and then it would display all the matching or corresponding sentences using a search feature. This way the writers who bought their product could mix and match them into new articles. I was intrigued by this originally and then decided not to sell my work to the programmer software company. I thought it is really for those who want to create rapid content without working for it. Which is innately characteristic of mankind's over all laziness indeed. It seems these types of programs are worthy for content creation, yet others are borderline and some are completely dishonest lifting or stealing their work from others and then selling it to the unsuspecting writers. So consider this in 2006.

Currently Lance is retired at age 40 and is running an Online Think Tank Forum while traveling North America. Perhaps considering something extremely challenging to do that will exercise his mind and utilize all his experiences, observations and skills. Any ideas? http://www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs




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