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 Email Traffic Tactics...

How to Develop The Email Marketing Mindset
And Earn Thousands Every Month With Your Lists

**Exclusive Email Marketing Formula For Success**

Jimmy D. Brown reveals, for the first  time in an information product, the  formula he uses to generate thousands every month from email marketing!

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From the Computer of Jimmy D. Brown

Tuesday, 1:43 PM
Re: The "DEEP" Formula

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Dear Friend ,

You know, there really is nothing else quite like email marketing.

There is nothing else that is such an integral -- and critical -- part of doing business online.

Get it right and you're a success.

Before I continue further...
I would like you to take this gift home for free!

Get it wrong and, well, you get the idea.

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I can earn several thousands dollars with one mailing anytime I want. And that's to one of my smallest lists that only has 150 members on it.

I'm not stretching the numbers when I tell you that my good friend Terry Dean once earned over $30,000 from one mailing.

I'm not making up stories when I tell you that Frank Garon earned a six-figure income last year by simply promoting affiliate programs to his list.

Email marketing is the foundation of your online success. It is the backbone. It is the brain the runs the entire body.

There is just nothing else quite like email marketing.

There's gold in email marketing. And you need to stop playing around with a few nuggets here and there -- and, instead...

...find the mother lode!

Now YOU can strike it rich with email marketing by following the same formula that I personally follow...

In Email Traffic Tactics, you'll discover my own personal formula for email marketing success. This is the exact same strategy that I use every single day to build my online business. For the first time ever in an information product, I'm sharing my "DEEP" foundation formula for success.

In Email Traffic Tactics, you'll discover...

    v An *exclusive*, 100% original, you-won't-find-it-anywhere-else approach to email marketing that produces a six-figure income every year AUTOMATICALLY!

    Not "another" email marketing eBook. Not a license to SPAM. Not a set of useless instructions. Instead, you'll find the exact system that I have used to build a huge network of subscribers, sales and profits -- in an easy-to-understand style that you can quickly put into practice yourself. Trust me when I say, "You've never seen anything like this before."

    v An easy way to automatically build three differnet lead lists at the same time with a one-time easy setup!

    Learn how to *maximize* your email marketing efforts with a simple strategy (that not many people are using!) that you can begin using within 30 minutes. This one produces dozens of new leads for me every day and generates several thousand dollars every month...automatically. Get in on the action today!

    v How to generate a lot more income from a teensy-tinsy list!

    Have a small list? Don't worry. I'll show you one of the *real* secrets of email marketing that will absolutely turbocharge your small list into a profit-generating power house! I *guarantee* this strategy will work to double, triple or quadruple your list income even if you only have 50 people on your list!

    v A sure-fire way of selling more of any product to your list members by following a simple, proven-effective formula!

    So, you've got a list -- great! Now, learn how to earn MORE profits by selling more product. I'll show you my own formula for instant sales that was built based upon years of research and reading *literally* thousands of emails, newsletters and eCourse messages. Follow this step-by-step system and you are certain to sell more of any product than ever before!

    v The #1 mistake most folks are making with email marketing -- and it is costing them thousands every month, or how YOU can earn thousands more by avoiding this mistake!

    It's sad, really, how folks are quite literally "throwing away" profits every single month because of one email marketing mistake. Learn what the mistake is and a fool-proof system for side-stepping it straight to the bank! You'll discover a unique tactic for building a list, converting a higher percentage of sales and promoting any offer with one simple twist!

    v 35 power-packed pages of step-by-step instructions that you can begin using immediately upon downloading your copy of Email Traffic Tactics. 

    No sifting through countless pages of fluff to get to the good stuff. This manual is "short, sweet and to-the-point." 35 pages of nothing but the meat. Every page is filled with rock-solid content. Every page has a powerful idea. Every sentence is important. Everything is laid out in a detailed, easy-to-understand system that you really can begin using immediately.

