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There are several online article marketing submission websites on the Internet and some critics say these sites do not have very good articles on them. Specifically those with the most articles, these critics say are ?very poor? or suck. Recently the big debate heated up when gentleman who may have been a research analysts noted that on most online article submission sites the; ?Top authors by volume are poor writers.?

Whereas one could hardly argue that there are a good number of fly-by-night article submission sites where the articles are not screened very well; there is one online article submission site, which is a cut above the norm, EzineArticles.com, which reviews each article coming in and have strict editorial guidelines and therefore does in fact have better authors.

Is it really fair to say that all online article authors suck on all online article submission websites? Especially those who submit a lot of articles? Well on the surface it may seem to be a little na?ve of the critic, yet is an innocent enough statement and obviously a pure perception based comment. Myself as the top submitting author do not take offense to this attack on the online article submission website format if in fact if the critic is referring to me, since I happen to be the largest online article submitter on the Internet currently.

I do not consider myself a ?great writer? but I consider what I have to say to the world worthy and my objectives noble; ?to make people think? therefore if this critic read my articles and came up with this argument to propel his lone debate in the cause to criticize online article submission sites then ?I Win? because I did make him think and he wrote a huge email and statement of critique. Why does someone have to be a ?great writer? to have something important to say. And is someone who has important things to say but is not a top journalist a ?poor? writer, if their sentence structure is often lacking?

You see, I made him think and that was my objective and thus my article marketing and purpose wins. Thus I am an ?effective? rather than a ?poor? writer and accomplished my goal. And therefore that stands as proof right there that article internet submission sites work and that the writers who write are not ?poor? at all, but indeed, they are very effective even if their writing skills are not ?popular magazine? quality. And to that point is a great writer one who has the best spelling, grammar and sentence structure or is it one who enlightens others thru their writing? Virginia Wolfe, a great writer, obviously had run-on sentences, was she a bad writer?

Since I am the top writer on the Premier Online Article Submission Site in the World; EzineArticles.com by a multiple of 7 times and have read many articles by the number two author (The Article Guy), who by the way along with the number three Carrie Reeder, who both kick ass. I of course do not take offense to the detractor of ?poor writer? by the critic because it simply is not so. Think on this.

Currently Lance is retired at age 40 and is running an Online Think Tank Forum while traveling North America. Perhaps considering something extremely challenging to do that will exercise his mind and utilize all his experiences, observations and skills. Any ideas? http://www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs




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