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Terry Telford

"Finding an autoresponder is easy. Writing profit-generating messages is not... until now!"

"This package includes 52 professionally written sales messages to sell YOUR product, service or business opportunity. Simple, easy, hassle free!"

Dear Colleague,

Earning an income online doesn't have to be a hassle. Plug in the right components and your online business can run on autopilot. You get more free time and have the money to enjoy it.

Before I continue further...
I would like you to take this gift home for free!

First, you need to set up a follow up system. You HAVE to follow up with your prospects, customers, subscribers and downline. Finding an autoresponder is easy. The difficult and time consuming part is writing effective follow up messages... until now. 

"Turn Your Autoresponder Into A Cash Cow" is the solution to your message writing hassles. This package of 52 professionally written, tested, and fully personalizable messages gives you the freedom to simply personalize, plug-in and forget about it.

I really enjoyed reading your new ebook Turn Your Autoresponder into a Cash Cow. You have a natural flair for writing that makes it very easy and quick to read. 

You've given me some very good food for 
thought and some excellent ideas! I can see 

that you've put a LOT of effort into this one and I rate
the package a lot higher in value than your sale

I can see that your ebook will be an absolute 

Kind regards
Eva Browne-Paterson
Publisher/Editor EvieB's New-Z

This package makes your autoresponder message writing simple, easy and hassle free.


Download the messages from this package.

Personalize the messages

Plug the messages into your autoresponder 


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How do these messages sell your stuff?

Each professionally written message has been tested, adjusted, tested again, adjusted some more and tested until it sold whatever was being offered. These messages have successfully sold products, services, subscriptions and business opportunities.

All 52 messages use a "give and you shall receive" technique.  Each message gives your prospect valuable marketing or business information in a mini-newsletter format. Your personal recommendations within the newsletter offer your prospect your product, service, subscription, business opportunity, or whatever you have to promote.

Using this soft sell approach to marketing your stuff, builds a long term relationship with your prospects. When your prospects trust you, they'll buy from you. 

This one technique alone has increased our sales by 392%.


"Your marketing runs on autopilot as your autoresponder messages create a funnel of prospects who buy what you tell them to."

"Awesome package. I've just started reading it and have looked over everything you've put into this package and I have to say, this program is a must read for anyone who wants to get maximum results from their autoresponders."

"It's the best autoresponder package bar none."

John Colanzi
Well done Terry, three clear, concise and well integrated modules making it a great package! 

I will be using it and recommending it to my own subscribers. 

A great assett to any business AND a way to increase income.

Eric Hart aka EKiwi


What else is in the package?

Free Report

Fill up your autoresponder with prospects by giving away this Free Report. 

Since your prospects don't  just rush into your autoresponder on their own, you need to give them an incentive. Offer them this Free Report and they'll swarm to your autoresponder like bees to a hive.

Exclusive Interviews

You get 4 exclusive interviews with top marketing professionals to show you exactly what they do every day to pack prospects into their autoresponders. Standing room only

Discover how each of these netrepreneurs drives traffic to their autoresponders, make sales and follow up to make even more sales. You can follow in their footsteps and enjoy the same success they do!


Get the inside track on how these 4 successful netrepreneurs use professional autoresponder messages to sell truckloads of products, services and biz opps.


Fraser Hay, CEO, Happeneurs. Fraser spent 2 years building the internet's most comprehensive marketing resource center. Learn how he's using autoresponders to help his affiliates generate thousands of new members.

Eva Browne-Paterson, CEO EvieB's. Eva has built an advertising marketplace that presents you with quality free and low-cost advertising options for all your online and offline campaigns. Discover Eva's secrets for making sales with her autoresponders.

Kenneth McArthur, CEO and Partner, Affiliate Showcase. Kenneth and Jim Daniels teamed up to develop an affiliate portal FOR affiliates. Learn how these guys have combined the efficiency of autoresponders with the effectiveness of viral marketing. 

