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Sometimes I have to pinch myself.

As I write this I am looking out over the Pacific Ocean and the colours are the most intense blues and greens, the door is open and the crash of the ocean waves is beautiful.

Much has been written over the past few years about how easy it is to make money from writing articles. This is both true and not true, depending on how you go about it.

Before the internet there were always courses for sale and seminars on how easy it was to make money using newspaper classified ads. The funny thing was though, that it remained a lucrative game all the time, even though everybody knew about it. You just had to pick the right product.

Now on the internet it is essentially the same deal, what used to be called the 2 step.

The strategy is simple. Write an article about something which people you want to attract to your product have an interest in. At the end of your article is a sig or resource box where you run your classified ad, which contains a direct link to your product for sale.

The reason it is still such a powerful strategy is 2 fold;

Even though many people know about this and may have even bought courses on this subject, very few people actually do anything about it.

Working with clients over the past few years I was struck by the fact that there existed one of the greatest books on wealth creation "The Science of Getting Rich" and yet virtually no one who read it became wealthy.

I discovered that less than 2 in every 1000 people who actually read a personal development book actually take any action described in that book and with this is mind developed a course combining ancient secret Raja Yoga practices with modern computing advances so that they could absorb the priciples into their core belief system.

The second reason it is still such a goldmine is simple. Take a look at the chat rooms listed on Google. All of these people are interested in something and there for your convenience they label the subject they are interested in. Talk about a marketing wet dream!

Where do you start? Easy, with stuff you are interested in. I know some guys are saying go where the money is but I find it hard to get excited about things I am not interested in. For eg, there is a young guy online selling acne scarring face restorer secrets. 450,000 satisfied customers and he sells for $40 a copy (hang on, maybe I am interested).

You see you have to be very, very good at copywriting to create excitement and truth in a product you are not particularly interested in. That is where a lot of beginners come unstuck.

They see that a lot of money is to be made selling internet marketing courses (rumour has it Corey Rudl was turning over around $50 million a year before he died) and think that's the one for me, but there is an ocean of difference between the copy that Corey wrote and what you might write as a rookie (and in that particular jungle you need to be very, very good).

You are far better off finding a group interested in things you like. The great thing about this strategy is there is room for everyone.

In PART 2 we reveal a way you can avoid the hassle and time of developing products, steal the best copy in the world legally, and get paid to do nothing but write articles about products which you know in advance will make you a truckload of money. I don't know why more people aren't doing this.

Anyway, life is short and it looks like the tide is almost out so I am off fishing. I have just bought a new yabbie pump which I can't wait to try.

All the best,

Stephen StephenHenryConsulting.com

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P.P.S. Most folks really appreciate good info that can help them live happier, wealthier lives. Maybe you know someone you could help by sending them this article

By: Stephen Henry




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