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Well it appears there are a lot of humbled and starving writers out there who blame everyone for their failures in life. In fact one professional writer believes that in fact part of the reason some writers cannot get work is not because their writing stinks or they are too flowery and wordy when they need not be, but rather it is the fault of high-volumes of online article writers putting out free information and articles.

Additionally, I have worked hard to write lots of articles, it takes time and effort. And to that point, when someone attacks what I stand for I take it personal and anyone who does not does not take their endeavors personal and I wonder why they bother if they do not care enough about what they do to stand up for it.

You must stand up for what you believe in. Many online article writer amateurs are not sticking up for themselves and to think that they are still whipping the pants of these failing professional writers is hilarious? I mean they are professionals right? Well is that all they got? Is that the best they can do? How pathetic indeed, cannot even beat amateur writers who do not really care much about their writing endeavors?

You know it is utterly ridiculous to think that a professional writer would complain about amateur writers stealing all their work and online article submission sites the reasons they cannot make the grade. Excuses, excuses, excuses; professional writers indeed; Give me a break, that is pure weakness, so eat my dust if you cannot handle it! Consider this in 2006.

Currently Lance is retired at age 40 and is running an Online Think Tank Forum while traveling North America. Perhaps considering something extremely challenging to do that will exercise his mind and utilize all his experiences, observations and skills. Any ideas? http://www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs




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