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Hi, my name is Linda Wallis.  I've spent most of my adult years tracking down legitimate money making opportunities.  Recently, I came across a unique business, in which people all over the country are quietly receiving FREE merchandise and services as Mystery Shoppers ... and getting paid at the same time!

What exactly is a Mystery Shopper?

If you said, "It's a person who gets paid to secretly shop at selected establishments, to spy on them" .. you're half right.  Actually, as a Mystery Shopper, you're hired by concerned companies who pay you to shop in their stores (or use their services), in return for an unbiased evaluation of their business.

And the best part is ... you can "take or leave" assignments as you see fit.

It's easy to become a Mystery Shopper!

All you have to do is register with the companies that hire and place Mystery Shoppers, then sit back and wait for your phone to ring, or watch your emails for your assignments.  And to make it even easier, I've written complete step-by-step details in an easy to follow eBook entitled, "How To Be A Mystery Shopper."

This exciting eBook reveals "insider information" such as:

  How To Get Started As A Mystery Shopper!

How To Find Work Once You Get Started!

How Much You Can Expect To Make As A Mystery Shopper!

And Much, Much More!

Plus with your order, I'll reveal a little known web site that will email you daily with names and addresses of companies who are looking for Mystery Shoppers. 

(Hint:  When you register your name with the secret site I reveal, use a separate free email address ... as your email box will be swamped with tons of Mystery Shopping assignments!  I found a good free email service at: Clives List)

Below are three examples from the dozens of emails I received in a single day, with Mystery Shopper assignments:

Hello Mystery Shoppers!

We are looking for Mystery Shoppers to perform retail Hardware/Home Improvement shops at the locations listed below.  Each Mystery Shop would require approximately 1hour in the store with a 5/6 page report to complete on Microsoft Excel with Detailed Comments required.   The payment for this shop is $30.00 per store and the shops would take place ASAP.

If you are a shopper who can provide Detailed Comments and are interested in completing one of these shops complete the information below and email to:

Locations:  Yuma, AZ.

             Here are some Mystery Shopper assignments for Florida ...

To Mystery Shoppers:

We are looking for Mystery Shoppers to perform retail hardware/home improvement shops at the locations listed below.  Each mystery shop would require approximately 1 hour in the store with a 5/6 page report to complete on Microsoft Excel with detailed comments required.  

The payment for this shop is $30.00 per store and the shops would take place within the next week.

Locations: FL

Port Charlotte
Cape Coral
Fort Myers

If you are a shopper who can provide Detailed Comments and are interested in completing one of these shops complete the information below and email to:
*Please put the locations desired in the Subject Line*

Location's desired (in order of preference):
When could you complete this shop?
I have Microsoft EXCEL 7.0 or higher? Yes (  )  or No (  ).
I don't have Excel and would need to be faxed.  Yes (  )  or   No (  )


If you have not done so already, please register on our Data Base.

      This one is right around the corner from me in Michigan!

This is Ginger with xxxxxxxxxxxx. We have an opening for
an assignment. Large Sporting Goods Store Assignment pays
 *Auburn Hills, MI

You must be registered prior to being scheduled. If you are not
currently registered please do so by visiting our website at:
xxxxxxxxxx @xxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for your interest!
Ginger xxxxxx

And along with receiving this little known web site address ... you will also THREE FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1:  Value $49.00.  FREE Resell Rights!  That means you have my permission to resell the How To Be A Mystery Shopper eBook and keep 100% of the profits!   You won't owe me any royalty rights .. ever!

There is just one condition:  You MUST NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE eBOOK.  All links, resources, copy, etc. must remain "as is."  Other than that, you're free to sell the eBook and pocket all the money for yourself.

With your exclusive Free resell rights, you owe me no royalty rights ... no commissions ... nothing.  You keep 100% of your profits!

Bonus #2:  Value $12.95.   My specially compiled Resource List that reveals over 180 companies who hire and place Mystery Shoppers. 

Compiling this list took weeks of research.  I'm even thinking about selling it separately for $12.95, and it's worth every penny.  But for a Limited Time it's yours FREE with your Mystery Shopper eBook.  Plus, you'll even receive the names of 29 International companies who hire Mystery Shoppers. (Oh yes, mystery shoppers are needed in many foreign countries also.) 

Don't spend your valuable money or time trying to compile your own resource list ... you receive the entire list ... ALL 200+ names ... FREE!

Bonus Offer #3:  Value $19.95. With your order you'll also receive a revolutionary money saving eBook entitled, Shop Safely and Save.

mystery shopper: Earn money as a Mystery Shopper   

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In this unique eBook you'll find all the tools you will ever need ... to insure your privacy and safety when shopping on the Internet.  Even if you've never shopped online before.

The five simple, easy steps in Shop Safely and Save will quickly set you up to save money on almost anything you want or need, online or off.  And you'll learn how to do it safely, securely and with complete peace of mind.

If you're already an experienced online shopper, you'll discover tools and resources you never knew existed!

In short, you'll learn five significant steps that will make you a better informed, more "empowered" consumer than ever before. You'll be able to shop online safer than at your local supermarket. And you will save money...hundreds of dollars or even more.

After completing the basic five-step training, the Resources chapter will give you convenient access to all the "secret" power tools that let you tweak extra savings out of almost any purchase.

And the Where To Shop section will provide you an "all on one page" list of the top merchants, by category, to check first for consistently good deals and consumer friendly policies.

You'll discover little known sites where you can purchase the following items AT DEEP DISCOUNT PRICES:

  • Jewelry
  • Books
  • Housewares
  • Films
  • Name Brand Clothes At Up To 60% Discounts
  • Software
  • Video Games at 50% - 70% Discount
  • Discounted New (and used) DVD's Videos
  • Computers and Electronic Merchandise
  • Unusual Gadgets
  • Discounted Health and Beauty Aids
  • Up To 70% Off On High End Designer Clothes (Nordstrom Brand)
  • Baby Clothes
  • Name Brand Imported Cookware
  • Pet Items
  • Automotive Parts and Supplies
  • Gift Certificates For 100's Of National Stores
  • Discount Travel and Hotel Bargains
  • And Much, Much More!

Little known wholesale sources are revealed in your
FREE Shop Safely and Save eBook bonus!


Okay, so now you're probably asking, "How much is it going to cost me for all this money making and money making information?"

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Learning the tricks to earning money and free gifts as a Mystery Shopper is easy, as long as you have the right information.  With this amazing new eBook, you'll not only learn the insider secrets to receiving Free merchandise and services ... but with your FREE BONUS OFFERS, you'll discover little known money making sources that will save (and earn) you hundreds of dollars!

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