Unbelievable, huh? Well, believe it! You'll discover all of this and much more in this eBook. Email Traffic Tactics is only about 35 pages in length, but it sure does pack a punch! You'll find the principles of email marketing that you can use to base everything you do online...

...and build your business the same way that I do!

Just ONE of the powerful techniques you'll learn can
have folks all over the web marketing for YOU...

People ask me all the time -- "Jimmy, how do you get sooo much web coverage. Everywhere I turn I see someone talking about you. In their ezines, on their websites -- everywhere! How do you do it?"

In Email Traffic Tactics, I'll give you the answer to that one. It's just one of the simple strategies that you'll read about -- and be able to apply in your own business. I'll show you how to do one simple thing that can get folks building your business for you by using the power of email marketing.

But, that's just ONE of the things you'll learn in Email Traffic Tactics. You'll also discover powerful and profitable strategies like...

    • A 100% *guaranteed* formula for email marketing success that works every time it is used.  Apply the strategies that you'll discover inside this eBook and I *guarantee* you'll double or triple (or more!) the current amount of income you are generating from your lists.

    • How to automatically build your lists -- and what to do with your subscribers once you've got them.  Discover a system that automatically brings in new leads and converts them into paying customers virtually every time.

    • Why email marketing is the foundation of your entire online business and how to use it to effectively (and profitably!) spiral your marketing into an order-producing empire that continues to grow every single day.

    • The email marketing "mindset" that is absolutely critical to your list-building success.  Learn how to apply these strategies to everything you do online in order to generate the absolute maximum subscribers and sales possible.

    • The Jimmy D. Brown "DEEP" formula for skyrocketing your success with email marketing.  You won't find it anywhere else -- it's yours through this exclusive offer, and has never been revealed before in an information product.

    • The email marketing math "equation" that virtually guarantees your success if you just follow the simple instructions.  Learn to effectively market to your lists to bring in profits with every single mailing you send out.

    • Why you should never bombard your list with offers, and how to educate them instead to turn readers into customers.  How to get them to fork over their hard-earned cash by "wowing" them with a "certain kind" of content.  Discover it all inside.

    • A "sneaky" trick I use (and you soon will too!) to automatically build multiple lists at the same time.  This gem will show you how to get subscribers onto several different lead lists all designed to bring in more profits for you...without spending a penny.

Do you see how valuable this information is? Of course you do! But, that's not all you'll discover inside Email Traffic Tactics. You'll also learn valuable strategies like...

    • 4 super easy ways to get your own eCourse to give away for automated profits.  Learn how to use an eCourse to generate income 24/7...and automatically get more and more subscribers.

    • The one method of selling through email marketing that far outperforms all others.  Use this simple formula to generate *guaranteed* income with any list.  If you apply this strategy, then it is impossible for you not to profit.

    • A simple, 4-step formula for selling more of any product to your list members.  It's so easy-to-implement...and it flat out works!  Use it in articles, newsletters, eCourses, solo mailings -- all of your email marketing.

    • A quick and easy way to use your list -- reagrdless of its size -- more effectively to generate even more income.  I haven't found a single email marketing strategy that is more important than this one.  And that's saying a lot.  I use it to turn 50 leads into 500 by doing one simple thing.  You can too.

    • How to make certain you don't "waste" any of your list members.  These folks are valuable -- learn how to actively involve them in your eBusiness and earn profits together.

    • How to apply email marketing to promote your favorite affiliate program.  You'll discover how to build a larger list AND sell more of any affiliate program product or service than ever before.

    • 2 questions you *must* ask yourself before promoting any affiliate program.  HINT:  How you respond to these questions can be worth thousands in extra commission to you.  Learn how to overcome a *huge* problem with email marketing and earn more commissions without spending more money.

    • An amazing, 5-step system for getting the maximum benefit when you promote an affiliate program by building a lead list you can use over and over again.  Stop wasting your advertising dollars and get the most out of every click that goes through your affiliate link.

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You'll be glad you did.

Wishing you much success online,
Jimmy D. Brown

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