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Yes, you can make BIG money on eBay without listing any products, dealing with customers or packaging and shipping.

And no, we're not talking about drop shipping, either.

eBay has a MONSTER affiliate program that pays in the millions, and getting a piece of the action for yourself is easier than you think.

Build a Niche Stores is offering simple to use software that allows you to create unlimited eBay affiliate stores of your own.

You create the stores with a few clicks of your mouse, customize them any way you like, and earn money three ways:

1. Affiliate Commissions For eBay Purchases

2. Affiliate Commissions For New Active eBay Members

3. Supplementary Advertisements such as AdSense, Clickbank, etc.

These sites are professional looking, easy to build, and are constantly updated with new auctions in the niches of your choosing.

You can check out sample sites, testimonials and details here...

Since I first informed my subscribers Build a Niche Stores yesterday, several of my members have grabbed the software.

Congratulations and good for you! You're on your way to building as many sites (and thereby as many income streams) as you want.

Several others have emailed their questions to me, which I want to share with you here...

Q. "How do I determine which eBay products to put in my store?"

A. Build A Niche Stores do this for you, based on the niche (or category) you choose for your store. You choose the niche, and the products are automatically placed on your site.

Q. "Do the product links automatically contain my eBay affiliate ID? I'm worried about getting paid properly."

A. Yes. Once you input your eBay affiliate ID into the setup area of your admin panel, all of the links to eBay from your store will automatically contain your eBay affiliate ID.

Q. "I've never built a website in my life. Can I still use Build a Niche Store?"

A. Yes. Even the newest Internet entrepreneur can build, install and customize their own stores with BANS. No programming knowledge is needed. Plus, you can always get help on the members forum if you should you need it.

Q. "How long does it take to build a niche store?"

A. Once you've become familiar with the software and built a store or two, you'll find it takes you less than 10 minutes to build each new store.

Q. "Is Build A Niche Store search engine friendly?"

A. Yes! Your affiliate stores are prime candidates for free search engine traffic because...

  • They're keyword rich: All of the keyword rich content that makes up your stores' product listings is readable by the search engines.

  • They have fresh updated content: Your stores products (which is
    also your content) are updated automatically as items are sold
    and new items are added to the eBay marketplace. This means your
    store is getting fresh content 24 hours a day.

  • Your websites have search engine friendly URL's.

  • Targeted title, meta & header tags are automatically generated
    for every page inside your store.

Q. "Does Build A Niche Store come with instructions?"

A. Yes. You get a comprehensive 72 page User's Manual that shows you step by step how to install, build and develop your stores, even if you're completely inexperienced with anything even remotely technical.

Q. "Is There Product Support?"

A. Yes. The Build A Niche Store member forum (2,500+ active members) is friendly and supportive. Plus there is a support center for installation and building questions.

If you're making money with eBay by selling products, you've got

  • find the products,

  • list the products,

  • deal with customers,

  • HOPE that you make money on the products,

  • package the products,

  • ship the products, and

  • PAY exorbitant fees to eBay for the privilege of doing all this


You can grab a copy of Build a Niche Store...

...build AS MANY sites as you like (1 site or 28,000 sites or anything in between, it's up to you...)

...and have eBay PAY YOU while you do far LESS work and make far MORE money than if you were selling products on eBay.

Wow. Talk about a no-brainer!!!

 ....This Specially Designed Software Will Fire Up your
 Income. Guaranteed !  

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Easy eBay Store Builder


Courteously --S. Kumar

P.S. Have you ever LOST money by listing something on eBay? It happens to sellers every minute of every day.

With Build a Niche Stores, you pay a ONE TIME fee that is STUPID low.

You can make that fee back in a few days time, and continue to grow your business day after day, month after month, with no more money out of pocket.

Sure beats PAYING through the nose to eBay to "allow" you to list and sell on their site.

With Build a Niche Stores, eBay is the one paying YOU.

Welcome to how the big dogs make money online!

(You didn't think the big money earners made their fortunes by listing their junk on eBay, did you? ;-)

Easy eBay Store Builder






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