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Many sites that feature articles are now posting and putting up articles on the holidays. I wanted to write an article on "Thanksgiving". Thinking to myself ?you can do it, go ahead?, with this, I thought and thought. What about the holidays? Was there one that stands out in my mind? As I pondered, I actually wrote another article on an entirely different subject. Then I posted it around on the ezine articles and on my site. As I re-read it this article, I could sense the warmth of a memory coming back. You know those don't you? When you settle back and then all of a sudden a warm memory strikes you. It starts at the back of your mind and works it way out. That's the way memories do at times. They get stuck in the back of your mind, shelved for some reason or another. Maybe you are too busy, wham; you end up pushing that memory back because there's no time for it now.

This memory came up like a lump in my throat and a tear stinging in my eye. It actually brought me back to a time in my life during junior high. Out of this inspiration I wrote Tears, Thanksgiving, and Mom?. You see, many people operate on this kind of inspiration. Others write out of boundless research they have done. After this the author puts all the material into concise and proper order. I have written both of these ways for years. The best method for me is to research a topic. For instance, I write a lot about biblical topics relevant to today's society. When doing this I first write the main sentence about what I am writing. For instance, I might want to write about The courtroom of God?. Then I immediately go to my bible study software. I have a number of these, which I recommend to have on hand. Theophilos is a good one. I take the noun, in this case God, and put in other nouns referring to the courtroom. This would be God judge and search for it in the software search engine. Perhaps I would put judge in and follow all the search items for this. I do this when searching a topic, then putting the information into order following a outline. Moreover, this method works for virtually anything you want to write about. If you were writing on Thanksgivings in the south, for instance, your search item would be southern thanksgiving. Now for this search we would search the internet, encyclopedias, and even southern cooking magazines.

In following this method, I like to have inspiration to go with my research. This inspiration usually comes quickly as I follow a line of investigation. Sometimes I end up in places where I did not think it would lead. That is the fun of it. When the inspiration is flowing, I have literally written thousands and thousands of words until I am finished. Then when I am done, I save it and wait for a day or two. By doing that, I allow all preconceived ideas about the article to lapse somewhat. Then, I go and review it. After this I rewrite and correct, then repeat the procedure.

For articles on the internet I publish to my own site http://wingswatchman.org and also to my blog at http://wingswatchman.org/WordPress. I then have a number of article websites where I put the finished product. I do recommend, though, that you find a good article submission site. These can be very helpful to you as they automatically have the connections to thousands of other people that would be interested in your article.

You want people to read your article. By getting people interested in your article, you can have thousands of back links from your articles that are posted on other sites. This is helpful in the google page rank system. It also gets your article into the hands of editors that would actually pay you for your work. The doors can also be opened for free lance work as more people come to know you and how you write.

The last thing I must say, if you want to be a writer, then write and write some more. Do this on a daily basis by putting down your thoughts on paper if nothing else comes to mind.

Dana Smith is the Editor and publisher of the Watchman Prophecy Alert News. Visit us at Watchman Institute for biblical research or at the Watchman blog. Email




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