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The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle
Full Audio E-Book!
(Recommended Price - $39.95)
Magic Subscriber
The ultimate opt-in email capture software
(Recommended Price - $27.95)
Fast Selling Software
A HUGE collection of 23 awesome software titles
"This is a package within a package"

Sell individually or as a package
(Recommended Price - $34.95)
Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed!
Full Audio E-Book!
(Recommended Price - $19.95)
Create Popups In 2 1/2 Minutes
(Recommended Price - $34.95)
Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter
(Recommended Price - $27.00)
HTML Encryptor
(Recommended Price - $34.97)
Pay Per Text Marketing
(Recommended Price - $17.00)

Easy List Cleaner
(Recommended Price - $27.00)

Autoresponder Secrets Exposed!
(Recommended Price - $19.95)
99 Websites You Should Have Bookmarked ....
But Probably Don't

(Recommended Price - $14.97)

Screen Shoot - It
(Recommended Price - $9.97)

Thumb Nail It
(Recommended Price - $9.97)
Armand Morin and Randy Charach's Internet Marketing Call
Full Audio E-Book!
(Recommenced Price - $49.00)
Pure Profit Software
9 Awesome, Ready-To-Sell Software Products!
(Recommended Price - $37.00)
Info Marketing Secrets Exposed!
(Recommended Price - $25.95)
Virtual eBiz
$6042 a month from anywhere in the world!
(Recommended Price - $12.95)

 PayLock Generator
Protects Your Download Pages From Cyber Thiefs!
(Recommended Price - $49)



Reprint Rights Magic
(Recommended Price - $97.00)

Sequential Magic
(Recommended Price - $97.00)

Easy Resell Plus

Setting up your mini-sites can be a little time consuming but Easy Resell Plus takes all the effort out of the task by helping to automate nearly every process.

(Recommended Price - $29.00)


Brian Garvin's A + Affiliate Secrets

Full 3 hours of audio

Master Resell / Giveaway Rights

Now - The question I know you'll be asking yourself.

How much is all this going to cost?

Firstly, let's take a quick look at approximately what it would cost if you purchased all the products separately. And remember -- more products are being added with the upgrade to Version-2!

The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle $39.95
Magic Subscriber $27.95
Fast Selling Software (Hundreds of $$ if purchased separately) $34.95
Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed! $19.95
Create Pop-ups in 2 1/2 minutes $34.95
Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter $27.00
HTML Encryptor $34.97
Pay Per Text Marketing $17.00
Easy List Cleaner $27.00
Autoresponder Secrets Exposed $19.95
99 Web Sites You Should Have Bookmarked ..... $14.97
Screen Shoot - It $ 9.97
Thumb Nail It $ 9.97
Easy List Cleaner $27.00
Internet Marketing Call $47.00
Pure Profit Software (Hundreds of $$ if purchased separately) $37.00
Info Marketing Secrets Exposed $25.95
Virtual E Biz $12.95
Reprint Rights Magic $97.00
Sequential Magic $97.00
Easy Resell Rights $29.00
PayLock Generator $49.00

 Total As Of Now!

WOW - That's a staggering $740 And more products are being Added! Minimum of $260!

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