Carlos Garcia, CEO, Wealthy Secrets. Carlos has taken the efficiency of autoresponders to the next level. By delivering his Wealthy Secrets newsletter, automatically, Carlos is able to spend his time on customer service and marketing.

Marketing Kit

This entire package comes with Master Resale Rights. That means every time you resell this package, you keep 100% of the cash. Sell it once and you've made a 100% Return On Investment. That makes it FREE!

To help you sell this package over and over again, you get all the marketing materials that I use to sell the package. Makes your promotional efforts simple, easy and hassle free.

Here's what you get in the Marketing Kit

Pre-written sales letter

Pre-written ads

Pre-designed web pages (just like this one here)


Text Links

Complete set of graphics

Marketing this package is a breeze! 
Everything you need is included


Here's the whole kit and kaboodle, the big enchilada, the full meal deal.

OK, here's what you get:


52 messages. Simple, easy, hassle-free. Personalize your series of messages and load them into your autoresponder. Your marketing runs on autopilot. 
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Free Report

Give it away as an FREE incentive for your prospects when they sign in to your autoresponder. 


4 interviews capture the secrets and success formulas of top autoresponder marketers.


Marketing Kit

This package is a breeze to market. You get pre-written ads, pre-designed web pages, complete set of graphics, banners and more.


The whole "Turn Your Autoresponder Into A Cash Cow" package comes with 100% Master Resale Rights! You sell the package and keep ALL the cash. 

Make one sale and the package is FREE! 

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This autoresponder package looks great and I think it will be a good seller.

Willie Crawford

This is the greatest idea since sliced bread! If you want to save your most precious asset -- time -- here's the tool for you. 

Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach, 

What will you do with 52 professionally written messages?

The sky's the limit. Use your creativity to come up with countless ways to profit from your package. 

To help you get started, here's a few ideas.


Idea #1
Load your 52 professionally written messages into your autoresponder and then import all your leads, prospects and customers. Sit back  and watch the sales start flowing in automatically.

Idea #2 
Use your messages as a resource center on your website

Idea #3
Create your own mini-newsletter. As a newsletter, it can run on autopilot for a complete year. You keep in touch with your prospects and customers on a weekly basis by offering them valuable information. At the same time, you're selling them your products, services and opportunities.

Idea #4
Use the messages as a marketing course. Or assemble the messages into groups and create multiple courses.


WOW! I read the cash cow ebook, and it is definitely the best Ebook I have EVER read.

This is the first Ebook I've read that will really make a positive impact on my business. I will read it again & again.

If there's one ebook that people can 
read, and then immediately start to utilise for real financial benefit, this is it.

Cheers Terry, I am honoured to be one of the first people to read this

Kevin Lewis


And it's all GUARANTEED!

This is your 100% IronClad Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason whatsoever, you feel that you did not get a superb value for your investment, I'll personally refund your total purchase price. I'll take all the risk for you. You have absolutely nothing to lose. This guarantee is valid for 30 days. Why not longer? Because the price will increase very soon.


Introductory Offer: SAVE $50

This package was officially released on February 28, 2003. The introductory offer of only $47 will soon be discontinued and the regular package price will be increased to $97. 

Don't miss your chance to SAVE $50 on this package! 

Order yours right now for only $47.


Here's a quick review of what's been stuffed into your package 


Turn Your Autoresponder Into A Cash Cow eBook

Free Report to give away as an incentive

4 Success interviews

52 Professionally written sales messages

Marketing Kit

Pre-Written Sale's Letter with Graphics 

Order and Thank You Page with Graphics

Master Resale Rights  - You keep 100% of the Cash

100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

Click here to download your package instantly 

I wish you much success in all your marketing and business ventures. Please let me know about your successes using this package and maybe you'll appear on this site in a testimonial.

Have a great day!


Terry Telford
Terry Telford

PS. When you send me your testimonial, please send me your picture and your website. It's more personal that way and you get free exposure.

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