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My article view totals move up about 3,000 per 12 hours or 5,000 to 6,500 per 24 hours. Since I have 7000 articles then my average article view will increase by about .7 to .9 every day if I stop posting. So, today my average article views are 248.6

Now then, the original burst on an article these days depends on where Chris puts it on the home page for recent articles, if not at all about 10-15 and if on the home page recent article page bottom about 30 on the top about 45-50. Besides the original burst of those articles, if I stop writing my average article views will still be pretty close to 5,000 per day (24-hours) and so that means I will get a .75 increase in article average view per day.

So in 10 days my average will go from 248.7 to roughly 256.1 and in 100 days it will go to 323.6 (+,-) seasonality variations of 10-15 average. On 6/30 at 4 AM West Coast Time I had 1,828,685 article views (average view 248.699) and on 7/7 I had 1,883,334 at 8 AM article views with the same number of articles (7353) and therefore the average article view was 256.1313 and thus my average article view went up by 7.4323 and yet I posted no articles for one week.

This means it went up one average point everyday on the average article views when I stopped posting. Instead of the estimated .75 each day the average was a 1.0 and thus what statistically should have taken ten days took only 7. In 200 days = approximately 400 average article views per unit. But mind you the totals then will be 2,940,000 article views since I am at 1.8 million total article views now.

I do believe however there is a peaking out somewhere with online article views, but that is not part of this discussion, that is saved for my book on; The Theory of Online Article Marketing. Yes I am looking for a good co-author as we speaketh and you can read all about it there for a Fee.

Also my Ezine Pickups looking at the bottom of the spreadsheet Author States are at 38,000 and therefore those should be at about 55,000 So there is some answers or more relevant data for you. If you want more article views, pick good Titles to write on or near to help you get more article views based on the highest article views of each article.

Why am I pointing this out? Well because some knucklehead told me that their articles were more popular than mine because they had higher article average views. Baloney, I have been artificially driving my article average views down because I post so many. Thus, I bet my articles are more popular actually. In fact I know it.

So, before we get anymore linear thinking brain dead mathematicians out there, please humans THINK! I should not have to be your statistics professor. Sheesh! Give me a break humans (yes, derogatory use of the word humans), what is your problem; Solar Flares, frequency pollution, too much fear, diet, religion, dummying down or just trying to compare yourselves to me? What gives? I mean come on already and do not tell me it is politically incorrect to throw this one back in your face.

Currently Lance is retired at age 40 and is running an Online Think Tank Forum while traveling North America. Perhaps considering something extremely challenging to do that will exercise his mind and utilize all his experiences, observations and skills. Any ideas? http://www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs




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