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Millionaire Marketing, internet marketing, marketing advice

You Donít Want To Miss The Secrets That Were Revealed In This Behind Closed Doors. No Holds barred Exclusive!

Three Super successful Internet Marketing experts reveal their closely guarded winning "Trade Secrets" Others have paid up to $3,000 to hear them speak, but now for the first time you'll get the complete, uncensored, no holds barred minute by minute transcripts of everything that went on behind closed doors. 

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Marlon Sanders
Millionaire Marketing, internet marketing, marketing advice
Few marketing gurus can boast earning a six figure salary by working only one hour a day, but Marlon Sanders knows how to make that hour count. With his book "The Amazing Formula that Sells Products" ranked #1 for four consecutive months at AssociatePrograms.com and his $1000 per hour consulting business, Marlon has proven his marketing know-how. He continually cranks out profitable winning products.

Jonathan Mizel
Millionaire Marketing, internet marketing, marketing advice
One of the most successful Internet marketing techniques is targeted opt-in e-mail and Jonathan Mizel is its master. With over 200 successful e-mail campaigns for clients like Microsoft, Intel, American Express and MotherNature.com, his approach to marketing on the Web has a proven and impressive track record. Thousands pay nearly $200 a year to read his newsletter and even more pay $3000 just to attend his seminars.

Declan Dunn
Millionaire Marketing, internet marketing, marketing advice
Need an Internet marketing guru with the ability to see the future of online commerce? Look no further than Declan Dunn. When heís not predicting the fate of the e-commerce industry, heís authoring successful titles like Winning the Affiliate Game, Net Profits: How to Win the Internet Game, and The Insiderís Guide to Affiliate Programs and sharing his vast marketing knowledge with the likes of ABC, PBS, CNET, and Network Solutions.

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What would you pay for 2 hours worth of marketing advice from these experts? Many people have spent up to $3000 just to hear 2 hours of their marketing advice. You wonít have to pay that much . . . you wonít even have to leave your office or living room! The combined marketing expertise of Marlon, Jonathan, and Declan can immediately be at your fingertips!

Get your copy of the full transcript of "The Year 2000 Millennium Marketing Symposium" today and 2 hours worth of proven marketing Trade Secrets will be yours IMMEDIATELY!

This is the complete, unabridged, uncensored transcript for this $3000 per night marketing seminar hosted by Marlon, Jonathan, and Declan. 

You'll Discover:

  • The MOST crucial element of any webpage, sales letter or ANY form of advertisement that can boost response up to 2100% with no extra effort

  • Two surprisingly easy techniques to help with writing sales letters

  • How To stop marketing products "Backwards"

  • How To differentiate your business and stand out from the "Crowd"

  • Why many businesses may be missing out on their most profitable income stream

  • How To use "Endorsed" mailings to increase response and profits 300% - 400%

  • The Key elements of a successful Direct Response offer

  • What is the hardest sale to make and how to use it to multiply your profits

  • What one thing causes even these pros to buy immediately

Proven, Expert Direct Response Tips & Techniques

These Internet gurus spill their marketing guts for you. You'll learn from these Direct Response Experts what they did to make their fortunes and it will change forever the way you do business on the Internet.

  • How to avoid common mistakes behind most marketing failures

  • What markets you should NEVER target

  • How to find the "Right" price for your products or service

  • Where to find and generate qualified "Targeted" leads

  • How to create credibility, believability and convert more

  • How to motivate prospects to take action and buy NOW

  • How to use guarantees to increase response AND reduce returns

  • What types of products you should NEVER sell

  • And much more

You'll listen in their own words as they expose the biggest marketing mistakes that 99% of all online businesses make and how to avoid them. They'll also share their personal "Tricks of the Trade" and show you how to use them to increase your sales and profits.

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