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How To Write A Fast Selling How To Report

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Reports are BIG money makers and just about anyone can create them. Quote me anywhere. I said that! In the next few minutes, I'll show you how you can create fast selling reports that will bring unending streams of income to your bank account and fatten it FAST.

With the proper ingredients in place, your report can make you "filthy-rich." The only difficult thing of course is getting the "nut and bolt" in place.

Reports usually are between 2 to about 40pages in length. Reports are not difficult to write. All it takes is that you have some specific knowledge in some core area of need.

Follow these steps and you'll have a knock-out report that will sell like crazy in a very short time.

1. "How To" reports will out-sell any-other type because of its straight forward approach. Your goal is to pick up a core area of expertise, something you can do better than others, something you are sure people will be willing to pay for and develop it into a step-by-step information.

The goal is to look for a subject that has sales appeal. (Travel, Beauty, Money, Success, Health, Relationships etc)

2. Target Niche Markets. In these markets, you will find a concentrated number of people with similar interests, prospects, problems etc. These people when they come across something new or something re-packaged which solves their problems BUY and they buy in mass.

It makes a lot more sense to target these people instead of a general market.

3. Write as if you are talking to someone in front of you. Be clear, be factual. Go one step at a time. Use day-to-day conversational language.

4. Create a knock-out title. Truth is; 80% of the time, it will be your title that sells. The rest of the job will probably be done by your sales letter.

It is therefore worth the while to spend time on, and create titles that "stick"! For example, if you love to travel, you could come up with something like; "How To Get Cheap Air Travel Tickets"

5. If you face a brick wall and find out you just can't put it down, you could hire a "ghost writer" to do the job. Get them at places like http://elance.com, http://freelancewriting.com

And here are 3 more excellent ways to write your fast selling report without lifting a pen.

1. Ask for articles from experts. (They are usually more than willing to send it in hundreds)

2. Interview an expert or a notable success in that field and turn it into a money making package.

3. Find out materials in public domain and use them as a basis to create your own fast selling report.

Once again, I affirm; writing a fast selling report is not difficult and just about anyone can do it!

(c) Copyright, 2006. Oluwafisayo A.


In less than 40 minutes, discover how you can begin making astounding profits using insider secrets that will kick-start you to profit.



Feel free to use this article exclusively in print or electronic form as long as the author is given full credit for it and the author by-line is untouched.

By: Oluwafisayo Akinlolu




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